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The Sod Guy prides itself on providing the finest Custom blend of sod at the best price with the best customer service. Established in 2002, Owner Kurt Hughes, started The Sod Guy to make sod more readily available at a reasonable price for the homeowner. Their sod is a blend of different seed varieties designed to do well in the Colorado climate including drought tolerance, water conservation as well as fighting off diseases.  The blend has a brilliant deep green color and is well-formulated for Colorado. The sod is sustainable for the Colorado climate. Sod is offered for pickup at their Parker, CO location or have it professionally delivered for the “Do It Yourself” customers.  Take advantage of their full installation services at competitive prices if you’re in search of a professional installation.

Call today and speak to one of the professional representatives to schedule your sod pick-up, delivery, or installation. They will help you turn your yard green!

Services Offered:

  • Fresh Cut Colorado Hybrid Sod For Pickup
  • Free On-Site Estimates
  • Professional Sod Delivery
  • Professional Sod Installation

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The Sod Guy Rating: 4.8

Adam Hansen

Jul 10, 2022
I used The Sod Guy for a full tear out, soil prep, and installation of sod in the backyard of our new house that […]

Doug Haas

Jun 03, 2023
Reasonably priced, excellent service, on-time and professionally done. For only a few hundred dollars more than the cost of the sod, they came […]


Jul 23, 2017
We had two pallets of sod delivered to our place. The delivery driver was friendly and and answered all of my care and maintenance […]

Bri B

Oct 28, 2019
What a wonderful company to work with! We purchased sod from The Sod Guy in August and installed ourselves. The grass blend is […]

Ronald E Robbins

Aug 11, 2020
I definitely recommend The Sod Guy if you need high quality and affordable sod for your yard. We just redid our backyard and the […]

43 Recommendations

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We found The Sod Guy on Team Dave Logan & had them lay our sod in April 2022. We have a very small yard, only 600sqft, but Ed & his team treated this job with all the care & attention to detail as a much larger job would have needed.

They were prompt, helpful, informative, & did an incredible job making our dirt lot a beautiful welcoming back yard. Thank you to the entire team, every dollar we spent was well worth the results!

Will update this at end of summer 2022, after first full summer of having been sodded.

Shannon G
  • My SOD Guy experience was great! I needed sod removed in prep for xeriscape. Dane was the representative and his customer service skills were awesome. Personable, clean cut and well represented. The job exceeded expectations and I will be returning for further landscaping needs.

    Mark H.
  • I am a professional landscaping contractor. We have shopped around at all the sod distribution suppliers over the past 3 years. The folks over at the Sod Guy have been great to work with, so much so that the Sod Guy is the only supplier I will use now. They have great sod. They have good customer service reps that will help you if you need it. They deliver. They practice good billing procedures. The price is really great and the quality is second to none. I'm William Walker. I own Landscapes 101 (shameless plug). And I wholeheartedly support The Sod Guy.

    William W.
  • Great place to get sod!

    Jacob C.
  • Professionals with great customer service. Didn't mind taking a few minutes to explain the process and how it works.

    Brett M.
  • Matt was quick with his email response. He gave options and other sites to look up more information. We will decide in the spring what direction to follow.

    Satisfied Consumer
  • The service was great! They installed sod for us in our front yard after we removed rock. We have used them twice now, and plan to use them again next year when we do more work in our backyard. The guys we spoke to on the phone were great! Everyone was timely and professional! Highly recommend them!

    Happy Homeowner
  • We just called for an appointment and they were very professional and honest and actually told us how to complete the sod repair we were looking to have done on our own and save about $275. I would use this company for our needs in the future as you can tell that they are not about the bottom line and worry about whats best for their clientele. Thanks for being so honest the world needs more companies like this!

    Satisfied Consumer
  • They showed up on time, removed the old sod, mixed in a good one foot thick of compost/dirt/etc., and then installed the new sod. He told me they had just cut the new sod from the farm that morning. Over 3 months later, we easily have the best looking grass on the block - thick, green, etc. I have to mow it about every 3-4 days which I don't mind because I like mowing anyway. I would definitely recommend the Sod Guy.

    Satisfied Consumer
  • Amazing! The grass is thick and green, looks perfect and natural. Professional service. I would definitely recommend The Sod Guy.

    Trisha T.
  • Had a great experience with the sod guy. Ed and company were a pleasure to work with. 2 days before my scheduled install we had the very odd May snow storm, Ed was in constant contact updating me as to when I would be rescheduled. The install crew was very nice and got the job done way faster than I would've thought. Pricing was very reasonable, I had gotten a quote from another company who was charging more than double for the exact same work.

    Jon G.
  • This is the second house that we have used The Sod Guy for sodding our backyard. I cannot say enough about the quality of the sod. Our backyards have always looked amazing. We had some pieces go bad with the heat, and they replaced them for us with no hassle. The customer service is absolutely amazing. I would recommend them to everyone I know.

    Dana G.
  • Procured about 1,700 sq foot of sod last Saturday (it's late Thursday night as I type this). The sod is beautiful and I'm so glad my yard benefited from an instant transformation. The delivery was right on time and the delivery driver was incredibly friendly and left me with directions to make sure the lawn would succeed in my yard. He quickly offloaded three pallets. About 7 hours later my backyard was finally a place my family will enjoy spending time in. Super high quality sod that was definitely cut fresh that morning. And at the price of 45C/ a square foot, it's UNBEATABLE. Will definitely use them again after we finishing laying down the area for our pit to fill out the remainder of the yard. Thanks Sod Guy!

    Charlie G.
  • These guys were good to work with. The price was good and it was an easy and fast load up.

    Jessica S.
  • I was very pleased with the process from my phone call through the installation of the sod. The price was fair. The crews were right on time and very efficient. They also cleaned the area! Great company.

    Terri H.
  • This company is amazing! They did a great job tearing out my yard, adding the compost, and laying the sod. They were very professional! I ended up miscalculating and was short the amount of sod needed. They were on top of it and got the sod out right away! I highly recommend this company!

    Melissa B.
  • Sod Guy was able to come to my home and install my sod within 2 weeks. Loved their website which gave you IMMEDIATE price quotes. They showed up on time, gave me instructions on how to water my lawn, and everything looks spectacular. I had sod placed in my yard prior to me moving in (about 2 years ago) and this sod looks remarkably better. Much healthier, much greener. I'm very pleased.

    Scott B.
  • I can't even begin to express how awesome this company is. Last summer we got multiple quotes from other companies and The Sod Guy came up with the best price by far. They came out while we were at work and we came home to a beautifully installed lawn. It held up great for the first couple of months but towards the end of the summer it began to die out despite our constant watering. We tried to bring it back this Spring but found out that the sod had never properly took to the ground and it was peeling up by the roll. My husband called to discuss and sent pictures and they generously took care of replacing it. This company is awesome and highly recommended 🙂

    Anglea J.
  • I was amazed of the speed at which the pulled the old stuff off and put the new stuff down. The crew cleaned the area up (it's a messy job!!) when they were done. Detailed care instructions were included. I highly recommend following these to a T!!! I also recommend cutting with a high blade. It stays lusher longer and will eventually use less water to maintain (did you know it takes 28 gallons per square foot a year to produce a nice lawn?) in the long run. Since our lawn was put in, I saw them do another around the corner, and it looks beautiful (as does ours). And we had a neighbor ask for their contact info, I hope they go for it! Lawn care in Colorado is hard and living in a controlled community with ridiculous standards does not make it any easier. Sod Guys knocked it out of the park.

  • We looked everywhere for a reasonable quote for new sod and installation. Sod Guy was the cheapest around and they were happy to answer all of our questions before we decided to go with them. Since the sod was installed, our lawn looks great!

    Susie H.
  • We had an exceptional experience with this company. The gave us very informative advice verbally, along with online videos and written guidelines. The delivery guy was very careful with our property. Their office crew is professional and knowledgeable. We definitely recommend them.

    Harriert L.
  • The Sod guy company is rocks! I want to say thanks for your great product amazing sod! The last labor day we planted the new sod now looks beautiful , our neighbors say that it is a great product too!! Thanks Sod guy.

    Rocio V.
  • Very helpful staff the delivery guy spent about 10 minutes giving me advice. great price, cheap delivery fee.

    Jake B.
  • Idk what the hell everyone that's written a negative review is talking about, because it was super cheap, super efficient and everyone was really nice!

    Brandon S.
  • Part of my yard had sunk and water started coming in to my house, especially with all the rain we had this year. I was referred to Matt (The Sod Guy) by a landscaper. Matt was on it and fixed it fast. He was able to raise my lawn and redirect the water away from the house. He did a fantastic job. I highly recommend him.

    Kristen C.
  • I don't feel the need to review often, but would like to let everyone know that The Sod Guy rocks! When they delivered and installed my sod, they arrived on time (actually10 minutes early), were diligent about their work and the backyard looked amazing - and it still does! I was glad they gave me good instructions so that it could get the best start possible. They made sure we were aware that we need to stay off it in the beginning, that we should keep our dogs off it too and most importantly to water, water, water. We had one small area that seemed to be having some trouble and their website gave great advice on how to test and see if it was getting as much water as the areas that were doing great - sure enough, we had an issue with one of our sprinkler heads and once we got that fixed that area started thriving. Great prices - Great customer service!

    Jewel C.
  • I had sod delivered and installed by the Sod Guy today and it looks great! They were here at the time they said they would be here and cleaned up after! We will definitely spread the word!

    Satisfied Consumer
  • We had sod delivered and installed today and we couldn't be happier! It looks great and they cleaned up well. Matt gave us instructions for watering during the heat of the summer. Looks like we are babysitting for a while!

    Angie H.
  • We just used The Sod Guy to replace the sod in our backyard. They were very easy to work with and did an excellent job. I was amazed at their prices. Very reasonable. I would definitely recommend The Sod Guy to all.

    Belinda S.
  • This company rocks!! Shaun was great. Last Memorial day my father in law went out to the sod farm to pick up a couple hundred square feet of new sod. I was told I did not need to reserve, however when he went out there they were out. He was directed to a vender to pick up. When he arrived at my house we laid the sod, unfortunately about half was brown. I contacted Sod Guys that next Tuesday and Shaun immediately responded and apologized for the inconvenience. She asked me what I wanted to do and I told here that it was already laid, I would see if it would green up. Well, It didn't. A month or so later I contacted Shaun. She sent out a crew with fresh sod and replaced the brown areas. Shaun was professional, friendly and accommodating. I would absolutely recommend this company to anyone looking for great customer service and a superior product.

    Jacob S.
  • PRETTY EASY PROCESS! We felt weird hiring a company who doesn't do on-site estimates and req'd 100% up front by credit card....but after a call with MANY QUESTIONS, Proof of Insurance & a check with the BBB, we hired them. My Hub used their online calculator to figure out the cost, and they came in $800 less than a landscaper we already knew (2,740sqft - 270 rolls of sod)! They showed up on time, worked really hard, removed old sod & rocks and used their big Rototil to mix the compost into our property. The foreman, Miguel, is quite the perfectionist. The front desk is so friendly, no question is dumb for them (believe me, I KNOW lol!), and they tell you to call if anything negative starts to happen with the grass. It's been a few weeks now, and our Kentucky Blue Grass is beautiful! Our neighbors even yell from the 2nd story of their houses telling us how awesome it looks. If we ever need new sod for the front yard, we plan to hire them again!

    Jenn S.
  • So, my wife and I bought a foreclosed house out in the burbs. Naturally, this house was a slight mess. The grass was totally dead and had to be replaced. The Sod Guy was great! I visited their website and they had thorough instructions for prep, installation and continuous care. No need to look at some random website with weird half-ass instructions. When I called and spoke with Sally to order the sod, she made sure I had prepped the area properly and had enough knowledge on how to install their product. You could tell that interaction with all employees were totally in to their sod. Even the delivery man, made tips and dropped the sod exactly where I needed it. How cool is that?

    Duane M.
  • They handle their business like professionals. Don't order a pallet unless you have a trailer or a very good suspension... it's heavier than you think.

    Kyle M.
  • Amazing service and great prices!

  • Ed and his staff at the Sod Guy are so professional and helpful! They went above and beyond their usual services to make sure we could prep our lawn as best as possible for our sod! Not only did they provide great service, they are the most affordable place to get sod in the Denver metro area. Thank you SO much!

    Jessica S.
  • Excellent customer service that is painless and efficient. Delivery driver took the extra time to forklift my sod all the way down a long alley and place it in the perfect spot. Overall, good looking sod.

    Zachary P.
  • Picked up a full pallet of sod over the weekend, and they happily split it between our two vehicles. The sod was in excellent condition and looks great. Thanks for your help!

    Jim Z.
  • Great product, really nice people. Very helpful with questions.

    Killian W.
  • Great price and great service. Very good instructions on caring for your grass after the install. Our yard looks very nice.

    Bret J.
  • The sod guy has very durable and fresh sod for your yard it’s not like going to a major retailer this grass is cut the night before and is very tolerable for transport and laying down. I highly recommend!

    Mike X.
  • Sod was fresh and healthy at a great price if you have a pick-up or large vehicle.

    Larry E.
  • I will only recommend The Sod Guy for SOD. Best price- Best service- Best Sod. I'm a DIY homeowner who has laid my own sod as well as my family's. My last pickup was still wet and they mentioned it was cut at 3am that day and only about 3 hours away. The website is also very helpful.

    Chris W.
  • I'm a high maintenance, low volume customer and these folks treat me like I'm a high-roller in the landscape business. Ed, Sherrie and everyone I've dealt with here are a joy to do business with. I wish I needed a few thousand square feet of sod. I wouldn't call anyone else.

    Chris R.
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