Window Washing Tips

So you’ve decided that you are going to wash your own windows and you want to know the best way to do it and what you will need. Well, we are going to tell you! You will need to get … Read More

Removing Carpet Stains

Have a stain in your carpet that you just can’t seem to get out?  For most of us, cutting a chunk of the carpet out is not an option, but we understand if you just can’t see that stain there … Read More

Hiring a Cleaning Company

Ask your potential cleaning company if they offer any satisfaction guarantees.  Do they stand by the work they do? Be sure to ask what kind of cleaning products they use and if they are safe for your household pets and … Read More

Hiring a Window Cleaner

Hiring a window cleaning professional regularly prevents windows from being etched or pitted over time. Pollution is a window’s worst enemy and can lead to pitting.  Once the damage has been done, usually the only solution is to replace the … Read More