Different Types of Home Additions

The options are seemingly endless when considering the benefits of adding an addition to your home. Either converting unused space or building up or out, an addition to your home can increase its value in many ways.

Conventional Home Additions
• Conventional home additions can add living space to your home, such as an extra bedroom, office space, or play area. Depending on the lot size of your home building up or out will add square footage, which adds to the value of your home.

• Do you have an unfinished basement or attic? Conversion of unfinished space to a livable space will create more space for your family and increase the value of your home.

• Do you have a patio or porch that is only used a couple of months a year? Consider surrounding that space with a sunroom or a lanai. A sunroom or lanai can be used as an extra family room, dining area, or peaceful sitting space.

• ADUs can be connected to your home or a separate building on the same property with a separate entrance. ADUs can be beneficial for extra housing, renting, or even a home office.
What must an ADU have?
1. Living space
2. Bathroom and kitchen with plumbing and running water
3. Private entrance

When considering an addition, be sure to stick to the same design concept as the rest of your existing home. Adding a modern addition to a rustic-style home will not appear as seamless as maintaining the same design throughout. Home additions that are seamlessly integrated into the structure and design of your home can increase space and add to the value of your home.

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