How To Avoid Last-Minute Packing

Submitted by Amazing Moves Moving and Storage

When you’re moving homes, packing is often the last thing you want to do. You have a million other things on your to-do list, so it’s easy to just delay the packing process to the last-minute. Unfortunately, this often forces you to rush through the packing process, which can damage your possessions and cause frustration when you’re unpacking later.

To avoid a rushed last-minute packing job, just stick to these helpful tips:

  • Reduce your total inventory by going through your possessions and deciding which things you want to keep, store, sell, and donate.
  • Start packing up your rooms gradually at least 3-4 weeks in advance.
    • Aim to pack for roughly 1 hour/day.
  • Use quality packing materials to avoid damage.
  • Color code your moving boxes to the different rooms in your home for better organization.
  • Mark boxes with fragile items by taping a big “X” shape across the top.
  • Pack heavier items in smaller boxes for easier transportation.
  • Consider using professional packing services in Denver to make the process a breeze.