What to Consider When Choosing Tile Backsplash

Wanting to change up your tile backsplash? Maybe add a new look or improve the functionality of your kitchen or bathroom? Here are a few things to consider.

Plan Your Budget

  • It is important to set your budget for your tile backsplash before you even start looking. Come up with some ideas while setting your budget. That way you will know your limit before you begin the process which can eliminate potential over spending.


  • Are you thinking a more colorful tile backsplash or a more neutral? Both can bring much aesthetics to your kitchen. Consider the color and style of paint, cabinets, and countertops and what would blend well with your tile backsplash.
  • Just as important as the color and pattern is the material. Consider the overall style and design of your home when choosing the material:
  1. Metal
  2. Porcelain
  3. Glass
  4. Ceramic

Because these materials are nonporous, they can be resistant to heat, moisture, discoloration and stains.

  • Now that you have picked the material and color, it’s time to think about the shape. There is always the classic brick or square. There are also a number of other different shapes that can suit your style and the style of your home.

Tile Backsplash Maintenance

  • Keep in mind that your tile backsplash has more than just aesthetic purposes. It can catch splatters, stains, and many other messes (keep that in mind if you’re choosing grout!) All these materials will need to be cleaned and some will require polishing. Consider asking a professional about the suggested cleaning maintenance when you’re purchasing your tile backsplash.


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