Garage Door Roller Tips

Haven’t found the answer to your garage door repair yet?  How about the rollers?  Are you finding dirt and grease built up on the rollers? This can hinder the garage door from opening and closing easily.  You’ll want to clean … Read More

Garage Door Track Tips

So your garage door needs repair and you aren’t sure what to do. Have you tried looking at the tracks to make sure they are properly aligned and level? A horizontal track will slant toward the back of your garage.  … Read More

Garage Door Bracket Tips

We don’t think about repairing our garage door often. It’s one part of our home that is just supposed to, well, work. When it doesn’t, you can be stuck, literally. If you have been having problems with your garage door, … Read More

Garage Door Tips

Not all garage doors and their components are the same.  If you are trying to keep your spending in check, find a great value, not necessarily the cheapest option. Be sure to ask your technician all that is included in … Read More