Why Choose Sewer Lines Only?

Sewer Lines Only is your trusted partner for sewer repair and replacement in the vibrant metro Denver area. At Sewer Lines Only, they pride themselves on embodying the principles of integrity, transparency, and exceptional service, ensuring your peace of mind and confidence in every interaction.

As a leading sewer repair and replacement company in metro Denver, they distinguish themselves by upholding the highest standards of ethics. Their commitment to ethical practices sets them apart in the industry, making them a company you can trust without reservation.

Their dedicated team of estimators and technicians sets a new standard by prioritizing education and clear communication. Rather than inundating you with technical jargon, they take the time to comprehensively explain the issues at hand, providing you with a solid understanding of your options. Their goal is to empower you to make informed decisions, free from the pressure of unnecessary upselling.

At Sewer Lines Only, their twin objectives are to be the most ethical company in the industry and to deliver unparalleled customer service. From your initial consultation, you'll experience their commitment to problem assessment, education, and customer empowerment. They firmly believe that doing what is best for you is the key to building lasting customer relationships.

Here's what else you should know about Sewer Lines Only:

  • Ethics Matter
  • Free Estimates
  • No Commission-Based Sales
  • Transparent, All-Inclusive Pricing
  • No-wait Appointments
  • Relationships Matter
  • 5-Year Transferable Warranty
  • Fully Licensed and Insured

Choose Sewer Lines Only for an unparalleled experience in sewer repair and replacement services, where ethics, transparency, and exceptional service are not just promises but the foundation of their company.

Services Offered:

  • Sewer Line Replacement
  • Trenchless Sewer Line Repair
  • Cleanout Installation
  • Tap Repairs
  • Sewer Line Installation
  • Water Line Repair and Installation
  • Sewer Line and Drain Cleaning

Google Reviews

Sewer Lines Only Rating: 5

Brad Mauvais

May 16, 2024
We just had the best service call with Murray from Sewer Lines Only. We need our drain lines checked every year to ensure no […]

Kristen Dixon

May 15, 2024
We had to get a large replacement on our main sewer line, Sewer Lines Only was courteous, timely and significantly less expensive than other […]

Ben Neivert

May 09, 2024
Sewer Lines Only did a fantastic job for us. Cameron, Sipote, Kim, and the other dispatchers I spoke with did a great job of […]

Chris Parise

Apr 03, 2024
I don't write many reviews, however dealing with Sewer lines only was a great experience for my wife and myself. It started with Jake, […]

jerry heine

May 06, 2024
Dealing with Sewer lines only has been great, from the estimate through the repair we couldn't been happier. Cameron, Murray, and Jose' all did […]

50 Recommendations

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They are very accommodating to what your needs are. Have awesome service from office to crews! I will be recommending them in the future.

Denise S.
  • Sewer Lines Only is truly a great sewer company. We had a very tight deadline for a closing on our home, and they made sure to get all repairs done before the closing. The workers were great and worked very efficiently. Wyatt and Lisa did an amazing job with communication and provided us the best service. Use this company if you are ever needing sewer work completed. Thank you again Sewer Lines Only.

    Jessica G.
  • After three other quotes from plumbing operations of all sizes, Sewer Lines Only came in with a different proposal: just fix what’s broken and scope it every year or two. At that rate, it would take 20-30 years before it cost as much as the other quotes. I’m really happy with the service and the results.

    Amanda B.
  • Sewer Lines only was by far the most professional and honest company I have worked with in long time. I had many quotes and opinions on my sewer line. They were honest and by far gave the best customer service. I highly recommend them for all sewer needs whether it be to repair, replace or clean.

    Donnell K.
  • Very professional and very nice people. Awesome company! Very smooth process, from the initial phone call to the finish. All I wanted was addressed and it looks great.

  • The staff is very professional and responsive to client concern. They inspected our sewer line clog at no cost and gave us very fair estimate of the service to be provided. Everything was described in service agreement. Dealing with contractors is usually not good experience. But sewer line is exceptional. We had great experience and I highly recommend.

    Manjula M.
  • Excellent service, fast responses, service location on time, service delivered as expected and fully satisfied. Communications are exceptional. Great to do business with them and all done as promised.

  • I appreciated how quickly and professionally the work was done. I will work with them again!

    Janeen C.
  • Fair price, great work and they stand behind their pricing. The guys who actually did the work were always on time, worked hard and very professional. Please provide a bathroom to your guys during a 5 day job.

    Eli S.
  • We had a sewer backup, scoped the line, and realized we had to replace the sewer line from the foundation of our house out to the street where it connects with the main line. We had four contractors out and went with Sewer Lines Only. They were in the middle of the road as far as pricing, but their customer service and competence were high above the rest. For such a big job, pricing was important, but competence was more important to us. From the initial appointment to putting the finishing touches on our sod, the company did a fantastic job. I would highly recommend them.

    Tom and Julie D.
  • Sewer Lines Only is a fantastic company! They showed up on time, completed the work in the exact amount of time they said they would, and their pricing was beyond fair. They were professional and friendly and I would absolutely recommend this company to anyone. They were amazing!

    Adam G.
  • Got us handled quickly and with a fair price when we moved into a new house that had a repair need. Then they were trustworthy with the repair of the lawn/sprinklers in the spring when it was finally warm enough to sod over the patch. The patch of sod took quickly too. Not only this but the company is incredibly thoughtful and got ear of us having a baby girl around the time the sod was replaced and sent us a pack of diapers! Thoughtful, thorough and trustworthy. The "three t's" you can expect from Sewer Lines Only.

    Whitman L.
  • Sewer Lines Only is amazing i had a block it turned out a telecom Co dug a cable through my sewer then calmed they had no responsibility. Sewer Lines Only not only replaced my line but helped me build a legal case they went above and beyond to help me out Thanks Again.

    Steven B.
  • Sewer Lines Only provided excellent service. Jackson was very professional, knowledgeable, diagnosed and explained the issue then solved our problem and offered a couple great tips for future prevention. We highly recommend them!

    Paulette M.
  • Very professional from the office staff to the field technicians best experience I could hope for.

    Deann P.
  • My shower drain was so slow draining and I tried all of these "magic" tricks I found to unclog it and nothing worked. Then I called Sewer Lines Only, the nicest guy came over to my house and cleared my drain in about 30 minutes and it was cheap! Now it's like brand new! I wish I had started with these guys!

    Holly J.
  • I had Sever Lines Only fix my outside sewer line, and they were fantastic. Not only were they the lowest bid I received, but they were so professional and efficient when doing their job. So when I had a problem inside my house, I immediately asked Sewer Lines Only to help. Unfortunately they are not equipped to fix the interior. They were however happy to give me a referral. Sewer Lines Only is the best group of people!

    Ellen A.
  • We had a break in our sewer line found in the home inspection. They got everything estimated, scheduled, and completed in 10 days so we could close on time. Crews were professional and the office was great to work with.

    Bill F.
  • Everyone we worked with was helpful, kind, and knowledgeable. I can't say enough about the people I worked with at Sewerlines Only!

    Su F.
  • I had never used them before and was a little leery but had a reference from a co-worker. They let me know exactly what they were going to do and when they were going to do it. I was very impressed. Loved the price too!!!

    Roxie P.
  • This process was easy and their people are professional from start to finish. I would recommend their team any time. Thank you!

    Heidi S.
  • I had such a great experience with Sewer Lines Only! They answered all my questions and really made my situation manageable. From start to finish, they took care of everything. The crew was pleasant and you can barely tell they even did any work, that's how great they are! I recommend that everyone use this honest and friendly company, you can't go wrong!

  • Jackson was punctual, professional, articulate, knowledgeable, and competent. He completed the work (sewer line cleaning) fast and with utmost care. In general, Sewer Lines Only saved me 7-10 thousand dollars, which was the quote I had received just the week prior. Another incompetent company tried to sell me on a repair or full line replacement. Sewer Lines Only was able to clear the obstruction and clean the roots present in my line for only a few hundred dollars. 5 Star, honest organization. Thanks!

  • Sewer lines only was the cheapest of 3 bids. They did the work quickly and communicated well. They also provided me with a scope showing the repair after the work was complete. Thanks!

    Scott S.
  • I cannot recommend this company highly enough! They were able to get the work done in a timely manner and left the yard in excellent condition. They also replaced the whole line for $1500 under the closest other bid I received. Excellent work!

    Lisa P.
  • I needed an inspection of the sewer line of the house my husband and I are selling based on the buyer’s inspector’s finding and I was concerned we had a very costly repair.
    Jackson came out the day I called and scoped the sewer. He was able to confirm that the issue noted by the inspector was normal and not in need of repair. He was also able to provide a letter for us to bring to the buyer.
    Thank you for your honesty and your professionalism!

    Shannon S.
  • Fantastic experience working with these guys. We had a blockage in our sewer line requiring a dig and repair. These guys were responsive, professional and got the work done quickly. Jackson especially. Definitely recommend.

    Thomas W.
  • Crew showed up on time. Worked all day and left the site looking as good as it did when they started. Lisa is a pleasure to work with.

  • We had several companies bid on our project and tell us what we needed. Sewer Lines Only was the most knowledgeable and professional we dealt with. The crew all showed up when they said they would, kept the job site clean and were always on time. When you are spending this much money on a large project, it was assuring to deal with such a competent group. I would definitely recommend them to anyone I know that needs sewer line work done.

    Lisa W.
  • Highly recommend!! Very professional, prompt, and gave excellent service! I highly recommend them!!

    Inez H.
  • I had main sewer line replaced with one of the reputed (relative) company, a decade ago. After 2 years started getting sewer backing up again. Turns out a good portion of old clay pipe was not replaced. The same company quoted another big amount to replace the remaining section, that was 5-6 years ago. More recently called another reputed company (high reviews in popular lists) for proactive cleaning, they said technician would give his assessment for free. I asked how would someone can give assessment if there are no visible signs, but they kept insisting it is free and you will see. As expected, tech couldn't give me any estimate until he puts a camera in, which of course would cost, so free quote is out the window. Having no option, I agreed, hoping it would result in either 1. cleaning with a snake or 2. hydro-jetting. However, it turns out it wasn't either, as per their assessment, it was more like replacing, and cleaning might help but not recommended.
    Having seen same tactics with other companies, I called SEWER LINES ONLY, they gave me exact price upfront, reviewed the videos I provided and told me exactly how they approach this issues and what to expect. BTW, there technique is different than most of the companies, and may be that is their competitive advantage. Anyway, Jackson showed up on time, in his personal car, with no indication if he is even from SLO, at first I got bit discourage thinking I made another bad call, but then he walked me through his machine and camera and explained me the technique, so got bit encourage. Once we started, he started explaining what he is seeing, suspense kept increasing, but at the end when he cleaned everything, it was not as bad as other company had predicted, definitely not replacing the line. I got a very clean video post cleaning showing week spots, that can be monitored and their recommendations 1-2 years out.
    I think these guys are straight forward , transparent, knowledgeable and they will set expectations exactly balanced, as the situation demands. they are a bit expensive when compared with other options, but as I learned hard way, keep trying with other options or do it right once for all.
    May that is why they just focus on Sewer Lines only!! Highly recommend them.

    Shail C.
  • The board of directors of the Black American West Museum at 3091 California Street appreciated the professional manner in which this sewer repair project was carried out. We felt that the bid for the original work, as well as the added charge for additional required work, was reasonable and fair. The crew kept me informed as the job progressed and we were completely satisfied with the end result.
    Thank you

    Steve Shepard Advisory Board
  • Sewer Lines Only replaced a section of our sewer line, and while it’s never fun to have to make those repairs, they made the process simple and painless. They were responsive in providing a proposal, and were able to explain the process clearly, and answer all of our questions. They were open to discussing their proposed fee in context of other proposals, to ensure they were competitive. The work was done when they said it would be, and when we returned home, we could hardly tell anything had been touched. We would recommend them if you're ever in need of a sewer line replacement or repair.

    Brian D.
  • These guys did a great job! I have never seen a plumbing job site left so clean. The driveway had to be torn up to replace the main line and it looked better after the dig than before. Thank you!!

    Karla T.
  • I had a fantastic experience all around. Easy to schedule, short wait time for an appointment and the technician Jackson was top notch. Which I really didn't expect from a sewer company. I have to do yearly/bi-yearly maintenance on my clay sewer lines. This will be my go-to company moving forward.

    Clayton R.
  • Couldn't have gone easier, they did everything as expected and hoped!

    Linda C.
  • I had a sewer line backflow due to some major root obstruction. I was told by other service providers that it was impossible to break through and that I needed a dual cleanout installed. The quotes I received were between $3k-$7k. When I reached out to SLO through Yelp, I was contacted right away from someone in their office, even though they were technically closed (from the hours I saw). Morgan was so responsive and she arranged for a technician to come to my home to assess the situation, and give an estimate on what the cleanout installation would cost.
    We didn't even need to get that far.
    Jackson asked if I'd like him to try another scope with their camera (for free) and see if there's a possibility that their machine could do the cleanout. Once he determined that the obstruction wasn't as bad as the others had concluded, he suggested he try to do the cleanout with their machine. He was very articulate and confident in his explanations, but not pushy at all. He was able to clear the obstruction in a short amount of time, but stayed longer to do a thorough check to make sure that there wasn't anything else of concern. Before he left, he went through some findings with me and advised that he will be sending a summary with the full recorded video to me tonight.
    After about 5+ days without being able to flush/drain anything, and numerous plumbers immediately providing me with very expensive solutions, Jackson was able to fix the issue for only $350. It seemed too good to be true, but from what I've read about SLO in other reviews, looks like this is not out of the ordinary for them.
    Morgan was so helpful and Jackson was absolutely professional. The way this was handled by SLO really seemed to be in my favor as a customer, and not as an opportunity to make a lot of money off the job. Others scared me into thinking that the only way to fix this is to pay the thousands of dollars, otherwise I'd be worse off. The integrity and good ethics SLO used when doing business showed through, and I will be using them for future situations like this.

    Happy Homeowner
  • Amazing company the finest I've worked with!!! They are so efficient, prompt, and a delight to work with including the office staff. You can't beat their prices!!!

    Vicky K.
  • What you can't see can hurt you!! Especially if what you can see is water all over the basement floor and don't know why. Jimmy to the rescue. He arrived at our house right on time, and called when he was about 20 minutes out to let us know. Using clean, state of the art equipment, Jimmy not only found our issue, but provided us with an easy to understand explanation of the cause, and most importantly, a choice of solutions. He is truly an asset to the company,, and the industry. So glad we chose Sewer Lines Only.

    Raymond C.
  • I do not hesitate to recommend Sewer Lines Only. I had a great experience and will be coming to them again in the future. They are very communicative, offer great pricing, and do great work! We were told by another sewer company that our only option was to dig in order to fix a problem in the line. Sewer Lines Only was able to clean out a blockage with their new chain knocker system technology. No digging! 10/10. Thanks again!!

    Kenedy K.
  • After getting bids from several companies we decided to give Sewer Lines Only our business. This was due to several factors, their techs who came out to inspect were extremely helpful and explained in great detail the process. Our house sits on a hill over the street so it was challenging. Their service was great and they took care to restore our property to the same condition. Their people were friendly, helpful, and most of all professional. I do not hesitate to recommend them.

    Denise S.
  • As a Realtor, Sewer Lines Only is my new go-to vendor for sewer repairs. They were extremely knowledgeable, have all the latest tech, and work with a high level of integrity. They actually did extra work for no charge just to ensure the job was done correctly. Wow!

    Kathy S.
  • I had concerns about my main sewer line and potential roots hindering flow. Jimmy came out and explained everything about cast iron and clay pipes and what is "normal" versus "a problem". He did a camera inspection of the entire sewer line and had me watch with him. He explained every anomaly along the route and provided helpful recommendations for ensuring a healthy line. Ultimately, he concluded that I did not need a sewer line replacement, which was excellent news! I highly recommend Sewer Lines Only - and specifically Jimmy!

  • Great communication, answered all questions, on time for scheduled repair, and completed in one day. They made it very easy on our end. No complaints here!

    Elizabeth F.
  • I would like to first say that you should always get more than one opinion before accepting a conclusion about your sewer problem. Here's why.
    I had a company come out to rooter my main line due to a small backup in my basement drain. They cleared the line and I had a camera run to try to find the underlying problem. It seemed as though I did have a bit of a small root problem, but the tech told me that my cast iron pipes under my foundation were rotting away pretty much the whole length of my house. That is a costly statement!!! Looking at the camera pics, it did look like there was a deep "groove/jagged crack" look to the image. My next door neighbor had just bought his house and they had no such problem therefore I had a hard time believing this deterioration was taking place. I called several companies to take a look, and they all said the same thing. The bids coming in to dig up and replace the pipe were in the 6 digits so I continued to seek more opinions. I called Sewer Lines only by chance, due to I did not want people who did not specialize in this field working on my problem. Ian from Sewer Lines Only suggested that I might not even have a cracked or broken pipe and did not understand how that conclusion could even be made without a proper cleaning that they could provide. That made sense to me so he scheduled Jackson, one of their fine young techs to do a cleaning with a chain knocker device to knock off scale and other build up over forty years old. To make a crazy and stress full story short, Ian's idea to properly clean and assess the problem led to I did not have cracked pipes at all. THIS GUY ROCKS!!! I was looking at crazy amount of money and headaches and all I needed was a good cleaning.

    Bruce C.
  • I can’t recommend Sewer Lines Only enough. Very professional, very thorough and very impressed! From Lisa, Morgan in the office to Jackson. These guys were great. Jackson showed up on time, did great job on sewer line cleaning, the buyers were very happy. Thank you Lisa, Morgan, Jackson! Great service! Highly recommended!

    Crystal N.
  • Fast and efficient. Excellent work.

    Juan G.
  • I've worked in the real estate industry for almost 19 years now and I can't remember the last time I was this impressed with a sewer line installation company. The field crew leader was very communicative and working with Lisa in the office made it super easy. My clients were very pleased as was the property buyer. I highly recommend working with this company.

    Lance S.
  • We were nervous about getting our sewer line replaced as we have had some bad experiences with smaller jobs. These guys were great! They showed up on time, did exactly what they said they would, and finished on time! I would definitely recommend them!!

    Kiera H.
  • Sewer lines only came out and repaired our sewer lines. They were reliable, dependable, friendly, reasonably priced, got our job done in a very timely manner. I would recommend him without reservation.

    Lisa H.
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