K-Guard Rocky Mountains is locally owned and operated by the Bain Family whose mission is to enhance the community by protecting one Colorado home at a time.

Upgrade to maintenance-free gutters and never get on a ladder again. The K-Guard Gutter System is the all-in-online gutter and cover solution. They guarantee a lifetime of clog-free living, saying goodbye to blockages forever.

What Sets K-Guard Apart?: Their patented smart reversed curve design guarantees to divert water and shed debris - including pine needles! Crafted from durable, rust-resistant materials, K-Guard gutters provide reliable protection and a polished appearance in various colors.

The K-Guard Difference: Homeowners enjoy droop-free gutters with the patented hanger system. These sturdy gutters, made from durable materials, optimize rainwater management, preventing clogs and backups for reliable protection and a polished appearance.

Why Trust K-Guard Gutters?

  • Lifetime Guarantee: K-Guard stands behind its gutters, offering a lifetime guarantee on strength and support for homes.
  • Heavy Duty Downspouts: Oversized 3 x 4 inch downspouts ensure swift rainwater displacement, reducing the risk of clogs and overflow.
  • Good for Over 23 Inches per Hour: With a full 6-inch height, K-Guard Gutters efficiently handle higher water volumes, minimizing the risk of overflow.
  • Seamless Integration: The two-piece seamless system, comprising the gutter and hood, allows easy removal and replacement in case of storm damage.
  • Safe Installation: The impressive 6-inch height of the gutters ensures efficient water flow away from roofs and foundations.


Homeowners can schedule a free estimate today at KGuardRockyMountains.com.

Services Offered:

  • K-Guard Maintenance-Free Gutter System
  • Never Get on a Ladder Again Guarantee
  • Free Detailed Estimate Appointments
  • Seamless Gutter Installation
  • Open Gutter Installation
  • Heat Cable System Installation
  • 77 Color Selections
  • Removal of Existing Gutter System
  • Transferable Lifetime Warranties
  • Financing Options Available

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K-Guard Gutters Rocky Mountains Rating: 4.8


Apr 20, 2024
The winter after we moved into our current house I noticed that when it rained or snowed, that one of the gutters leaked over […]

Janet Garner

Jan 16, 2024
These are amazing people to work with. They were kind every time I had to delay the installation (siding took longer than expected) […]

Dan Bramlage

Feb 05, 2024
I was having trouble with my gutters and roof so I gave K Guard a call and I'm glad I did. They identified […]

Samuel Voige

Jan 27, 2023
Update 01-27-2023 The heating elements work!!! We've had a few weeks to observe how the heating elements are doing and they work great! The crew […]

Robert Stuart

Mar 11, 2024
Honestly, I can’t give this more than 2 star. Jackson was great on the front end up until we signed the contract. From that […]

50 Recommendations

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Wow!!! Is all I can say. Jackson was awesome. I was looking for gutter repair and while that's not what K-Guard does (they do new installation), Jackson was soooo nice, he helped me with repairing the gutters anyway. If you want honest people, good customer, etc. this is the company you should select.

Chyna Nichole
  • We wanted heat coil installed in a problem spot on the roof of our home to stop icing. The company was responsive and provided a bid. After the materials arrived, the installation was quick and complete with no mess. We have had our first snow storm and they seem to work perfectly.

    Rick S.
  • The company has a great product with knowledgeable staff!

    Lisa B.
  • The best product for a solid price and backed by excellent service.

    Jackson B.
  • Wow what great service. Jackson and his crews of installers were amazing. No pressure like Leafguard tried to be. Highly recommend giving them a chance to earn your business."

  • Extremely pleased with the professionalism, quality and workmanship!

    Francolse S.
  • The owner, Jackson, took a very hands on approach and was on the job site several times, including follow up. He is a great guy and really cares about the home owner being informed and happy.

    Scott R.
  • Big job but they completed in one very long day. The gutters work as advertised and have solved the problem of clogged gutters forcing water onto the siding and creating areas of dampness and wood rot.

    Keith O.
  • Excellent all around.

    Deb N.
  • It is so great to find a family owned business that is customer oriented with an excellent product. I am in the process of a new build and didn't even consider anyone but K-Guard Rocky Mountains to handle my enclosed gutters,

    John K.
  • Jackson is honest, fair, and a true professional. If you need new gutters, K-Guard is the company to call.

    Gene B.
  • To stay busy during Covid19, I built a deck, and that required me to move two gutters - but we had issues with the original gutters since buying the home. So I took quotes from 4 different companies. Hands down Guard Rocky Mountains was the best. Adara was wonderful, very confident and very direct without being pushy. Jackson and Dan were great to work with on the phone and the Install Team guys were fantastic. My house through one curve ball after another with bad slopes here and there. Without fail they kept us apprised of what was what and how they were working to resolve it. The end product is phenomenal. The care and quality of fabrication and assembly is self evident - the whole gutter system looks beautiful and neat. Yes indeed I would most certainly highly recommend them.

    Dan R.
  • The representative who called on me did not try to sell me a total new gutter job. I thought I needed gutter covers, but he told me I did not and, as a result, saved me a great deal of money. I very much appreciated his honesty.

    Harriet S.
  • I added a roof over my deck and needed 22' of gutter and a two-story downspout. This, being such a small job, was not of interest to most gutter installation companies I spoke with. Jackson and K-Guard took on the job and managed to complete exactly what I needed exactly when I needed it. The workmanship is excellent and the communication top-notch. Highly recommended.

    Bill Sherrill
  • I had hired Jackson to do a job for me out in Littleton, CO. Without being able to be on the job at the time of installation I was able to trust the job to Jackson and his crew without any issues. The apartment complex gutters and downspouts went great.

    Grant Radermacher
  • Kguard did an excellent job installing our new gutter system. The guys working were very polite and worked so hard all day. I trusted Jayson and he was very knowledgeable about everything. Super experience. Thanks so much.

    Donna Sheridan
  • Friendly service!! Passionate and knowledgeable about their product. Absolutely would recommend!

    Morgan Ehtessabain
  • Wow, do these gutters look great and they work exceptionally well. Best design on the market by far.

    Travis Burch
  • Hire them, because leafs don’t leave fast enough.

    Taylor Jacobs
  • The gutters look great! Professional!!

    Gary Kim Jefferson
  • I am pleased with the job they did, but I feel they could have been more careful when removing old gutters to avoid chipping new paint. To their credit, they are coming out to repair.

    Dianna Meng
  • The process was quick the communication was good. And the gutters look great and work great on my home.

    Jamie Lee Villante
  • I had a great experience with KGuard Rocky Mountains. I had them install their KGuard leaf gutter system around my house. We had always had problems with the gutters in the past. First, the alignment was never right as the water would often spill over the gutters rather than find their way down the drain. Second, the gutters were pretty high up which made cleaning them laborious and even dangerous. Jackson was great and very professional to work with. Jackson & Brandi are an efficient team. Jackson spent a good amount of time inspecting the property, asking questions, and going over several different options. He was always prompt both in communication and appointments. The work was done on schedule and to cost. What I think really set Jackson apart from the crowd was the follow-up. He made sure that the drains worked well and even did a water test. Now I have a beautiful and functioning water gutter system. Thank you Jackson and Brandi!!

    Susan E.
  • Great product and excellent installation. Did a lot of research prior to going with KGuard; would recommend KGuard - product will definitely outperform others on the market. Jackson made sure I was completely satisfied with install of gutter system and positioning of downspouts. No pressure sales - just facts about the product.

    Norris M.
  • After seeing other companies out there, there is no doubt that this is the best product in performance and looks. This company is extremely easy to deal with and makes my life a lot easier. I don't have to worry about cleaning my gutters and the cost is less than leafguard.

  • Wonderful experience! From the sales presentation, through the installation and follow up everyone was very professional and friendly. We felt that our needs for quality work at t very solid price came first. Thanks Jackson, Dan, Vance, and the crew and Adara.

    Al T.
  • K-guard did an excellent job of installing gutters on my home. Worked with Jackson who made sure the job was done on time and done right. Amazing attention to detail and customer service. Gutters look great, highly recommend this company and product.

    Lori M.
  • Very professional installation and follow-up to check for problems. They clean up and haul away old stuff. Leaves and debris were not my biggest problem it was birds nesting in the gutters. I have a house vent over the laundry that melts snow in the winter so I had to add heat cable in that area else some big ice drapes formed it that area. It was an easy retrofit. They cost a bit more than some but are larger and very sturdy. They should solve my bird problem permanently. Easy to recommend. Color selection was large to!

    Glenn K.
  • Top notch company run by an even better family. Highly recommend!

    J Kline
  • Excellent service by crew, salesman ,and owner. Quality of materials excellent.

    Lee Everton
  • Beyond the fact that these guys are so likable....they did an great job and were so honest. I highly recommend.

    Annie Mullen
  • Kguard did an excellent job installing our new gutter system. The guys working were very polite and worked so hard all day. I trusted Jayson and he was very knowledgeable about everything. Super experience. Thanks so much.

    Donna Sheridan
  • I am very pleased with the responsiveness, workmanship, and friendly demeaner of all the staff. My gutters leaked and clogged with leaves for decades and within two weeks of calling K-Guard, all those concerns are gone. The day after the gutters were installed there was a torrential downpour. Before the installation, water would have poured over my decrepit gutters like a waterfall. The K-Guard gutters performed perfectly, and I'm very much looking forward to no more "de-leafing" the gutters in the fall.

    Paul Schuster
  • Very good quality. Good communications. Hard workers. Very satisfied.

    M. Ponti
  • After listening to Jackson describe K-Guard and it's many advantages we were sold on it. He was very knowledgeable and wanted to convey just how good his system was. The job was done in a timely manner and we were thoroughly impressed. We would definitely say "go for it" if you're "sitting on the fence". From beginning to end everything went smoothly.
    We were thoroughly sold on it and have no regrets! Thanks Jackson - for a job well done.

    Cindy Franz
  • What a great company to work with! Honest with you throughout the whole process and a great product to top it off! Very happy to recommend this company and it's owners!

    Kacie Klein
  • KGuard was professional, the crew boss came out and brought material required to complete the job and didn't charge any extra for the material or labor. The cost was almost 50% below their competition which made the decision easier to make to go with their product! I would recommend them.

    Ronald Bich
  • Great job, great price and professional service, don't hesitate to call Jackson at K Guard, the best!

    Steve Irizarry
  • Wow what great service. Jackson and his crews of installers were amazing. No pressure like Leafguard tried to be. Highly recommend giving them a chance to earn your business.

    Cindy Rivera
  • Very impressed with the product quality, great workmanship, responsive customer service, kinda expensive but well worth the money.

    Loan Vu
  • My father fell of the roof in 2014. Although he swore he'd never get on the roof again... So we had finally had enough of his clandestine attempts to clean the gutters behind our backs. Why do 80-year-old men think their bodies can perform the same as it did during the 30's??? And yes, I'll be there one day too.

    After three months of research and talking to all the other brands (gutter helmet will destroy your shake roof, leaf guard won't keep leaves from coving the mesh, and the mesh has to be cleaned every few years, and leaf guard is version 1.0 while K-guard is version 2.0 and a significant upgrade), we went with K-guard of Rocky Mountains.

    Bottom line we already knew they had the best product, but Jackson, Dan, Jeff and his team were beyond professional. They fixed everything that our old gutter guy messed up as well as some things the roofer did wrong as well as listening to my 79-year-old mother's concerns about her husband's sneaky, sneaky ways. They even returned to connect some downspouts that were not in the original quote! The product is great, but it is the people behind this product that make it five stars.

    Now I just need a security system to keep him from climbing the trees to prune the limbs.

    K-guard Rocky Mountains. Yeah, best decision I've made for my aging parents and their home

    E.D. Schleissmann
  • A wonderful experience. From the initial sales presentation through installation and follow up everything went smoothly. It was clear to us that quality product and work together with our satisfaction were top priorities. Thanks Jackson, Dan, Vance and crew, and Adara.

    Al Thompson
  • I've been thinking about leaf gutters for several years. After doing a lot of homework I selected K-Guard. I was pretty much sold when I met with Jeff, the customer consultant, but he showed me several key points I didn't find in my research. He got back to me right away with a quote, and the price was actually better than expected. The crew was out here within 10 days. They did an incredible job, considering my home is three stories with lots of strange angles. A few days later we had a big afternoon downpour. I stood out in the rain with an umbrella and watched in amazement as the K-Guard gutters did their job, even in a heavy Rocky mountain afternoon rain. I highly recommend K-Guard, from quality to price to install crews.

    Geoffrey Hope
  • Ever since I bought my home I have had to deal with cleaning out my cutters. What a pain when I did it myself. When I hired it out, 80% of the time the results were less than acceptable. I had researched and got bids from several cutter companies and found them to costly and/or poorly reviewed. Then I called K-Guard. Adara came to the house and explained the system in detail and gave me a very competitive bid. I had already done my research on the system and the company. We closed the deal. Installation was quick and easy. I would diffidently recommend.

    Fred Gartner
  • My wife and I decided we were too old to be climbing on the roof to clean our gutters, so we contacted K-Guard for an estimate. The sales person was very professional and gave us an excellent presentation and a to-the-penny estimate for replacing our old, decrepit gutters. They scheduled their installation ten days later and we couldn't be happier. The crew was prompt and did a thorough job, including cleanup. I heartily recommend this vendor.

    Jim McMaster
  • I initially worked with Jeff Lane on the sale and the communication he and the staff provided was outstanding. They made sure I knew where I was in the queue a solid estimates as to when the work would start. The work was started on time and completed very quickly. The gutters look great and match the house color perfectly.
    I am happy with the quality and am confident they will offer many years of service.
    If I could offer one bit of input I would suggest the installers use some method of fall protection. On our particular job the installer worked alone and did the majority of the work from the roof edge. We did not have an incident at my home but would hate to see such a skilled craftsman take a fall.
    I will suggest K-Guard to anyone looking to replace their existing gutter system.

    Brad Olson
  • They were very professional and my gutters are gorgeous!

    Ruth Mangus
  • Very professional and respectful crew. They performed very well, were prompt and cleaned up when finished. Having K Guard do my gutters was a very positive experience.

    Jack Moody
  • We wanted heat coil installed in a problem spot on the roof of our home to stop icing. The company was responsive and provided a bid. After the materials arrived, the installation was quick and complete with no mess. We have had our first snow storm and they seem to work perfectly.

    Rick Scanlan
  • Installed new leafless gutters. Jackson and his team did a great job installing new leafless gutters on my house. Had to have them come back to make a few minor adjustments and they were very responsive, friendly and efficient. My gutters look amazing and best of all I will not have to clean them out again. Their product is very well made and look very nice as well. I definitely recommend them for their high quality product and professionalism.

    Donnelle King
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