When to Call a Plumber

For a handy homeowner, certain plumbing issues, like a leaky faucet or a clogged pipe, may seem like quick fixes. But a seemingly simple problem may indicate a bigger issue. How do you know when to put down the pipe wrench and call a trusted, qualified Team Dave Logan plumber? Here are some things to consider…

Do you have water flowing through your pipes?

We often don’t realize how much we depend on water until we don’t have any. So, if you go to turn on your faucet, and nothing comes out, it can be a HUGE inconvenience. If you find that you don’t have any water, first check with your neighbors. If they don’t have water, it could mean that there’s an issue throughout the neighborhood. But, if they do, you should call a plumber immediately to pinpoint the problem. Probing around on your own to see what’s causing the lack of water flow could lead to serious damage.

Does your home smell like sewage or gas?

If your home reeks of sewage, that’s a tell-tale sign you need to call a plumber pronto! Aside from being annoying, having your home smell like – well, you know – could mean that you have a serious drainage pipe blockage. An experienced plumber can help you identify what’s causing the issue and work to resolve the problem ASAP, bringing your home’s plumbing and its odors back into harmony.

Is your water pressure low?  

Low water pressure may indicate that you have damage to a water line. Whether it’s a hole or a crack, you’ll want to get this addressed immediately by a licensed plumber. Leaking water lines can cause serious destruction to walls and foundations, so if you notice low water pressure throughout your home, don’t wait to call a plumber!