Appliance Lifespan & Energy Tips

Did you know that appliances account for almost 17 % of your homes energy consumption? The top offenders are your refrigerator, clothes washer and clothes dryer. If you are thinking of replacing your appliances, make sure you consider both the … Read More

Dryer Sheet Tips

Almost every popular fabric softener brand now offers an eco-friendly alternative. If you’re trying to save money, you can even make your own! Fill a spray bottle with half water and half liquid softener. Spray the liquid onto an old washcloth … Read More

Garbage Disposal Tips

Be sure to have the water on before you start feeding the food in the disposal and make sure the food is all ground up before turning off the disposal and the water. Avoid putting too much in the disposal … Read More

Dishwasher Tips

Run the water in your dishwasher at at least 130 degrees to ensure clean and dry dishes. You may also find you need to use a rinse agent (like JetDry) with newer dishwashers to make sure your dishes are drying properly. With the new … Read More

Refrigerator Tips

There are a few things you can do to make sure your refrigerator is running efficiently. First, the temperature of your freezer should be at 0 degrees and your refrigerator at 35-37 degrees. It’s always a good idea to clean … Read More