Matching Cabinet Wood to Wood Flooring

If you are considering replacing your hardwood floors, determining the species of wood in your cabinets is very important if you want to match your hardwood floors. This goes for the trim molding too! Most hardwood floor companies will be able … Read More

Handling Carpet Seams

If it seems to you that seams are inevitable, you may be right. Carpet comes in 12 foot and 15 foot widths. Sometimes, you can find a 13 foot width. Unless the room you are planning on carpeting is less … Read More

Choosing a Carpet

How do you choose the right combination of aesthetics, performance, and budget when you are choosing new carpet? A lot has to do with your lifestyle. If you have high traffic areas, a looped Berber carpet or high twist frieze carpet … Read More

Stopping Stains Before They Start

Between all the different weather elements in Colorado, your kids, your pets, and just normal wear and tear, it’s important knowing how to tackle spills and prevent stains to keep your floors looking beautiful year after year. Here are three simple … Read More

General Flooring Tips

Be aware of the product you are installing into your home.  Going with the lowest price may leave you with a poor quality floor. Make sure your floors are installed properly.  Even the most expensive flooring can look bad if … Read More