Multiple estimates

We recommend getting multiple estimates from various Team Dave Logan companies before contracting one of our pros. That’s because there are a number of factors that go into purchasing decisions, including project timeline, quality of materials needed, warranties, schedule flexibility, and price. By obtaining multiple estimates, you can find the company that best fits your needs.

While we are diligent in screening all the companies on Team Dave Logan, we do not regulate pricing. Each company provides a different level of service, and those services are priced accordingly.

Remember, home improvement and service companies vary in their service and price levels. The first company you contact may not be available to help you on the weekends. The second company you call may not offer the warranty you require. The third company may have the warranty and can come out on the weekend but may charge more than the first company.

When it comes to which Team Dave Logan company you’d like to use, the choice is yours!

Some other things to consider:
  • Does the company use the highest quality materials?
  • Are you okay with a company that can get the cost down by using lower-quality materials?
  • Do you want the company to fix your problem now, and are you willing to pay extra for a shorter wait time?
  • When do you need this project completed? Now, or a few months from now when you have more budget?
  • Do you want an extended warranty?

We suggest multiple estimates – every time.

We know customers have different demands and needs. At Team Dave Logan, we accommodate all kinds of projects. Whether you’re looking for a contractor who can get right to work or a pro who offers warranties on their work, you can find them on our website and in our publications, Resource Guide and Playbook.

To make sure you get the trusted company that works best for your project, no matter what you require, get multiple estimates – every time.