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At Team Dave Logan, you can be confident that you and your business are on a Team of integrity-based, quality-backed companies, and that you have access to a collection of resources based on your business needs.
Our print, digital, video and advertising resources and opportunities connect you with the right customers for a lower price than you’ll find independently thanks to the Team Dave Logan network.

From online review management to print advertising to our Team Dave Logan Job Board, your bases are covered when you’re on our Team.

Resources & Advertising Opportunities


Published in March, May, July, September, and November, the Team Dave Logan Playbook features only our pre-screened companies. Each edition is distributed to 150,000 homes to connect you directly to your customers.

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Resource Guide

The annual Team Dave Logan Resource Guide targets customers in Colorado through our direct-to-home distribution to 625,000 homes, plus promotion through events throughout the year, including the Colorado Home and Garden Show.

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Radio Advertising

Be heard. Be trusted. Be known. When you partner with us for radio advertising, we'll create radio spots that use effective marketing language to drive business for your company. We know your industry, and we know how to speak to your customers!

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Website Advertising

Get in front of customers that matter with our website advertising opportunities. These spots feature premium, high-impact design and allow for prominent logo display and promotion of deals throughout the site.

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Review and Reputation Marketing

Our review and reputation marketing program helps you stay on top of the online conversation around your business. We help encourage your satisfied customers to leave reviews and provide guidance on how to address negative reviews and concerns if they arise.

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Pro Tips

We know that our Team members provide valuable knowledge to their customers in addition to high-quality services. Through our Pro Tips section, you can highlight DIY tips, project advice and guidance for hiring a pro through our Pro Tips section.

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Team Job Board

The Team Dave Logan Job Board prominently displays your open positions on the homepage and on your Team member profile page. We drive traffic to the Job Board through paid digital advertising and feature paid ads on the board itself for Team members.

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Areas We Serve

Team Dave Logan serves communities throughout Colorado, including Denver and Colorado Springs. We know that your business shouldn’t be limited to those in your neighborhood and dedicate ourselves to serving up all businesses fairly to the areas that they serve.

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