Hiring a Window Cleaner

Hiring a window cleaning professional regularly prevents windows from being etched or pitted over time.

  • Pollution is a window’s worst enemy and can lead to pitting.  Once the damage has been done, usually the only solution is to replace the windows.
  • Always make sure to get several estimates.  Usually window cleaning professionals can do the estimate over the phone if you know the number of windows in your home.
  • Do a walk through with the hired professional before they start the job.  This will ensure all your windows will be cleaned and basement or attic windows will not be overlooked.
  • After the job is complete, walk back through to ensure your satisfaction before paying for the job.  This allows you to point out any missed spots and they can fix them on the spot.
  • The inside of windows should be cleaned about once a year, unless you smoke, have pets, or have kids, then it should be more often.
  • The outside of windows should be cleaned twice a year.