Mold can grow undetected and cause a plethora of both structural and health issues. When you have TOXIC MOLD or high levels of any mold, the priority of Pure Maintenance of Colorado is the same as yours, a safe and healthy home or business.

Often Pure Maintenance can avoid messy demolition with their patent-protected dry fog technology and a patented two-step chemical remediation process. Pure Maintenance of Colorado uses this in conjunction with IICRC S520 standard remediation protocols to restore your property to a normal indoor fungal ecology.

The InstaPURE process kills and denatures existing microbial threats to your health, and the EverPURE process helps protect your home and business from future microbial growth.

Pure Maintenance of Colorado’s patented two step remediation process is as follows:   

STEP 1: InstaPURE*

This dry fog process, comprised primarily of peroxyacetic acid and hydrogen peroxide in a dry fog / vapor form, sterilizes the air and any surface it touches without damaging your belongings. The chemical used is registered with the USEPA as a sterilant and disinfectant, which kills and denatures mold, bacteria, other fungi, and their spores. By unwinding the protein strands in the cell walls and turning the mold spore into inert matter, you can rest assured knowing your home or business is free of harmful mold. InstaPURE is also used in schools, churches, daycares, gyms, and automobiles. This fog leaves no harmful byproducts or residues.


This fog process deploys an antimicrobial compound that is designed to attract and break down any new microbials, inhibiting future mold growth. The EverPURE process provides 90 days of protection once applied. The microscopic barrier created by EverPURE leaves no visible or tangible residue, but sits on your keyboards, walls, doorknobs, and every other hard surface silently awaiting the next microorganism to come within its magnetic reach.

*The chemical compounds for InstaPURE and EverPURE are EPA-registered for use in all 50 US states in any building type and Doctor / Functional Medicine recommended across the country.

If you suspect mold growth in your home or workplace, let Pure Maintenance of Colorado know. They will complete a free mold inspection and form a plan to eliminate any mold found. Call today!

Services Offered:

  • Residential and Commercial
  • Mold Remediation
  • Mold Inspections - Complimentary Remediation Estimates
  • Mold Testing - $75-140 / Sample Depending on Method
  • Odor Removal
  • Bacteria Protection

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50 Recommendations

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This company is top-notch! Jarrett was the professional who came to my home. He is extremely knowledgeable, patient with all my questions, explained every step and the importance, polite, funny and meticulous in completing the entire process. Importantly, they communicated ALL the time - arrival times, follow-up, etc. - very impressive.

Susan W.
  • Jarrett was friendly, hard working and an excellent communicator. A leak in the roof lead to mold in the attic. He assessed the situation quickly and took care of the problem in a timely manner. Thankfully we caught the problem early and definitely feel that we made the right call with Pure Maintenance.

    Patricia J.
  • Fit me in right away even though they were very busy, he came over after hours. Spoke to a 3rd party on our behalf, to explain procedures and results. They were great!

    Jennifer A.
  • Ryan was amazing at corresponding, quick, timely, cordial. Listened to issues even budget.

    Sonal P.
  • He came in and did a test and more honest enough to tell us what the air quality was good and that we didn t need his services. Based on that I can say that you re dealing with that honest company and that you can trust what they say

    David K.
  • They are very busy, so schedule ahead of time. they work very hard to meet schedule needs though.

    Joanne K.
  • This company provides excellent customer service and delivered exactly as they said they would. The direct representative doing the work was professional, knowledgeable and personable. His presentation was enhanced by an outstanding back office support team. Great company!

    Colleen C.
  • Since I didn't have a severe mold problem, Ryan suggested I NOT do the mitigation. There were other things he suggested I do, which I feel are very appropriate to the findings. I feel he is very honest, straightforward, and doesn't waste your time or money. He seems to know his business well and I trust his opinion on things.

    Connie T.
  • Hired them to check for mold in the air of my home after ServePro came into my home and said it was complete..still had a horrible musty smell. Smell is gone after pure air came in. Thank you so much!

    Leilani R.
  • Great professional mold remediation company

    Michael T.
  • Very responsive, on time, knowledgeable and nice.

    Diane B.
  • On time, professional, honest.

    Renee S.
  • Provided good customer service.

    Markita M.
  • They did a great job. Only one thing. My husband and I are senior, over 74yrs. So our understanding is not that good. When he finished he told us to open all the windows to get the smell out, so we opened all the windows and doors, but was not suppose to open the doors. So I needed him to tell us not to open the doors. But we just needed more specific details. But other than that, they were great and would for sure recommend them.

    Eveangeline E.
  • They were professional, easy to use, and very fast.

    Chelsea S.
  • Pure maintenance was very quick to call and was able to send a tech out the same day. They were very nice and Francis was very professional. We received a quote quickly. I thought the minimum job price was a bit high since we had a very small job, but I would definitely recommend them!

    Hassie D.
  • They were great to work with overall. Ryan Taylor was very courteous and respectful as well as punctual. I would use them again in a heartbeat and I would recommend them to others. However I would in the future request a thorough breakdown of which areas are to be treated and clarification of how the cost is generally determined. There was some slight miscommunication on this but in the end Ron made sure I was completely satisfied.

    Henry M.
  • Ryan/Pure Maintenance are helpful and operate from a place of integrity, honesty, professionalism. I am highly sensitive to mold and the process worked well. It seemed to good to be true... it's true!

    Linda A.
  • Great company to work with!

    Matt M.
  • Francis was very professional and knowledgeable. He was able to explain the entire testing process. Their testing cost was the cheapest of the 3 vendors I looked at.

    Allan N.
  • The project was top notch. Not only did they consistently show up on time, but they finished the project early and were willing to reschedule the final walkthrough multiple times to accommodate our schedule. Final project turned out great!" Please provide some details about your experience in working with this business.

    Kim B.
  • Pure Maintenance was the best of all the companies because they charged for what was needed rather than a one-time charge for bundled services.

    Nick T.
  • He saved my library of books, feathers, pictures, wicker furniture. I thought I was going to lose everything and have to gut my house, but Ryan saved it all and successfully treated my whole house.
    He even let me get my furniture from my mold damaged office from storage to treat it with the rest of the house so I could save it too. He also opened all the boxes of books that I’d boxed up so the fog could treat the books.
    Ryan goes above and beyond what is expected and I’m so grateful that I didn’t have to get rid of all my possessions.

    Christina T.
  • I highly reccomend Pure Maintenance of Colorado. They have been extremely helpful. Jake Cornwell was prompt; professional and informative. Excellent customer service.

    Jennie Rose
  • I have a mold sensitivity, so I did the ERMI test for mold, and it came back high. Both Jaret and Ryan were incredibly easy to work with. I found their company on HomeAdvisor, and Ryan was the first to contact me for our mold remediation project. He understood the ERMI better than any of the other guys that called afterward, and was able to give me a treatment quote for less than half of the other companies, and his quote was for the whole home, not just the areas where we've had past water issues. Jarrett and Ryan came together to my home for the treatment and were very cordial. They answered all our questions and we felt very comfortable leaving them in our home. The treatment ended up being a little more intensive than originally planned, and they needed to take out some damaged drywall in order to provide their warranty. They called me to make sure it was okay, and they were generous enough to add it on for free. I was a little concerned afterward because my house and all our clothes smelled kind of like vinegar. I called, and they reassured me that smell would dissipate within a couple days. They were spot on, and their follow up the past couple weeks has been awesome. I highly recommend. We are glad to finally feel safe inside our home.

    Idaho M.
  • Jarrett came out to do an air test for mold in our crawl space. Setting up the appointment was easy and the time frame was between 10-11am. I received a text message confirming my appointment time and date. The day of the appointment I received a text message when Jarrett was on his way and he arrived 10 minutes early. In addition to checking our crawl space he inspected areas around the rest of our house for mold due to our HVAC system being in our crawl space. He was very polite, professional, and knowledgeable.

    Jonathon W.
  • Ryan and Pure Maintenance are great -- we were not aware of this option - and was a huge relief. Service in all ways was 5 star; assisted in finding the source of the problem/leak, etc and service was quick, painless, much less expensive/invasive and solved the problem. Highly recommend.

    Greg Sosville
  • When my basement tenant moved out last fall I discovered bubbles of black mold lurking behind the paint on the kitchen wall. Knowing that this can be a health risk to future tenants, I sought professional help.

    I got several bids to eradicate the problem. I am an architect and I know that if you see mold in one spot, you might have more mold hiding behind the surface in the next room. I chose to go with Pure Maintenance of Colorado because they had a more complete approach to the mold problem. Other bidders concentrated their work on the kitchen wall. Pure Maintenance guaranteed that the ENTIRE APARTMENT would be mold-free.

    Pure Maintenance uses a process that pushes airborne mold-killing chemicals into every nook and cranny with a pressurized pump. Ryan worked with me to get the work done so that I could get a new tenant into the apartment with minimal down time. He gave me lab reports showing that my unit is now safe and mold-free.

    Pure Maintenance did a great job. I would recommend their process to anyone who has mold issues.

    Diane Travis
  • From the first time I contacted Pure Maintenance of Colorado to the completion of the treatment it has been a pleasure working with them. They were thorough in their testing and worked with me to find the best solution to my problem. Ryan has been most helpful through each step of the way and the person who did the actual treatment was courteous, prompt, and professional. I highly recommend this company.

    James Adams
  • I had a great experience with pure maintenance. Jarrett was assigned for the work. after he finished with the house we had some additional questions and concerns. Jarrett took the time explaining us patiently about the mold treatment and even came back to the house the day after to make sure we are good to go. He was very professional and kind and treated our property as if it was his own!!
    I have three properties and I intend to use this company in the future if needed and recommend them to everyone I know.

  • The GREATEST service! Ryan and Jarrett were the very best to work with. They worked around our schedule and were very friendly. They went above and beyond our expectations. Thank you so much!

    Mandi Mashek
  • Thank you Darcy! We appreciate the opportunity to earn your business 🙂

    Darcy Woodham
  • I couldn't be happier!! The final results of the remediation were far and beyound what I expected. Jarrett my technician was amazing! The customer services was phenomenal, the process was straight forward and easy, no pressure, the quality and execution of service provided exceed expectations, the follow up and follow through was timely and comprehensive. Pricing was very reasonable (especially for the quality of work) and there were no hidden or extra fees. This was scary for me to begin with, but after meeting with Jarrett and having my questions answered and the process explained it put those fears to rest. I would highly recommend Pure Maintenance and would like to thank you for making a bad situation a good experience.

    Shawna Addy
  • I would call and talk to these guys first before getting tied up with inflated quotes from the other companies in the area. And they provide warranties.

    Joseph Kelley
  • Our experience with Pure Maintenance was excellent! Their customer service was great. They are effective, friendly, prompt and easy to work with. We mainly worked with Jarrett. He really made the effort to make sure we were taken care of. Jarrett listened and had answers to all of our concerns/questions he was a ton of help! I would highly recommend their services.

  • Very nice representative and considering person.

    Dorothy Warmack
  • Pure Maintenance was terrific in all aspects. Both Jarrett and Francis were very professional and inspected and identified potential problem areas in our facility and eradicated the issues we had identified. They kept me informed as to progress and went the extra mile to make sure they had taken care of everything.

    Mike Tudor
  • Ryan and his crew are hard workers and provided an excellent service. We would happily recommend and use them again. Thanks.

    Nick Williams
  • Jake was very good and answered all my questions. He did a great job on the house.

    Carolyn Goodwin
  • No-one wants to get a confirmation of mold in their home but Pure Maintenance did a great job of mitigating the nightmare. I would highly recommend them.

    Rebecca Perry
  • Cassie and Frances was very professional and helpful. Frances came out and did a great job. And even helped us out with doing the basement on another day and that way we were able to get the whole house done.

    Even Ellington
  • Pure maintenance responded to my request quickly Brian was very professional. I needed a little more done outside of pure maintenance usual work. Ryan was able to direct me to someone who could help me.

  • Francis was extremely professional and on time.

    Stephanie Forbes
  • Francis was amazing. We are so thankful for everything he came and did, and all the info he gave us!

    Tiffany Cooper
  • Ryan and Francis were both great.

    Ryan did the initial inspection and was so thorough at checking everywhere for moisture. He was also willing to talk me through the whole treatment process and put me at ease with making a decision that was best for me. I ultimately chose Pure Maintenance over a competitor because of this.

    Francis was very punctual and friendly. He checked in with me throughout the day to let me know the progress of the place. He also reassured me that everything was taken care of, and that made me feel even better about my decision.

    Thank you all for making this process so smooth!

    Gracie Metzger
  • Francis & Casey were both informative & professional. They are thorough, honest, efficient. Thank you so much for testing my apartment! I was able to receive information which i showed my doctor for clinical reasons. That, plus terrible symptoms led to a positive lupus diagnosis *after being in severe pain after moving out* I spent a day at the hospital after severe pain, immobility, & inflammation. I was negative for Lupus last year. Although there's No exact "what ifs" w/mold exposure, we will continue to figure out how to heal since our move. My little ones undergo more testing w/their doctors soon. Thank you guys for doing such quick & seamless testing in the 2 rooms. Since 2 of my children and I have had similar inflammatory reactions over the last couple of years, we really needed some answers(on the mold types perspective). Also, My 9 year olds bus driver saw me this morning and said "thank goodness you guys are out of that place, you became so sick all the time." Our personal experiences and reactions are just our own & I know that not everyone has health problems from mold, or becomes allergic. Pure maintenance performed testing and information about the results. A lab processed those results. I am very impressed with their availability, their qiuick results, and their fair perspective as its not one sided. I highly recommend them to ANYONE w/a mold concern or issue for testing. *Or for sterilization which I still have yet to do, but I'm sure they are 100% as efficient w/this process as well. Casey was very informative about this process. Thank you Francis for such a quick response!

    Angela ODonnell
  • Very professional team. On time. Explain things clearly. Highly recommended for all mold treatments and assessment.

    Jimmie Mcneal
  • I called Pure because I had a water leakage under my kitchen sink resulting in some black staining. They told me they would come to my home and inspect the situation. Their very professional technician arrived as scheduled and checked out the situation. He informed me I did not need their services and told me two things for me to do. He then thanked me for using their service and informed me there would be no charge for the inspection. I must say I was impressed with this company and if I have a situation arise where I need the services they provide I’ll immediately be calling them.

    Ronald Horn
  • The staff was very respectful of my home. He wa on time and answered all my questions. Very nice young man. He called as he stated when was done. I recommend this company.

    Renee Dun
  • Ryan was very professional and knowledgeable, as well as friendly. He was even great with our dogs! He was respectful of our home and took the time to explain everything. Thanks Ryan!

    Stacy Phillips
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