JBC, is a leading roofing company built on integrity and committed to delivering 100% customer satisfaction. With over two decades of experience in the roofing industry, they have established themselves as a reliable and trusted partner for all your roofing needs.

At JBC, they offer high-quality products and services that exceed industry standards. Their team of dedicated professionals are fully trained and equipped to handle any roofing project, whether it's residential or commercial. They understand the importance of a well-built and reliable roof, and they strive to provide solutions that are durable, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing.

What sets JBC apart is their unwavering commitment to integrity. They believe in transparent communication, honest pricing, and delivering on their promises. They work closely with their clients to understand their specific requirements and tailor their services accordingly. Their goal is to not only meet but exceed your expectations, ensuring that you are fully satisfied with the final result.

Whether you are in need of roof repairs, installations, maintenance, or inspections, JBC has got you covered. They utilize state-of-the-art technology and industry-leading techniques to deliver exceptional results, ensuring the longevity and reliability of your roof.
Thank you for considering JBC as your roofing partner. They look forward to the opportunity to serve you and demonstrate why they are a trusted name in the industry.

Services Offered:

  • Roof Replacement
  • Roof Repair
  • New Roof
  • Roof Certification
  • Roof Inspection
  • Gutters

50 Recommendations

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Last week I called JBC to find out details of roof warranty due to having a evaporative cooler installed on my home. The roof was installed in 2012 by JBC, I (new owner) wanted to reach out to company for any details regarding this new install of a cooler and if it will affect any warranties that may be still active toward the roof. A rep from JBC had come out to inspect the install of the cooler. He did find during a personal inspection that it would not pass city code. He than respectively gave direction to the cooler installer of how to correct the install to pass city code. For any future roof work, I would call JBC and highly recommend this company for any work.

Patrick M.
  • Only roofer I will ever recommend or use for my homes.

    Kurt Hoffman
  • Jim is honest and diligent. Highly recommended!

    Steve McDermott
  • JBC was professional in my dealings with them and did quality work at a reasonable price.

    Erika San Miguel
  • JBC has integrity to do what they say they will do for you. They are a get-r-done type company that cares about you.

    Calvin San Miguel
  • Professional well-run company. Jim is very responsive and easy to work with and they do great work.

    John Klaassen
  • They did a great job on our home. The roof looked really nice, and the quality of work was commendable. We would use them again.

    Sandy W.
  • My recent experience with JBC Roofing proved to be a great experience. Honest and easy to work with. Thanks for taking the time and caring so much.

    Ruhe Wadud
  • Jim replaced a roof at a Townhouse in Golden, Co. He made sure that the work was done right and even called back the sub-contractor to re-do the gutters. I was very satisfied.

    Jerry Hinz
  • Great experience with JBC Roofing/Gutters. They have integrity, pride of workmanship, and customer satisfaction. I highly recommend them and will use them again in the future.

    Mary Lou Jespersen
  • Great experience when we used them to replace our entire roof last fall. They also followed up promptly when we contacted them re: a couple of minor items after the initial installation. Would highly recommend them.

    Carol Davis
  • Had my roof replaced by Jim's team twice now. Each time they did an excellent job, cleaned up the site, and finished the work when they said they would. No issues!

    Robert Johnson
  • I called Jim about a clogged gutter on my second story. He came by the next day and removed the obstruction for me and wanted to charge me nothing! Great guy. A real pro! Will call him again without hesitation.

    Michael Flexter
  • Jim made several trips to meet with inspectors and adjusters. You won't find anyone more diligent in the business than he was with our project. I definitely recommend him to everyone looking.

    Gaylord Koehn
  • Jim and his crew did a great job replacing our roof, but even more importantly help us navigate through a tricky insurance process. I would highly recommend them.

    Johnathan Defez
  • My home suffered a huge amount of damage from the May hailstorm. Jim Cambron handled all of these repairs (roof, siding, gutters, garage door, screens, etc., etc.) with skill, professionalism, and honesty. He worked with my insurance and "held my hand" through the entire experience. Thanks to Jim, my home seems like it's almost brand new.

    Kathryn Emmack
  • Jim Cambron is a man of integrity and character. We called him to come and look at our roof because we had an area that we believed was leaking. Jim found the roof to be sound but gave us instructions on how to correct the problem by making a simple, and very inexpensive trip to Home Depot. Jim offered to fix it for us but explained that it was so simple that he'd hate to see us spend money on it. Who does that? Men of character. I trust JBC Roofing and would never hesitate to recommend them.

    Kelley Del Duca
  • I had my roof replaced by JBC Roofing recently and they were awesome. This was my first time going through getting a new roof and they were patient and explained everything. They also worked with my insurance company and were very up front about prices and timing. Definitely would recommend.

    Rachel Maher
  • Jim at JBC Roofing is a consummate professional. He possesses a wealth of experience in regard to roofing and how homeowners’ insurance applies to covering your damaged roof. I highly recommend Jim, as I have called him to assist me and I would not hesitate calling him again.

    Kirk Smith
  • I would recommend JBC Roofing and Gutters! They did an excellent job adding new gutters to my home. I was impressed by how quickly they did the job. The owner was very friendly and answered all my questions. The quality of the gutters is evident and I think they will last a long time. Customer service is important to me, and this company provides excellent customer service.

    Lara Nimmer
  • Jim was a great guy to work with. Took his time and explained the insurance language and the schedule of the roof. Pick up every time even after the work was done. If you like the price you will be happy with everything else.

    Jordan Flasch
  • From the initial phone call while scheduling multiple companies for estimates I was impressed with Jamison’s phone etiquette and put a note to myself about it knowing I had an important decision to make!
    My first two scheduled appointments canceled, and I rescheduled! I called JBC after the second cancellation and Jamison said he could be at my home in an hour which put him about the same time as the company who canceled!
    After he examined the roof and explained in detail what to expect and gave me the price
    I had in my budget, I signed the contract and my roof was completed 7/1/19!
    Jamison made the experience painless for me a natural worrier! The roofers who came out were earlier than expected but worked hard and protected my surroundings meticulously and were courteous! Thank you all❤️

    Charlene Harris
  • Jim was a great guy to work with. Took his time and explained the insurance language and the schedule of the roof. Pick up every time even after the work was done. If you like the price you will be happy with everything else.

    Jordan Flasch
  • Absolutely fantastic work. Seamless and worry free as they took care of working with my home insurance every step of the way. The crew works very clean and did a great job. Communication was fast and addressed every one of my requests. Highly recommended company. John and Jim really made sure my roof was done to our satisfaction.

    Shawn H.
  • Jim was absolutely amazing! I recently moved to Colorado where purchasing a new home is significantly different than in California. After being here two weeks, a received a knock on my door by a roofing company. After looking at the roof, I was told my roof was badly damaged, requiring an entire new roof. I contacted Jim who came out the very next day. He looked at my roof, explained that I have a high impact roof and that no work was necessary. His honesty and integrity were refreshing!!! Based on my experience, I would ONLY trust JBC Contracting with my roof.

    Lisa C.
  • We incurred some wind and hail damage to our gutters and Jim pointed out the ones that needed to be replaced or repaired. Below a replacement gutter, we had (2) AC units. He was quick to get his team out to the job so that the air conditioning units would not get water damage. Professional team and quality product. Thanks, Jim, for doing a super job for us!

    Victoria Clayton
  • I had Jim come out and estimate some prior storm damage, as well as previous ice damage. Jim was very professional and timely, as was his crew. Once we agreed on a fair price, they came out within a week and completed the job in one day. I received some roof repairs, all new 6” bronze gutters and downspouts, and all eves, valleys, gutters and downspouts were fitted with heating cable to prevent the previous ice damming in the winter. My house and the roof and gutters look incredible! JBC has my trust, and I cannot recommend them enough!

    Chas Lloyd
  • We had some damage to internal flooring, and asked Jim to come out to do an inspection. He quickly identified a couple of issues that we could correct on our own and referred us to his gutter guy to fix a couple of issues that would be better to have professional help with. He didn't try to upsell us to something we didn't need. We really appreciated the honesty!

    Scott Owens
  • I am a Professional Engineer and Douglas County Contractor and my preferred roofer is: Jim Cambron - JBC Roofing & Gutters - Highlands Ranch. In found JBC Roofing & Gutters six years ago when my home was damaged in a hailstorm and my highly recommended roofer took an entire week to reroof my home...while in comparison JBC reroofed three other homes on my block in only one day each with the highest quality work. Three years ago, when my home was destroyed by hail again...I called Jim Cambron during the hailstorm and 8:00 AM the next morning Jim inspected my roof and seven of my neighbors' roofs...every home was reroofed in only one day with the highest quality work. In summary, Jim Cambron has now roofed both of my personal homes and I worked with his roofing crews both times repairing hail damage...and now I would never trust anyone else on my roofs. Kurt H.

    Kurt H.
  • Jim is very professional and makes things as smooth as possible for his clients. I would definitely recommend him to everyone who needs roofing and gutter services. He stands by his words when he says that he treats your property as if it were his!!

    Innovative Painting LLC
  • Great job. Fulfilled all promises.

    Ron Sconyers
  • Working with JBC Roofing has been a great experience. They run a very clean job site and are willing to keep you updated on the progress. It’s true what they say... We treat your home like it’s ours.

    Dan Payne
  • Great! After last year's May hailstorm, I called, and they worked with us and our insurance company to do a good job. There were a few things that needed to be reworked, but when the supervisor came out to look at the job, he noticed them before I even had to point them out. They came out and reworked those areas. The guy who does the "repaint job" was great to work with also. They are a good and reputable company. We also have a rental house and if anything happens to that roof, I know who we will call, "JBC roofing & Gutters".

    Jessica Cossentine
  • JBC Roofing and Gutters is one of the best businesses in Highlands Ranch. Jim Cambron is honest, dependable, knowledgeable, and an all-around stand-up guy. You will be in great, professional hands with this company.

    Lucas Frei
  • The owner was very good to work with. Contacted company to respond to finding of a home inspector as we were selling the home. JBC reviewed the finding and owner's first response was we can do what is listed but I could do the job myself for a great deal less. I indicated that the inspection required a "professional" roofer to deal with the problem. JBC came out and looked at the roof and said that no repair was required - contrary to the inspection report. The company only charged for the visit and did not do any "make work" to add to the price. The only reason that I didn't rate the company as a 5 star was that I had to contact the company a couple of times before getting a firm commit date for the work. [Part of the delay may have been because I needed the work to be completed relatively quickly and I was trying to get the work done shortly after the very large hailstorm that occurred in Denver.] I would gladly use JBC again for future work.

    Steve Otsuki
  • Jim and his crew did a great job replacing our roof, but even more importantly helped us navigate through a tricky insurance process. I would highly recommend them.

    Jonathan Defez
  • We used NBC for an issue with our swamp cooler. It had leaked due to what we learned was an incorrect installation. Had no luck before working with NBC in finding anyone who was willing to work on the swamp cooler itself on our own. These guys not only fixed the roof but coordinated the work on the swamp cooler acting like the general contractor of sorts. Great work! Now I need some gutter work done and wouldn't go to anyone else.

    Darius Elder
  • Jim replaced a roof at a Townhouse in Golden, Co. He made sure that the work was done right and even called back the sub-contractor to re-do the gutters. I was very satisfied.

    Jerry Hintz
  • Only roofer I will ever recommend or use for my homes.

    Kurt Hoffman
  • JBC is professional, kind and very honest!

    Kelly Escorcia
  • Great to work with... quick and friendly!

    Bryan Weemes
  • Experienced pros who are honest!

    Steve Berggren
  • Great job, thanks.

    Larry Storms
  • Five Stars

    Eric Atha
  • Highly Recommended.

    Vanessa Ferona
  • 5 Stars!

    Shauna Storrs
  • Highly Recommended!

  • Five Stars!

    Jessica Johnson
  • Very friendly and professional.

    Valan Cover
  • Five Stars!

    Happy Homeowner
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