Picking a Remodeling Professional for Your Kitchen

Did you call three different companies for estimates and got back three very different estimates? How is this possible? Let us tell you five things you should look for when choosing a remodeling contractor.

  1. Remember, you will be working with this remodeling company for weeks, possibly months in your home.  Make sure you choose a remodeling contractor that you are comfortable with first.
  2. Then, ask a few pointed questions!  First, ask each remodeling contractor for references on projects that are similar to yours.
  3. Once you have these references, call them and ask them whether they worked from a fixed price contract or a cost-plus time and material contract.  Did the final price of the kitchen remodel compare with the original estimate?  Did the homeowner or the contractor change the scope of work during the project? Could the contractor have planned the kitchen remodeling project better up front to minimize the charges?
  4. Was the quality and service provided as promised?
  5. Lastly, ask if any problems arose and how the contractor handled them.