Pay Attention to Your Furnace

Don’t wait until a freezing day disaster to think about your furnace. Set your home and your family up for success by scheduling a regular tune-up.

  • It Will Live Longer

Having a routine tune-up can catch potential small issues before they turn into a disaster for your furnace. This can save you money and keep your furnace running at its best. A little maintenance over the course of the year will add to the life of your unit.


  • Look Around

Always be aware of the vents and registers throughout your home. Furniture, artwork, toys, etc. blocking any vents or registers will send the air back and cause your furnace to work harder to balance the airflow. The harder your furnace must work increases the likelihood of needed repairs or potential replacement.


  • Check Your Filter

Furnace filters help maintain the air quality flowing through your home. A general recommendation is to change it every 90 days. If you notice that your energy bill has increased, your home is taking longer to heat, or there is more dust than normal, it’s most likely time to change the filter! Replacing the filter is an easy way to uphold the health of your furnace.


The best time to schedule a tune-up is typically before the cold months arrive but if you didn’t, it’s not too late!

Have a professional inspect your furnace to help prevent large complications, keep your family and your home warm, and save you money on costly repairs.


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