Founded in 2004, Wirenut Home Services has always focused on the quality that separates them from the rest: great customer service, excellent products and terrific value.  They believe that by providing these three things, their customers will appreciate and recommend them to family and friends. Focusing on this has allowed Wirenut Home Services to win the BBB's Excellence in Customer Service Award a record 9 times!  Wirenut Home Services is family owned and operated and are proud to employ honest, hardworking Coloradans.   Whether it’s their expert electricians, professional plumbers, or their skilled HVAC technicians, you can trust knowing that when Wirenut Home Services arrives, they are there to take great care of you.  Wirenut Home Services offers an Exclusive Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee that the quality of their installations meets building code and workmanship standards for as long as you own the home. When also pairing this guarantee with services that offer a manufacturer Lifetime Unit Replacement, homeowners find that they’ll never have to buy another replacement.   They are available to service: air cleaners, air conditioners, air ducts, furnaces, and more!   Give them a call and they’d love to get you on the schedule!

Services Offered:

  • Electrical Repair
  • Commercial Electrician
  • Breaker Panels
  • Surge Suppression

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WireNut Home Services Rating: 4.7

Trusted Colorado Photographer

May 28, 2024
Wirenut technicians load all the parts and supplies they might need for a job on their truck before they go to a call. Very […]

darren medlock

Jun 21, 2024
A great plumber is known for their reliability and punctuality. They arrive at scheduled appointments on time and complete jobs efficiently without compromising on […]

Pam Collins

Jun 06, 2024
Updating a 1908 home’s panelboard could be an intimidating process for a new homeowner facing a significant investment. Not with Dawson and (mind blank […]

Steven Mosman

Jul 06, 2024
Tristan, the technician was fine. No issues with him whatsoever period the issues I have was with the bill. They replaced 3 toilet handle […]

Deonte Briskey sr

Feb 18, 2024
My basement has water in it from a service from yesterday. Tried calling and couldn’t get anyone in the HVAC DEPARTMENT. SK I GUESS […]

50 Recommendations

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The Wirenut and their technician are top notch. They gave me a very quick response to my electrical problem. Everything was explained and gave me a price before any work was done. It was a fast repair too. The technician was friendly and professional. He even found a coupon in the phone book to help lower the price. It's nice to find a company that is willing to help out. I will use them again.

Jodi Freeman
  • They are very friendly, quick, and got the job done with no problems. Highly recommended.

    Aaron Fransua
  • The service tech from the Wirenut was absolutely awesome. He came out to see what my homes electrical issues were. He was friendly to talk to and was able to come up with a good plan to fix the problem. He worked outside on the coldest day of the year for hours to get the job done right and he did it well. Excellent job.

    Galen Loeffler
  • I had a great experience with the elctricians. They techs arrived within hours of me placing the appointment call and they gave me a 30 minute prior to arrival call. They very thoroughly checked the heating system before diagnosing the problem, fixed the issue and explained any potential future problems. The price for the service was very reasonable.

    Jennifer Driessen
  • They were very honest, methodical in the description of work and how much it would cost. I didn't have a lot of work to do, but they did an excellent job and was very efficient on my electrical job.

    Shaun Caley
  • The woman I spoke with by phone helped me set up service at a convenient time and for a reasonable price. Dean the electrician, was very helpful and informative with his diagnostic of what needed to be done and was efficient in completing the repairs. He told us of other upgrades we might consider due to our old system for safety and efficiency.

    Leslie Way
  • I replaced my electric stove with a new dual fuel stove and the electrical box needed to be relocated. The electrician did an excellent job moving the existing surface mount box to an inside the wall receptacle. He worked in tight quarters and cleaned up after himself. He did a very clean job.

    Pete Calouri
  • The experience with the Wirenut technician was professional. He was courteous, efficient and focused on the tasks. He was informative on code requirements and made sure everything was done according to these requirements.

    Mike Dubic
  • Waldy was great and I will request his services when I get moved into our new home to re-install our light fixtures.

    Laura Slifer
  • I am so glad that I called the Wirenut. The scheduling was easy and the service was excellent. The electrician spent an entire day working diligently and did a great job. I will definitely call them again for all my homes electrical needs.

    Judy McAtee
  • It was easy for me to get an appointment for some electrical issues, when I called in to the main office. When the technician arrived he was dressed very neat and was very polite. He did a good job on the repairs and talked with me in detail about the billing, so I knew exactly what he did.

    Merlin Haugesteun
  • I was able to get same day service on the electrical work needed from the time I called in for an appointment. Benjamin completely understood my need and was professional. He did offer me options, but was able to do what I really needed and wanted that day to complete the job. I am very pleased with the service I received.

    Tyrone Pippin
  • I really appreciate that the technician was on time for the appointment and he was also very courteous and professional. He wore the blue slippers over his shoes and was very respectful of my home. He patiently answered all my many questions and give his expert advice. I felt that he was really knowledgeable and trustworthy to perform the electrical work that I needed done.

    Judie Divita
  • I had a really good technician come out to my home from The Wirenut. He was on time and did an excellent job. He had to do some electrical work. He came in and found the issue right away and was able to get everything fixed. I will use him for my home and my business in the future.

    Veronica Saiz
  • The technician I received just completed my electrical service repair. I want to compliment you and the tech on the excellent service he provided. He was very polite, knowledgeable, efficient and professional. I also received a quote on installing a motion detector light for my garage.

    Reina Knapp
  • The electrician that did the work at my house took care of everything for me. It was great. The cost was a little pricey, but it was well worth the peace of mind for the dollars spent. This is my go to company. With the quality of service, I won't call anybody else.

    Mark Campbell
  • The electrician was very efficient and helpful to me. He picked out the photoelectric cell and spotlight fixture we needed and installed them.

    Steve Newman
  • I really appreciate their service and honesty. They honored their warranty on a track light that had failed after their initial repair. It seems to be fixed now. I also had a new electrical problem that needed attention. The tech that did the work was courteous and efficient

    Diane Kahn
  • I have used the Wirenut a few times and have requested the same technicians. These two guys always go above and beyond to bring me comfort in my home in whatever I need electrically. They make a great team and I am always happy to have them in my home.

    Kathleen Akins
  • The electrical work that I wanted done was done neatly and the tech was professional and polite.

    Donald Zalk
  • The service electrician was very knowledgeable and professional. He told me exactly what needed to be done and he did it in record time.

    Sherry Toepfer
  • The electrician was a professional and experienced electrician. The work was done in a timely manner and I am very pleased with the results.

    Helen Mount
  • Josh was truly outstanding in every way. Friendly, professional and explained everything clearly.

    Larry McDaniel
  • Great service - will recommend to friends. Get more techs like Tony!

    Michael Chambers
  • The Wirenut did a good job at our house. Ian was courteous, professional and personable. Answered any questions that we had.

    David Heckart
  • Awesome experience. Estevan was the tech. He called me twice on the way to my house so I knew when he would be there. Friendly, fixed the issue quickly and cleaned everything up.

    Craig Julien
  • The technician was very professional and thorough on the work he did for me. I appreciated the patience and willingness to help me understand specific concerns with my biggest investment. They really cared about my concerns and made sure everything was just right with the electrical project.

    Stacy Carrasco
  • Brendon hit the deck running when he arrived at my house. He quickly understood the electrical tasks I had in mind and described the options for service levels. With the price agreed upon, he went straight to work. First he removed a busted ceiling fan, assembled a new fan and reinstalled it. Next he completed a behind the wall wiring for a flat screen tv and installed everything.

    Robert Orton
  • The Wirenut staff called me in advance of the appointment to let me know the electrician was on his way. He was knowledgeable and friendly. He was very thorough in locating and resolving the cause of the electrical issue.

    David Beeman
  • The service electrician was very knowledgeable and explained everything in detail to me. He worked with me to get my needs met in a timely manner.

    Jerry Gamble
  • The service electrician was great to work with. He was professional, friendly and courteous. He worked hard on rewiring the house, which seemed to be a very difficult task. I like how he took the time to review what he was doing and what I might need completed in the future. I am very happy with the work that was done.

    Elaine Poplstein
  • It was great to be able to get a same day appointment. The tech called prior to arrival and was very prompt. He explained the issues well and quickly finished his work. He suggested, and did not push, improvements for the future.

    Linda C.
  • I have used this company a few times and this this they did a great job again. I wanted this specific electrician again, because of what he did last year for the floor heating system. He explained in detail to me about the outlets.

    Richard W.
  • They wowed me with the quick availability I had in a crisis situation. Brandon was very knowledgeable and eager to answer questions. He was pleasant to have around the house while performing the work my house needed to be safe.

    Angela R.
  • The two technicians showed up when expected and let me know what to expect from the job. I was happy with the professionalism and attention to detail. They answered my questions with a confidence and understanding that gave me confidence. I am happy to have such a fast, reliable service such as this company.

    Chris Z.
  • The service man was great. He explained what he was doing clearly and was really easy to talk to. He was knowledgeable but wasn't afraid to say "I don't know', instead of making something up. He finished the job and made sure everything was working properly.

    Dan G.
  • The service electrician was very thorough on the inspection of the work to be done. It took a little bit of hunting and pecking to find the source of the problem, but he persevered and found it. Thank god it wasn't a big deal, but it took some time locating the source.

    Stephanie K.
  • The service guy was the consummate service technician. He was professional, efficient and checked out every concern I had. He even provided and extra filter after discovering the one in place was the wrong size. I wish every service company would provide such excellent customer service.

    Linda N.
  • The service electrician was awesome. He was super friendly, professional and he worked very hard replacing two water heaters and recharging my AC. Due to his quality of work and communication, I will continue to use this company.

    Kari A.
  • The electrician was personable and efficient. He did a great job explaining his approach to the work requested and did a fantastic job. I thought the price was a tad high, but the quality of work done was really good and I felt really comfortable with the electrician.

    Charise Y.
  • Paul was professional and courteous. Thanks!

    Happy Customer
  • Called ahead to inform us of arrival time. Was there as promised. Justin P very professional, knowledgeable, informative. Fixed our problem in a timely manner for a reasonable price. Would highly recommend this Company for anyone needing electrical expertise.

  • I've used Wirenut several times, Ben and Justin have been absolutely fantastic. Done everything precisely and NEATLY. Always a good working experience. Patricia in the office is FANTASTIC! What a pleasure to work with. Goes the extra distance to satisfy the customer. It takes a team in the field and in the office to make a successful business and Wirenut has landed on the perfect combination.

    Tom Blahak
  • Our experience was great start to finish... Brian and Armand did an EXCELLENT job, they were very professional, and went above and beyond to wipe down our ceiling fan while they were changing the bulbs... They went above and beyond and we will definitely call again in the future!

    Alexandra Robson
  • Steve Bane came to my house yesterday and spent most of the day catering to my whims. A free inspection of all my electrical system revealed several discrepancies that required fixing. He then installed a POWERWORKSe3 to protect my computers and appliances from power spikes and save electricity. He also installed Ethernet & CATV outlets where specified. His work was neat and clean and he acted professionally in every respect. He is a credit to his profession as well as to Wirenut. Thanks.

    Ronald Wayne
  • Justin from the Wirenut came out to replace the main electrical service unit in my home. He kept me up to date to what was taking place and answered any questions I had. He called ahead with an ETA and was on time. He was profession and courteous during the entire installation. Would recommending him to anyone.

  • Bryan did a fantastic job with some outlets that were never connected in our finished basement. Instead of causing massive drywall damage, we were able to redirect from the box and save us thousands of dollars (which was the quote from a competitor). They were quick, clean, and helped walk us through the process every step of the way. Will definitely be going to contact him again in the future.

  • Allan came to the house and within five minutes had determined my smoke detector was causing the constant beeping. The repairs to the wires I had inadvertently cut were taken care of. I would recommend Allan as a knowledgeable and proficient electrician.

    Chuck West
  • Justin Medina installed a new breaker panel at my house. He did an excellent job, was very professional and easy to work with. 🙂

    Sharon Turner
  • Our technician was very professional and friendly. We had a similar problem about 6 months ago and he reviewed the problem made some corrections and covered the repair under your warrantee. Pablo was very helpful delightful and handled our problem.

    Jim Lee Wolfe
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