Time Plumbing, Heating and Electric is committed to our customers’ safety now and always. To ensure your health and the health of our family during this time, we are taking some extra precautions. Those include:

  • Taking extra precautions to ensure safety, which includes frequent deep cleanings and disinfection of our office and vehicles.
  • Our technicians are persistently washing hands and wearing gloves and foot covers to each jobsite.
  • Our technicians are equipped with N-95 masks and will wear them upon request during service.


TIME Plumbing and Heating will accurately diagnose the problem, give you options with competitive pricing, and then fix it right, day or night.

It’s hard to find a company with values today; it seems like all companies are trying to sell you everything including the kitchen sink. The reason is most companies pay their employees on a commission-based pay scale. The more they sell, the more they make. It feels like inviting a used car salesperson into your home. TIME Plumbing and Heating pays all their employees on an hourly basis, not commissioned based. This helps eliminate over selling and customers get more options, not just the most expensive. They will take the time needed to fix it right the first time. All of Time's Technicians have been doing service and repair work for over 10 years with an average of 16 years.

They also service the entire Denver Metro area. Brad and Judi Apple are both Denver natives, and have been doing Plumbing and Heating in the Denver area since 1979. They own TIME Plumbing and Heating and are involved with the daily operations to help make sure things get done right the first time. TIME also knows the importance of your time, that’s why they do all they can to be on time every time. TIME is a company that has the old-fashioned craftsmanship and work ethics with that Go Green attitude. They use environmentally safe and energy efficient products whenever they can.

Services Offered:

  • Water Heater Replacement
  • Water Heater Repair
  • Tankless Water Heaters
  • Plumbing

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Time Plumbing, Heating & Electric Inc. | 303-Plumber.com | Drain Cleaning Denver | Central Air Conditioning Repair | Furnace Replacement | Sewer Service Denver | Water Heater Repair Rating: 4.7

Renee Miller

Oct 16, 2021
I had called another company for a leak under my kitchen sink, and was told "nothing until November 5!" Called Time, and Nathan […]

Nicholas Stanton

Nov 18, 2021
I will say that I've had positive experiences with these guys in the past so I'm hoping the most recent was a one-off. […]

Elliot Grimley

May 03, 2021
Very pleased with the work that was done. My technician was very honest and upfront and was able to fix the issue in […]

C Huey

Oct 16, 2021
Beware of extremely high repair costs. The itemized proposal for my simple plumbing job included a cost of $220 just to turn off […]

Anna Pierce

Aug 30, 2021
Dan came on the weekend to install a new garbage disposal. He was very helpful and informative. He definitely went above and beyond! I […]

50 Recommendations

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Out of three plumbing services only Time Plumbing was able to come to our house today. All three companies were aware that we had shut off all the water to our house, but only Time Plumbing was able to come today. The service was amazing! I left a message at around 6:30 a.m. this morning and I received a call back from, I am assuming the owner, within 10 minutes from his phone. He told me that he would definitely get someone out today, but I should call the main phone number between 8:00 and 8:30 a.m. I called at 8:02 and the woman that answered knew exactly who I was and what the problem was after I gave her my name. She told me that David F would be able to come out between 11:00 a.m. and 2 or 3:00 p.m. David called me at 10:30 a.m. and told me that he would be out shortly. David is very knowledgeable about what our problem was and had solved our plumbing problem in such a manner that we are in much better and more secure position that we thought we possibly could be. To think that we could have waited until 7 or 8 p.m. on Saturday evening to even have someone come look at our issues is just crazy! We will always contact Time Plumbing for any issue, including heating and electric in the future. We just can't say enough about how pleased we are with this company and...David Fernau!

Gwen P.
  • David was a true professional along with being very personable. the pricing was competitive i'am truly a satisfied customer and would highly recommend time to everyone.

    Danny I.
  • Great experience. David was very helpful, thorough, and answered all questions. Service price seemed very reasonable.

    Mark I.
  • Great service. Chad did a nice job in a timely manner.

    Mike W.
  • Time Plumbing was wonderful to work with! They were prompt and very professional. Very reasonable rates. Joel was respectful, efficient, patient, knowledgeable, and took the time to answer all of my questions, gave explanations and choices., and made recommendations for the future. Joel was very conscientious about not leaving a mess in my kitchen as he unclogged a nasty drain. I would definitely call this company first for any problems.

    Shaila W.
  • Great service, on time, and Nate fixed the problem quickly.

    Jill M.
  • Nate was great in completing our bathroom sink project yesterday. He was professional and offered great customer service. Doing quality work clearly matters to Nate, something my wife and I great;y appreciate. Should other plumbing issues arise in the future we will be requesting a return visit by Nate. In this day and age, receiving great customer service and good work is a rarity & Nate delivered both!

    Eric S.
  • We were experiencing a small drainage plug which we learned during our plumbing service we had two drainage plugs. Nate F. was our Field Personnel. He was professional, cordial, and timely in fixing the problems. Because of our repair experience with Nate, I would use Time Plumbing services again!

    Amber E.
  • Jeff was very kind and worked very timely. Would defiantly use these services again.

    Toni L.
  • In the past Jeff has installed a water heater and serviced my furnace. His service and attitude are always exceptional. I will always recommend Jeff and Time to anyone in need.

    Justin C.
  • Jeff A. came out and to fix my AC unit and found the problem quickly and fixed it. He did an excellent job and I highly recommend this company.

    Paul S.
  • I know firsthand it is not easy to trust "repairs" of any kind that you are not personally educated on. My heater is in a crawl space, it totally sucks to work on anything down there. I have had people actually tell me they did not want the job because of this. Howard from Time Plumbing, Heating, and Electric came to my home as scheduled today. He was very patient with all my questions and went out of his way to explain to me what was wrong with my heater. He diagnosed, asked if I understood, and after he repaired it; he stayed to make sure it did not fail. He told us what to look out for and gave us his personal cell if any issues occurred. He was an honest, patient, and cool guy to work with. I would recommend him to anyone! Thanks Howard. Enjoy the snow this season!

    Heather R.
  • Oh my gosh what a great experience. A good friend of mine recommended Time Plumbing and Heating to me. I had to install a new Furnace and Air Cooler to my home before I could sell my home. I called Time Plumbing & Heating for estimates. Their office staff was extremely polite and helpful. Justine came to my home within days of my initial call. We discussed prices and the project began that day. I feel they were reasonable with the cost of installation and products. I will recommend Time to all of my family and friends.

    Annie R.
  • Absolutely wonderful service by Jeff A! He did not upwell me or try to get me to buy more than what was necessary. He was on time, polite and very professional. Will definitely recommend Time to anyone I know!

    Becca T.
  • Ben our plumber did a great job installing a new whole house water filter system, made our well water usable again and re plumbed the pump shed and is very accessible. We would recommenced him as courteous and friendly, which is important to my wife. Thanks Ben.

    Leo D.
  • Wesley was prompt, courteous and explained the repairs needed in detail. Service was excellent, the results good. We'll be sure to call Time again when service is needed and ask for Wesley.

    Dan L.
  • Jerry Pettibon came to my home to inspect a noise coming from the boiler. He was extremely professional, and he knew everything about the boiler. He not only fixed the problem quickly, but he was patient as he explained everything he was doing to diagnose and repair the problem. Jerry is a real asset to Time Plumbing, Heating & Electric. I am very confident in his ability and knowledge to perform any task I may need from this company. I will always call Time Plumbing, Heating & Electric and request Jerry. It's a good feeling to have finally found a company that I can trust to perform the necessary work to keep my boiler heating system running correctly. Thank you!!!

    Fern S.
  • Really happy that Nate came out to my house and talked thru our plumbing problem/situation. I was doing preventive maintenance, but with an older house, I wanted to be aware of future issues. Nice to have someone who is knowledgeable and can discuss the problem, without trying to invoice you for recommendations. I will go with Time Plumbing when we have to have work done to our household's old sewer system.

    Katherine H.
  • Thank you Jeff A. He is a great tech, really skilled, fast and amazing quality! If I ever need work in the future, he will be my go to guy! Thank you!

    Cameron K.
  • I have used Time Plumbing and Heating previously and was very satisfied with everything concerning their work and Technicians, however the gentleman I requested had retired so they sent a young man Named Jeff A. After some conversation I was convinced that this young man knew what he was dealing with. We have an old furnace and I was concerned about this young man’s knowledge on older types of furnaces but he excelled and did a beautiful job, was extremely knowledgeable, personable, and courteous and not only will I use Time Plumbing, Heating and Electric again, I will certainly request Jeff A. again. If it takes an extra day for his service I will sacrifice whatever is needed just to get his excellent service and would suggest the same to anyone needing this type of service. Time is a great company.

    Gary F.
  • Our boiler went out the night before Christmas Eve. We called Time Plumbing, Heating and Electric and they were able to come out within an hour or 2 on Christmas Eve. The technician, David A., was extremely knowledgeable and efficient. He was able to diagnosis what the problem was and correct the matter so that we had heat in the house once more. Not only that, he diagnosed the problem with the heater in the garage and got it running. We have had numerous technicians come to try to fix the garage heater and no one could. David was the only one! I would recommend this company as the one to call and David/technician who will be able to fix your issue.

    Wendy C.
  • My service tech, Jeff A., was prompt and efficient, polite and informative. He fixed my problem quickly and effectively. He explained in detail my furnace's problem which was caused by an improper installation of the "Mother Board" by a different company. He reinstalled it properly, and VOILA! I have HEAT!

    He also showed me my very dirty furnace filter and suggested one that will work better at altitude (we live at 8300 feet). He explained the benefits of the right furnace filter and how to install it easily!

    Our bill was extremely reasonable, and I even received a brand new-fangled plunger as a gift from TIME Plumbing, Heating, & Electric, Inc.!

    Jeff A. is an outstanding tech! He gets a GOLD STAR from me!

    Susie K.
  • I cannot speak highly enough of Jeff A!

    I moved into my house yesterday only to find the next day that I had serious furnace issues which were not disclosed in my inspection report.

    Thankfully, Jeff was able to get to my house a mere two hours after I called for a technician, quickly diagnose the issues and even worked late to ensure that all of the problems were completely resolved.

    I found Jeff to be extremely knowledgeable and his professionalism was of the highest order.

    If all of Time's technicians are like Jeff A., then I would absolutely recommend Time for anyone with heating issues.

    Rob C.
  • After some bad experiences with other Plumbing/Heating companies, we discovered TIME six years ago, and were very happy with their repair of a broken sewer line. We have continued to use them for our plumbing and heating needs. We have had a couple of problems with our boiler, and quickly discovered David Anderson (Senior Service Specialist) is REALLY good at diagnosing and fixing problems with boiler systems! We are VERY happy with their service!

  • Too much rain and an OLD sump pump... I'm very glad I called Time Plumbing. Ben did a great job replacing it. He made sure I understood what he did and why he did it. He was profession and friendly. I won't hesitate to call them again or to suggest them to friends & family.

  • My husband and I are so pleased with Roberto's professionalism. He did an excellent job. Thank you Roberto!

    Barbara B.
  • Roberto was very punctual and courteous. He was extremely knowledgeable, as he gave me a lot of helpful information and tips. Thank you Roberto for your time.

    Wanda Y.
  • What an excellent, very skilled technician. I also enjoyed the conversation with Roberto. He was very thorough and knew what he was doing. I will request his services when in need of a technician.

    Michael D.
  • I had no worries leaving town during the extremely cold weather as I knew Roberto made sure nothing would freeze. I appreciate a job well done and the professionalism he displayed.

    Tara G.
  • Nick did a great job and was very helpful.

  • Nate was pleasant to speak to. He was neat and wore his shoe covers. He was also great with my dogs.

  • I very pleased that you could fit me in the same day. Mike was very honest and informative and just a great joy to work with. I have used you guys for years but decided to try someone new last time. They were cheaper but they did not do a good job. I'm back with you guys and will call you next time.

  • Mike did exactly what he said he should do. I appreciated his honesty and workmanship.

    Susan P.
  • Jerry knows his stuff, he's a keeper.

    Dale C.
  • David helped me with my kitchen drain. He went out of his way and bent over backwards. He was very kind and professional. What a great asset.

    Kim K.
  • I always strive to support local business first, so I called Time Plumbing. I was told someone would be here between 9-2, and Nick arrived at 9:00. He was prompt, honest, & professional, quickly diagnosing and solving my kitchen drain problems. Customer service & honesty are my hot spots and Nick & Time Plumbing delivered! Plus, they offer great coupons on services - check out their website for additional savings.
    Thanks Nick, you have a customer for life!

    Denise S.
  • My mother's air conditioner stopped working on Saturday (when it was 103 degrees). I found Time on the site and called on Sunday morning. I was able to get an appointment the next day which was important as she is 78 yrs old and in poor health - no one else I called could do that! The service technician arrived within the appointment window and took care of the problem quickly. Very pleased. A terrific company that will be recommended to others. Thanks.

    Sandra M.
  • I was very impressed with Robert and his furnace estimate. He was very thorough, pleasant and detail orientated.

    Amy A.
  • David and Bob did a superb job. Time Plumbing & Heating was early and kept everyone well informed. An amazing job and even finished up early and did a great job cleaning up.

  • Found Bob to be another very professional and helpful hard worker from your company. I have always liked your company and appreciate Brad Apple too for all his guidance and help.

    Arlen D.
  • David was out today, very professional and wonderful job done.

    Kim V.
  • Lawrence found the problem fast, after having 2 other companies misdiagnose the problem. He found it right away and fixed it. Thanks again. What a pleasure working with your company and quality technicians.

    Robin S.
  • Kevin was out today on our plumbing. Everyone at Time Plumbing & Heating was very easy to work with and did an excellent job.

    Rick D.
  • Bob was out today on my difficult plumbing job. He was wonderful and did an amazing job.

    Mrs. Freeman
  • One month ago Robert replaced our furnace. He communicated well, did everything he said he would, and the system is wonderful. For the first time we are getting heat to the far bedroom.

    Andy G.
  • Bob cleaned (cabled) my kitchen drain line. I was very impressed with his response time, excellent service and mannerisms. I will only call Time Plumbing for all my plumbing needs.

  • I really appreciated David and all his hard work and dedication on my water heater replacement. I will recommend him and Time Plumbing to everyone I know.

    Michelle S.
  • Kevin was out today to do our plumbing. We absolutely loved him and he was the nicest man. We will use him always.

    Brad G.
  • David did a wonderful job on my extensive furnace repair. He has extensive Heating knowledge. I will recommend him and Time Plumbing & Heating to others and always use them in the future!

    Judy G.
  • The guys (David & Lawrence) did a wonderful job on this difficult water heater installation. Thanks again!

    Natalie S.
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