You live in Colorado; your car is going to get hit many times by hail. GotHail.CO can fix any damage to your vehicle, no matter how severe, making your car perfect without cutting off your roof or replacing panels. They protect the original integrity of your vehicle.

Serving Denver for over 25 years, GotHail.CO has the number 1 ranked technicians in the entire world. Their award-winning techs are sought after around the globe. Their sales staff is salaried not commission, so you know you will get just what you need.

With the largest repair center in Colorado, they use state of the art technology, have fast turnaround times and offer a lifetime warranty on repairs. They handle the insurance process from start to finish, with zero out of pocket guaranteed.

A Hertz preferred partner, GotHail.CO's facility has inside and outdoor secured parking and video surveillance. Their 5 levels of quality control give you peace of mind that your vehicle is being repaired properly. They do a full electrical scan of your vehicle before and after repairs, and minor door dings or dents not caused by hail are removed free of cost during your repair. You can experience constant communication and updates from start to finish of your repair.

Call GotHail.CO today and experience the difference for yourself!

Services Offered:

  • Storm Damage Automotive Repair
  • Automotive Paintless Dent Repair
  • Insurance Claim Specialization
  • Lifetime Warranty on PDR Repairs

Google Reviews

LR Contracting Inc. Rating: 4.8

BT Studios

Oct 26, 2022
It was a pleasure working with this company. Adam came out and helped me get my roof covered through insurance. He explained the entire […]

Dave Fish

Mar 29, 2021
LR Contracting helped me fight our insurance company and win! Twice our claim for a new roof due to hail damage was denied. Pilot […]

Lakshmi Maredla

Apr 02, 2022
Angel, Irving, Derek were very professional and personable. They were fixing all the neighborhood roofs and conducted their business in timely and professional manner. […]

Dianne Seldin

Nov 01, 2022
It was a pleasure working with Adam and the LR team. They made the roof replacement an easy project. […]

Bob Schumacher

Nov 10, 2021
These people are absolutely fantastic to work with. We needed a new roof, and their entire process from inspection to completion was smooth and […]

50 Recommendations

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Overall excellent experience from the beginning. Obviously when someone comes to your door it can be a hassle. Well he was great and everything he promised was true. They dealt with the insurance company from minute one. The quality of work was fantastic. Very professional and engaging Team. Would recommend to anyone.

Brandon K.
  • Got Hail.CO employees were polite and on the top of their game during all our interactions. The truck came back looking very good. I would take my vehicles back to them the next time a hail storm comes through Colorado.

    Joseph M.
  • Great work, went above and beyond during COVID to make the process quick and painless. Everything turned out perfect and they were a pleasure to work with.

    Gabe S.
  • Fast and professional. Did everything they said they would. Will use them again!

    Russell G.
  • Very curious and honest. Service before and after is paramount. Josh has the integrity that most envy. Thank you for your respect..

    Steven, Cheyenne WY
  • Excellent 5 star service!!! From filing the claim for me with my insurance right there in my driveway, to providing a rental car to handling all paperwork. Got Hail treated me like I was their only client and made sure I was happy at every step. Their communication at every step was excellent. I HIGHLY recommend them for hail repair!!

    Robert A.
  • GotHail fixed the hail damage on our truck, jeep and my son’s car. They provide top notch service and really helped all of through the process and made it very easy. They did an excellent job. I highly recommend their services! They are awesome.

    Dave P.
  • Great service and professional personnel! The hail damage to my truck is non existent. The process was fast, thorough, and seamless from they picked up and dropped off my truck. Highly recommend them for future use for all services they provide.

    Caleb S.
  • If I could give 10 stars, I would. The whole process from beginning to end was handled perfectly. They exceeded my expectations in every, single way. Everyone that was part of the team was super kind and professional. My car was almost unrecognizable when I got it back. Its a mountain car so it was pretty beat up. They fixed scratches and dents that I didn't even know I had and even cleaned the INSIDE before I got it back!! This company is first rate and I would recommend them to anyone. You won't be disappointed. Thank you to Rhonda, Andrew, (Sorry if I got your name wrong) and everyone else that helped fix up my ride!!! You guys Rule!!

    Eric G.
  • I can't get over how top notch this place was. Would give 10 stars if I could. You will not find someone more picky than me with my cars. I am absolutely crazy about my 2016 Subaru WRX. Car has never been to a car wash, and had been carefully hand washed with only microfiber sponges and rags very carefully since brand new. 5 year old car with almost non existent swirl marks cars that age should have. So I was extremely worried about who I would bring the car to as I did not want body work done and to have to worry about paint blending. Josh knocked on my door as well as other competitors and at first I really didn't want to be bothered but he really impressed me with his knowledge and really went above and beyond to really listen to my concerns. He looked the car over and assured me all could be fixed with NO body work or paint. Assured me they would hand wash it my way and treat the car the way I do. I really got a great vibe from Josh that he really does get it about customer service rather than just being a salesman.

    Setting up the process was so easy. Rhonda is who you will primarily deal with once you move forward. Rhonda is absolutely the best! So professional and accommodating! An absolute pleasure to deal with. I brought my car to them. She had the rental all set up for me and than took me over to get it picked up. They handled everything with my insurance. Once again just like Josh, Rhonda took very special care to handle my car how I would like, being that I am admittedly over the top about it. She took my concerns seriously and truly cared about the customer. I was kept in the loop through out the entire process.

    The day of pickup I was literally stunned how good my car looked. Was fully detailed with no signs of hale damage. And believe me I looked. If there was the smallest ding I would have found it. My car looked brand new. The girls in the office were great and a pleasure to deal with as well. I was honestly worried about trusting a new place with car. And while some competitors that knocked on my door had more reviews, Josh made it easy to stay the course and give them a try. Don't worry about a thing with these guys, I've never been in such good hands before with something I'm so picky about. I am just really blown away with this place! Thank you to the whole Got Hail team!!!

    Shaun E.
  • Got Hail.co repaired my hail damage and did a fantastic job! Very professional and friendly. Highly recommend!

    Elizabeth E.
  • This company did an amazing job on my 2020 Ram. Several thousand dollars worth of hail damage and they took care of getting me a rental car and most importantly they covered my deductible. Will use them again when we get storms in the future.

    Gerald M.
  • Perfect from start to finish. Not one bad thing to say. Easiest repair I've ever been through. Thank you. Keep doing business this way. Its hard to find.

    Nicole M.
  • The team at Got Hail was amazing in the care of my vehicle. I'll admit I'm delayed in my review, but it's because they got me back on the road for work. I'm appreciative of all their hard work and professionalism. They worked with me to allow me to not skip a beat in my work day by meeting me at the rental to take my car, and then meeting me between patients to swap out cars. Truly amazing!

    Nicole D.
  • Amazing job on my 2018 F350 hail damage. Kept their appointments & commitments. And the detailing on my truck was so good it made me feel guilty for taking it in so dirty. Definitely recommend this company.

    Dean H
  • Thank you LR Contracting. I am so pleased with the repair of all the hail damage to my Lexus. A special shout out to Rhonda for taking care of all the insurance details for me and to Tony, nice detail work! I certainly know who I will call if this should happen again. I highly recommend your company for taking care of any hail damage needs.
    Marty J.

    Marty Johnson
  • Josh and Kayla are the best I had three vehicles repaired they'All look New in side and out I would recommend that you go here for anything for your car detailing any body work especially hail damage the service is top of the line none better

    Lavern mcqueary
  • Pauline was a pleasure to work with. Her customer service skills were some of the best that I have seen, she was quick to respond to all needs I had, answer any questions that I had and even went above and beyond to make sure that I had photos of the process along the way. I would highly recommend taking your car into LR Contracting for work that needs to be done.

    Lauren S.
  • Pilot, Kayla, and Josh did a phenomenal job from start to finish on my vehicle. I was hesitant at first, being approached at my house but my biggest regret was not finding these guys sooner. They communicated with me throughout the whole process keeping me informed, and exceeded all the promises i was told. My truck was repaired in less than 2 weeks which i didn’t think was possible. All and all, I’m glad they found me! I would highly recommend having LR automotive repair your hail damaged vehicles. You will not be disappointed. Great job guys.

    Roodey B.
  • Part of why I delayed getting my truck fixed was because I didn’t want to deal with my insurance company and i didn’t have rental car coverage. But Josh and Pilot took care of me every step of the way. They paid my deductible, paid for my rental car, and now my truck looks brand new. It’s cleaner than the day I got it and the repairs were flawless. Everything i was promised was delivered. I would recommend anyone and everyone to LR Contracting automotive to get your hail damage vehicles fixed over any other company in Colorado. A+

    James J.
  • I am a widows 59 year old female. I had hail damage to my car. They fix and detailed my car. Got a rental and waived the deductible. Pauline was fantastic and stayed on top of everything and kept me informed. Only took a week. Trever did the body work and did a fantastic job. Even detailed the inside. Very respectful and did not take advantage of me. At all.
    I will and would recommend this company to anyone and everyone. Don’t have the words to say how thankful I am. Great job.

    Deborah W.
  • I recently had my badly hail damaged car repaired with LR contracting. I was hesitant to bring it to them at first because they are primarily known for roofing work, but im glad i did- they did a fantastic job. Everything they told me up front was going to happen, is what happened, including the time frame. Pauline is the one I dealt with and she was very direct, courteous, and responsive. Thanks LR!

  • From the start Pauline explained to me every step of the repairs on my Civic. I am super please with the results and the communication. Thank you, highly recommend.

    Kathryn S.
  • I have never had a better experience getting my car repaired. Caleb approached me in a parking lot of a gas station to talk to me about my hail damaged car. That sounds like something you’d avoid, but he was incredibly friendly and kind and he really sold me on the company.

    I then worked with Pauline to get my car in to be fixed, and when I say she took care of EVERYTHING, I do mean everything. They covered my deductible, the cost of a rental for 2 weeks, and they cleaned my car both in and out. The real cherry on top was the fact that Pauline literally took me, that day, to get the rental car. She took me on her own car, and paid for it on the spot. When it came time to return it, they even got me a Lyft back to them for my car. On top of that- she was so accommodating to things that were going on in my life that caused me to reschedule the original date and she went above and beyond at every step, which made the whole process 100% stress-free.

    I couldn’t recommend Pauline or LR Contracting more than I do after this experience. They are absolutely who you want on your side when hail comes.

  • LR Contracting Inc was wonderful in helping me after a hail storm. I didn’t know where to begin and they quickly took the hassle out of my hands. Pauline was amazing!!! She was courteous and respectful and always kept me in the loop with what was going on throughout the process. Highly recommended!

  • Prompt, friendly, and courteous service. They did an amazing job on my hail-damaged truck which now looks brand new again. The process was fast and hassle-free, they even hooked me up with a great rental while my truck was in the shop.

    Frank L.
  • Pauline was amazing. My car is awesome. Thank you.

    Daniel H.
  • Thanks for everything, LR did a great job on the repairs!

  • Was fast and easy.

    Stephanie B.
  • I’ve been a customer of LR Contracting for over 20 years. Recently they started fixing hail damaged vehicles. It almost sounded to good to be true. They actually paid my deductible of $1000 and got me a free rental car while they fixed my Subaru. Took a few weeks but wow what a great job. Same ole LR.

    Debbie & Judy Windhelm
  • Nicole, Thank You. I appreciate all you do and the effort, work and appreciation is not unnoticed. Thank you!

    S.S., Englewood, CO
  • When I first started in business, one of my mentors taught me how to be successful with this mantra: "Always go above and beyond that which is required of you." Adam fits that to a T. True leader, outstanding, cared about every little thing that needed to be done to my satisfaction. He is awesome! His team is awesome, and I am so glad he was my project manager. TOTAL satisfaction.

    Ronna, Denver, CO
  • My experience with Lance at LR Contracting Inc., has always been very professional. Held in the highest regards by his sub-contractors, colleagues, and well respected by his competitors.

    Corey P.
  • We were astonished at how well everything came out.

    Mr. Cohen
  • Joe has been invaluable throughout the whole experience, and we recommend him to absolutely anyone.

    Ling - Park Hill
  • We hope to be able to draw from your expertise for our next project.

  • If you want the best value for your dollar and quality work, we highly recommend that you hire LR Contracting, we’re happy we did.

  • The upgrades are top of the line. Well done. Thanks again and best of luck with all future projects.

    Albert - Cole/Whitter
  • Great job, Very professional.

    Jeff M. - Colorado Springs
  • I highly recommend LR Contracting Inc.!

    Jon - Morrison
  • Every aspect of the job was done in a quality manner. To my total Satisfaction.

    Mr. Reynolds - Morrison
  • Very clean and on time.

    Sam - Northglenn
  • Awesome work, we like how they did the job. It was quick & they cleaned up very well. It looks great! Thank you.

    L. Miller - Thornton
  • Very Professional, Excellent job. Bob Halstead was outstanding.

  • Very professional, Excellent job!

    Brad - Parker
  • Very Professional, Excellent job. Bob Halstead was outstanding!

    Glen - Arvada
  • Awesome work. We like how they did the work. It was quick & they cleaned up very well. It looks great!

    Angela - Highlands Ranch
  • Very professional, Excellent job, Outstanding!

    Glen - Arvada
  • They were extremely professional, timely and accurate in their duties. I was surprised and delighted by the quality and timely nature of their work.

    Roger - Denver
  • Went wonderful- Great to work with. VERY helpful!!!

    Melissa - Highlands Ranch
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