When it comes to home improvement contractors, you have choices. Lots of them. So, if you’re wondering why you should trust a Team Dave Logan pro over all the others, here’s why…

We’ve been a cornerstone in this community since 2009. We know the unique problems you face as a homeowner, and we know the importance of finding reliable home improvement pros who can fix them. Who can you trust? Who has a solid reputation for doing business the right way?

At Team Dave Logan, we’ve taken the guesswork out of finding a reputable pro. Every company on our team is screened annually, so when you hire one of our contractors, you can feel confident that they continually measure up to our standards of excellence and quality.

Experience the Team Dave Logan difference and contact one of our pros today!

Our Screening Process

Many referral sites claim to screen their contractors. We actually do. Every single year. Here are our screening criteria.*
  1. Secretary of State
  2. US, Statewide, and Countywide Criminal Database Search
  3. Patriots Act/OFAC/BXA/Terrorist List Search
  4. Business and Personal Credit Report
  5. Civil Lawsuit Search
  1. Due Diligence Analysis
  2. License Verification**
  3. Limited Liability Insurance
  4. Malpractice Insurance
  5. Minimum 1 Year in Business

*Team Dave Logan has screened, to the best of our ability, the professionals listed on our website. However, no screening method is perfect, and important items can be missed. Team Dave Logan recommends obtaining multiple estimates and doing your own due diligence before hiring a company.

** We encourage you to check with state and local governments to see if your project requires any licenses and/or permits.