Amazing Moves Moving and Storage is not your average Denver mover. They offer full service moving and storage solutions with full time, experienced, and well-trained crews and a fleet of distinctive, late model, well maintained trucks.

Their core values include making efficient use of our customers’ time. Amazing Moves’ goal is to change the image of moving and storage companies. When you’re looking for movers that offer small company attention to detail and service with big company expertise, Amazing Moves Moving and Storage is the best option for moving and storage services in Denver and the Front Range area of Colorado.  Make your move Amazing!


Services Offered:

  • Professional Moving Services
  • Local Movers
  • Long Distance Movers
  • Packing and Unpacking
  • Short and Long Term Storage – Climate Controlled
  • Facilitate International Mover

Google Reviews

Amazing Moves Moving and Storage Rating: 4.3

justin spicer

Dec 14, 2023
Not an amazing experience. The estimator said there'd be room left on one truck. It took two trucks and two days AND they tried […]

Yafa Foonberg

Aug 03, 2022
Sadly, I cannot adequately illustrate the magnitude of the disaster we have been involved in with hiring Amazing Moves. I made very clear that […]

Danielle Curtis

Mar 25, 2024
Movers were friendly. BUT would not recommend bc the surprise bill at the end was outrageous. It was $400 more ( aka 40% […]

Mac Linart

Nov 29, 2023
I'm sad to say I cannot recommend Amazing Moves. We've used them for 2 moves in the past 3 years. In 2021 we […]

Erin Sweeney

Sep 19, 2023
I had two individuals from amazing moves help me transfer my stuff across town. The move was pretty tough with a tight staircase and […]

50 Recommendations

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I was absolutely delighted to work with the staff of Amazing Moves. The guys are efficient, well organized, strong, polite, thorough, and ran from the truck to the house to the truck to the house without a glitch. This is truly an amazing company that lives up to its promises. The cost was affordable and the service was terrific. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs movers.

  • The crew carried out their work with "military" precision! The five young men were courteous and polite. They sincerely wanted to do an "amazing" job for us. We had not moved before and did not know what to expect. We would recommend Amazing Moves to anyone. I am not sure about the rest of the company's crews - but the five young men that moved us were outstanding. Our sales representative did his job well too.

  • Our move was handled professionally, smoothly and quickly (under estimate). Doug and his crew showed up on time and worked well together throughout the day, and had a few laughs while doing so. We just recommended Amazing Moves to my sister-in-law and will continue to recommend this company.

  • This is the second time I have used them in less than a year, and coming from someone who has moved seven times in a five-year period they are by far the most professional moving company I've used. Highly recommend.

  • AAA+ USE THIS COMPANY A little more expensive than some but worth every cent. A team of 3 Amazing movers came to move me from a 1-bedroom apartment 5 miles away to a 2-bedroom apartment and they acted as if it was nothing. I had hurt my hand during packing and they continued to assure me that what I wasn't able to do was NO PROBLEM and said it was there job - they proved it!! I cannot say enough about this company and the people they send out to do the service. Kudo's to the company, office & sales staff, and team of movers - you have my business for ALL future moves!! Trustworthy, honest, efficient, able!! Can you believe than ran between loads????

    Tona M.
  • The team did an excellent job, very good attitude with care and they were running not walking. I would strongly recommend this company. Thank you very much.

    Jacob G.
  • Best movers EVER! You'd think people you were paying hourly would take their time moving you......not these guys. The did a great job, were super careful (not a scratch on anything), and actually ran from the truck to get more things. A job that would've taken 2 days for my husband and I to do with done in 3 hours - max. I will recommend these guys and will be using them again. Pretty much the best!

    Dawn W.
  • We used Amazing movers twice in one month. They moved us out of a small condo to storage and then 2 storage units into our new house, they ARE AMAZING! The guys were literally running! They were very professional and clearly knew what they were doing. Nothing was broken or damaged and they were very thorough. We hopefully won't be moving anytime soon but would recommend this company to anyone!

    Nancy W.
  • The best moving company I have ever used. I was quoted a price to move my office that included 2 days. They got it done in 1. It saved me $900! The guys were professional, friendly and worked as a highly efficient team.

    Greg J.
  • I am qualified to rate this company, they have moved me six times, with lots of expensive furnishings, art, etc. They are incredible, their attention to detail, to wrapping so that nothing ever gets scratched or soiled. Their workforce is fast, polite and very competent. They are truly amazing!

    Elizabeth D.
  • These guys are fantastic movers. They packed my 1-bedroom apartment, stored my stuff for a month, and then delivered my household goods to my new home. I literally did nothing except make a phone call. This allowed me to continue to do my job and not have to take any time off of work! The movers were extremely hard workers, very friendly, and didn't break anything. I've used movers 3 times previously, this is my 4th time, and it has been the best experience yet!

    Christian M.
  • Great decision to hire these guys to help with Move, they did it ALL!!! Efficient and very friendly!!

    Amanda A.
  • These guys estimated well, showed up on time, were polite and courteous. They actually seemed to enjoy their work and boy did they work. I imagine that having the Navy SEALs or the British SAS move you would be no less precise, thorough and carefully planned. I was deeply impressed and will never use anyone else.

    Sean K.
  • This guys are really AMAZING. Easy to get a quote, responsive to phone messages, showed up on time. They were gracious about the 62, yes 62, stairs in my house and made my move in day easy. And yes, they do run! Now...if they had only been here to unpack my boxes.... but highest recommendation possible and worth every penny.

    Laurie B.
  • I've moved many times in my life and this was by far the best experience ever! Our 2 crews were professional, polite, careful, patient in putting the furniture exactly where I wanted it, no damage done .... truly amazing!

    Carol M.
  • I used this company twice - once for my move and then after I had some flooring redone to move furniture inside the house. They were prompt at returning calls, dead on with my quotes, the staff and movers alike we're extremely friendly, very fast, careful, and had great communication between themselves. Amazing Moves was recommended to me, and I will definitely recommend them to others.

    Felicia C.
  • The word that comes to mind about our move has to be "AMAZING". We had a lot of pressure to move out fast and the whole team from start to putting our stuff in storage has been wonderful. They are professional and very caring in all they do. We will be moving into our new home soon and I can't wait to see my same crew that made our move so less stressful and organized to the highest degree! I would only use and recommend Amazing Moves Moving, they are the BEST and it’s such a pleasure to be able to talk so highly of a company that in the past when using other movers has been horrible. Thanks for making our experience a perfect one! The guys on your team hustle and became our friends at the end of the day. AMAZING WORK ALL AROUND!!!!!

    Corinne J.
  • I've used many moving companies local and cross country. I have to admit that Amazing Moves really provided me the best moving service that I've ever received. The guys were quick and efficient. No long and lingering smoke breaks (nor did they smell of smoke and you never saw them standing around. Quick! Don't be afraid to ask these guys if you need anything. They lent tape and boxes. They also noted the carpeted stairwell and asked me if I wanted plastic laid on the stairs so they would not leave any stains (it had just snowed the day before). It cost 10 bucks more but was appreciated they mentioned it. Best movers ever!

    Anita S.
  • Wess Clayton and Devin Baughter showed up with smiles and a great attitude. Sorted through the chaos and made our move a cinch. I will use them again and ask for these men by name!

    Cantrell M.
  • My girlfriend and I used Amazing Moves last weekend to move from two apartments into a house. These guys were fantastic. They arrived 15 minutes early - apologized for being early and offered to wait until the scheduled time! They were fast...they actually ran when not carrying something, in 95-degree heat. But they were also very careful. Nothing was damaged or broken. Everyone, from the guy who came to give us a quote to the guys who did the actual move, were extremely nice and personable. We ended up paying significantly less than the quoted price. I would recommend these guys to anyone. Fabulous.

    Lisa S.
  • They packed all my belonging and moved me to my new location. The service was good. I was happy with the entire moving process.

    Satisfied Customer
  • We used Amazing Moves for the first time a couple of weeks ago to move the furniture and larger items for our single family home. They were fantastic! Our crew was Vincent, Lawrence, and Dejuan, so if you get these guys you'll be lucky. They worked really hard and took very good care of our furniture and the houses they moved it in and out of. I was very impressed that, even though they get paid by the hour, all three of them were regularly running back and forth to the truck making sure they got finished as quickly as possible. There's no doubt that I would use them again and recommend them highly.

    David M.
  • Needless to say, they are indeed Amazing. We moved from a one tiny bedroom in capitol hill, so imagine having to park in the alley, to a much bigger one bedroom on the second floor in Centennial. They gave me an estimate when I booked for 12-4 time window which I was concerned about, but they promptly called at 12pm said they had just finished a move and were going to eat and should be there around 1pm. Perfect and they were right on time with 2 guys and 1 very big truck. (I filled it maybe 1/3rd of the way.) The two guys they sent were young and courteous, eager to work. They started right away and (I am not kidding) ran back from the truck to get my stuff after they took stuff out...ran. Whoa way to hustle boys. They finished the apartment in a little over an hour and we headed to the new place about 30 minutes away were the proceeded to run again when getting my stuff from the truck. They finished just under three hours. Whew. I will say this...it pays to hire movers. Our move came to $351 (though I think it was originally $451 minus our $100 deposit to hold the reservation but I can't be sure because it doesn't say it on my paperwork). Tipped them both $30 so just under $450 for movers. Fantastic, I would definitely hire them again.

    Natasha R.
  • What a great experience! Fourth time I have used them for a move and it just keeps improving every time. The guys were great! Nothing broken. Quote was dead on for time and cost. Cannot say enough good things above this company! Worth every cent!

    Sandra A.
  • This was the second time that we used Amazing Moves. They are just incredible. We have moved 3 times in the last 4 years, 1 of those moves being from the east coast. These guys are great. They arrive early, quotes are right on and they really know what they are doing. We have only had one compliant regarding a scratch in our floors. We were moving into a new construction house with dark hardwoods. There was a scratch we discovered after the move. Vanessa was great. Had someone come over to look at them and repair. You would never know that anything happened. I would recommend these guys in a heartbeat and would use them again and again.

    Erin S.
  • Without a doubt, the most stress-free move I have ever experienced. Think back (if you haven't blocked it out completely) to the last time you moved - for me, it was a nightmare, partly because in the past I've found movers lack a sense of organization and planning. Moving is not just about packing up & dropping off at the new place. Moving requires a plan, as in, "how in the hell are we going to get all of this crap into that little truck?" Amazing Moves are truly pros. They came in, sized up the job, created a plan, inventoried all, and I mean ALL of my stuff, loaded it up and did it in the time they said they would. Professional and competent. These guys are amazing.

    Karen M.
  • From now on until the day I die when someone tells me they are moving I will be suggesting Amazing Moves because I had a great experience with this company. First let me say that I was is a TERRIBLE mood because of how stressed I was because of moving and I was being completely negative about anything and everything. I think I even rolled my eyes when they got there because I Just didn't want to deal with anything. These guys started loading my stuff... and they RUN to make sure everything gets done fast. They COMPLETELY turned my mood around. They were all sooooooo so so courteous and polite. By the time they were done I was actually in a great mood because they made my move 10x easier. If I ever move again I will only use Amazing Moves.

    Sally C.
  • We moved 2 houses in 2 days. What a pain...except we had the BEST team of movers we have ever had...and we have moved more than the average person! The guys were friendly and hard working. Not one thing was broken or scratched. They worked their butts off - with smiles on their faces! I have definitely felt ripped off with most movers (lots of standing around, tons of smoke breaks, damaged items, etc.) ...not this time. It was a great experience and I would definitely recommend Amazing Moves to anyone that is moving!!! Also - we scheduled our moves through Miles...he was awesome too!

    Tiffany Y.
  • What can I say? Everything was great! Two great guys came the day before the move and finished packing up my odds and ends plus prepared all the furniture for the move the following day ---- wrapped and strapped everything. The morning of the move 4 men arrived at 8:00 and had everything packed on the truck within 2 1/2 hours ready to go to the storage unit. I met them there with lunch and they got everything into a 10 x 20 unit (2400 sq. ft. house). The bid was for 2 trucks and 5 men but they did it with 4 men and 1 truck. All the guys worked so well together and John, the head man, was great and very organized. He really knew his stuff! They are going to move me again in December when I move to my new home (if the house is ready by then). I give them all an A+.

    Satisfied Homeowner
  • Amazing Moves was worth every penny. I will use them again and recommend to everyone planning a move. Gene A. and Lindale G. didn't stop until everything was un-loaded off of the truck at my final destination. No rest breaks until the job was done. They were both very professional, courteous and organized. They handled my stuff carefully and everything arrived in the same condition. They showed up in marked uniforms and offered extra packaging materials. We opted for the mattress cover. They take the time to ask what is needing to be moved and they ask to be shown where everything needs to be unloaded. They even helped move the furniture to the right spot without hesitation. There were no surprises on my invoice. They kept track of the hours worked and I was charged just for what they used.

    Ann S.
  • Hands down the most competent moving company I've ever dealt with. Courteous up front, on time when they arrive. Quick, efficient, careful. Always plenty of manpower. We have used them several times, including a particularly difficult project carrying very heavy things up many stairs. All accomplished without a hitch. My highest recommendation, and will use them again.

    Robert H.
  • Amazing Moves was a great company to work with - especially since I was a difficult customer! We packed our belongings in an ABF trailer which was arriving in Denver from Phoenix "SOMETIME" on June 14. This was of course a Friday afternoon. The staff at Amazing moves was fantastic working with my weird window of getting the trailer unloaded before the storage office closed on that day. When I finally got confirmation that the trailer had arrived, they showed up promptly and managed to pack a 28' trailer full of stuff into my storage unit. They did a great (and creative, I might add) job of making things fit. I appreciated the guys sticking it out on a hot summer afternoon - they kept at it full blast until the job was done. They also helped me watch for specific items that were not supposed to go into the unit, but rather stay out to be moved to my home. Overall I was very satisfied with the service I received and highly recommend them.

    Satisfied Customer
  • If you're thinking of hiring any other mover, please reconsider!!! Long story short is that we've moved a lot for work - some self-moves and many corporate moves with professional movers. Our experience with Amazing Moves was THE VERY BEST moving experience we've ever had - from the initial phone calls, to Maurice's home visit for consultation/pricing, to Styhl and team doing our packing, loading/moving, and unpacking. They were professional, on time, careful, and efficient. To top it off, they did all of the hard work with such positivity and enthusiasm. We had one office chair wheel that was broken and they had someone come out and fix it in a few days. Their estimate was dead on (the actual cost was a little less actually which is always a nice surprise!) We hope we don't need to move again for many, many years but if/when we do, we won't use anyone else.

    Laura C.
  • We used Amazing Moves for a move from one apartment to another down the hallway, but it was a long hallway! The company was very easy to schedule with and work with, and the guys who did the move came very prepared with lots of equipment to help with the move down a hallway -- rolling garment racks and bins, etc.

    Samantha L.
  • Amazing Moves is just that - Amazing! Maurice Murphy at Amazing Moves helped me through the process of scheduling and pricing. He was patient with my questions, followed up promptly, offered helpful advice, and was extremely courteous. The day of the move went perfect. Adam and Ryan arrived on time, walked me through the entire process, carefully wrapped my furniture and moved super fast. Nothing was damaged, broken or lost. The unload was also an excellent experience. They placed items where I requested and even during the final walk through made sure to move items after I changed my mind. I highly recommend this company and will use them again if needed in the future.

  • I have been a customer of Amazing Moves for years and their service is exceptional. They are careful and efficient. They literally RUN. Use this company.

    Kathy S.
  • Excellent experience w this company. Arrived on time. Conscience movers who took good care of our antique armoire passed down from my grandmother’s family. It's a beast to move. Thank you amazing moves.

    Julie R.
  • Both the crew who moved our stuff out and the crew who moved our stuff in were fast and efficient. Both came in under the estimated time and charged us less than we expected. Highly recommend.

  • Our family employed these experts in the moving and storage and they are the best. We just relocated from Morrison after 21 years needing to be nearer to family and public transportation. They pack expertly and move everything without a scratch. Courteous and professional!!!

    John K.
  • I recently made the move out of Denver and into the burbs. Amazing Moves did virtually all of the work, with the exception of unpacking and organizing. Jason was my crew chief and we had 6 people to pack us and 6 to move us. I find moving very stressful, despite the fact that I have don't it many times, but can honestly say this was the easiest move I have yet made. I think the fact that I trusted the people in my house and liked their personalities as I got to know them helped put me at ease. They were all such nice guys, and a very diverse group. I would highly recommend Amazing Moves to anyone in need. I did not price shop other places to compare, but I will say that I was able to use recycled boxes to cut down costs, and that the final bill came in less than the bid.

    Lindsey K.
  • I have moved a few times when using a moving company. I had a BAD taste in my mouth from previous experiences. BUT, with Amazing Moves, it was seriously "amazing"! We had 2 trucks and 5 guys, with a LOT of stuff. Literally, NOT ONE thing was broken and everything moved in a very timely manner. They came in a little higher when I was getting quotes, but something told me to use their services. Lucas came out to the house, and gave a very detailed estimate. Other moving companies estimated we would need less man power and less hours....they would have been SO WRONG. Amazing Moves was right on, and then their total ended up being less than their original estimate. The guys/crew are so wonderful and take really great care of your stuff. They bust their butt the entire time...they never stopped moving! I'm hoping we don't have to move again for a long time, but if we did, I would DEFINITELY use Amazing Moves. You will not be disappointed...you will be amazed.

    G Chackel
  • We hired Amazing Moves to unload our moving van when we arrived from out of state, and they were quick, punctual and respectful of our things. We were so happy with the service that we hired them again when we purchased a home several months later!

    Matt B., Google Review
  • These guys are super nice. I have been working with Amazing Moves for around 5 years and find they are very dependable, quick and customer service oriented. They are also professional and ensure your items are moved safely and damage free. I recommend them for both storage needs and moving.

    Corey D., Google review
  • We used Amazing Moves to load our rental truck for our move to California. They were professional from start to finish and their price quote was accurate. They were extremely fast, literally running in between each load, we never felt like they were dragging their feet or wasting time - all without sacrificing quality. They packed everything so carefully that not a single thing was damaged over the 1000 mile trip. We would recommend them to anyone!

    Lane H.
  • Amazing Moves is one of Colorado's outstanding companies. From their sales staff to the moving crew leaders, Amazing moves helped us move our 5500 sq. ft. ranch as if they were moving their own family. They paid special attention to the very smallest details. I have a priceless blown art glass collection which they handled without even one blemish. They delivered on every promised and far exceeded my hopes and dreams for a great move. Not only that but they handled every challenge with optimism and with a reassuring smile. When they gave me the proposal the price was more than fair. Then the sales person shared their core values with us to Make Every Move Amazing and to hustle when they are not handling furniture. They fulfilled every promise and more. My thoughts are why even call another mover?

    Michael T., Google Review
  • Amazing Moves did a fantastic job for us! We were a bit worried before the whole process started as we had an initial move out of our previous home and into a temporary rental home. AM did a great job of packing everything up and putting our stuff into storage. 6 months later they arrived on time and unloaded everything into our new home with only a few "bumps and scratches." The crew was courteous, hard working and a pleasure to work with. We had some great conversation throughout the day. I would highly recommend AM for anyone contemplating a move. Thanks Amazing Moves!!!

    Brady C., Google Review
  • We had a great experience with Amazing Moves! They were priced competitively with the big national movers but had the small company attention to detail and customer service. Their guys were all personable and professional. We did not have any damage or any problems whatsoever. Would recommend them to any and everybody.

    Melissa T., Google Review
  • Amazing Moves were just that, Amazing. We used them to move us from our house into temporary housing. We stored all of our household items with them for 6 1/2 months. When it was time to move into our new home, they were ready. John and his friendly crew showed up on time ready to go. They unloaded three trucks in under 5 hours including setup and cleanup. When our move was done, I called Amazing Moves to get help moving my Mother from out of state. They don't do out of state moves, but referred me to a company who did and that move went smooth as well. Everyone I was in contact with at Amazing Movers were friendly, curteous and professional at all times. This company cares, please use them.

    Moe Moe, Google review
  • The Amazing Movers have moved me MANY times, and every single time, without exception, has been a perfect moving experience. The movers are professional, courteous, and more than helpful with all of the things that go along with the move. They are well trained employees, not contract workers. During the move, they RUN; these guys don't fool around. Not only do they do a terrific job, the price is more than competitive. I recommend them to everyone!

    Colleen R., Google review
  • Amazing Moves helped my parents downsize and it was a great experience. The realtors recognized and appreciated the quality of the movers and my folks had nothing but good things to say about the move. Highly recommended.

    Ben W., Google Review
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