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Who We Are:

Building a network of trusted professionals is the focus at Team Dave Logan. We take this seriously, and it’s the reason homeowners trust the Team Dave Logan name when it comes to selecting qualified contractors for their projects.

Team Dave Logan is built on three principles: trust, integrity, and quality. To uphold these principles, we annually screen every company on our roster. By aligning your business with ours, you are part of a reputable team of pros that consumers feel confident inviting to their homes.

Why We're Different:

We understand the dedication it’s taken to build your business on strong values and principles. Let Team Dave Logan highlight your commitment to trust, integrity, and quality, and connect you with sought-after homeowners you might not reach on your own. When you partner with Team Dave Logan, we’ll become your advocate and work with you to strategize new ways to showcase your brand and elevate your business. As a member of Team Dave Logan, you will be screened annually, demonstrating to Colorado that your business is vetted and integrity based.

What We Believe:

You are the company you keep. At Team Dave Logan, that’s something we strongly believe, which is why we select only the most exceptional businesses to join our team. Don’t put yourself in the company of other contractors and pros who have less-than-stellar reputations by advertising just anywhere. Make sure your company is regarded as one of the best by partnering with Team Dave Logan.

What We offer to our members:


Advertising in over 1.5 million print publications strategically delivered to your target audience


Cutting-edge call tracking technology that allows you to monitor, organize, and better respond to your inquiries


Placement on our
highly trafficked website

Expert ad design

Expert ad design
No need for you to have a designer on staff!


Ongoing, detailed market analysis to identify and reach sought-after homeowners