When it comes to your home, we know you want the best, which means contractors who are well-vetted and backed by integrity. And to connect you with the best, Team Dave Logan requires our companies to go through an extensive interview process before they are invited to join our team. Additionally, each of those companies are screened annually thereafter.

Although we hold our companies to a high standard, you are encouraged to do your own due diligence before hiring one to work with you, as everyone’s needs and requirements are different.

Our Screening Process

  1. Secretary of State
  2. US, Statewide, and Countywide Criminal Database Search
  3. Patriots Act/OFAC/BXA/Terrorist List Search
  4. Business and Personal Credit Report
  5. Civil Lawsuit Search
  1. Due Diligence Analysis
  2. License Verification
  3. Limited Liability Insurance
  4. Malpractice Insurance
  5. Minimum 1 Year in Business