Hiring a Roofing Company

How do you select a roofing company? What are the top five things you should look for when deciding if they will treat your home as their own? When selecting a roofing company, consider the following factors: License and insurance: … Read More

Roof Inspection Tips

Twice a year, you should check on your roof.  Picture this, you have a roof repair that you don’t know about.  Denver is hit with a heavy snow.  It of course, melts off the same day and that water is … Read More

Winterize Your Roof

Like everything in your life, things last longer if you maintain them! Roofs are no exception. Want a tip on winterizing your roof? If you feel comfortable on a ladder, get up on your roof and check all the flashings. … Read More

When to Replace Your Roof

Of course, there are the obvious signs it is time to replace your roof, like if the inside of your home gets just as wet as the outside during a rainstorm or if you can see the sun when you … Read More

How to Select a Roofing Contractor

When it’s time to select a roofing contractor, remember that all roofing contractors are not alike. A new roof is a big investment. Take your time and make a smart decision. Use good common sense and follow these guidelines. Know … Read More