Since its inception, Ironwood Earthcare’s core value has been trust. By staying on top of current science and industry trends, they help arm you with the information to make efficient decisions about your landscape and provide you with the finest tree, shrub, and landscape maintenance available.

Ironwood Earthcare is a firm believer in treating their customers and employees with the utmost respect. Their philosophy is based on the old adage that knowledge is power. Lead Certified Arborists and degreed foresters, Ironwood Earthcare’s team of professional arborists focuses on detail and quality with your own little piece of paradise.


Services Offered:

  • Tree Trimming
  • Tree Pruning
  • Tree Removal
  • Shrub Pruning and Shearing
  • Insect and Disease Control
  • Lawn Care

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Ironwood Earthcare Tree Trimming and Removal Rating: 4.5

Ken Posen

Dec 20, 2023
Amazing service! I had about 4 huge tree stumps that needed to be removed. Their crew showed up right on time and […]

Rick Reeves

Feb 23, 2024
I highly recommend Ironwood Earthcare! Derek was very helpful throughout the entire process and the crew was great. It was an […]

Yuriy Rakutko

Jan 08, 2024
We were fortunate to work with Ironwood Earthcare Premier Tree Care Company. We are extremely pleased with their outstanding reliability, great communication, integrity and quality […]

Gail Armstrong

Oct 02, 2023
Continued excellent experience with Ironwood Earthcare. Reliable, reasonably priced, knowledgeable and professional. Big shout out to NICK. He completed lawn care and called […]

Susan Kammerer

Aug 17, 2023
Ironwood Earthcare did a great job for us. Derek came out when he said he would and gave us an estimate for all […]

50 Recommendations

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I have used Ironwood Earthcare twice now. The first time was back in 2018 when we had three Aspen trees die in the front yard and two in the back. In 2019 our big Cottonwood tree in the back had a huge branch break due to a blizzard. We decided it was best to have the Cottonwood tree removed due to growing over our house and risking future damage. Everything said and done they came out on time. Finished the job on time and left the yard clean.

Justin Waite
  • Ironwood Earth care removed 2 trees for me. )ne was a tall blue spruce the other an Asian elm that had died. They also ground the stump and removed the spruce. roots. Asian elm was too close to a fence to grind the stump. They cleaned the area and filled the stump hole so that it was level with the ground around it. Yes I will recommend them to my friends.
    2/2/2021 This is the second time I have had Ironwood Earthcare
    do tree work for me. This time it was trimming a wildly growing crabapple tree. I t was growing over my roof and was getting very hard to mow around also growing over neighbors fence. Th techs trimmed it back from Roof and fences, the tree looks great and the clean up was great. The techs were very professional and friendly. I would definitely refer them to my friends.

    Phillip Gerberich
  • I have used Ironwood before and had them back today. They are terrific. They helped me move a heavy object out of their way before they started. To get my tree down, the got debris on my neighbor’s deck and patio. First thing they did after the tree came down was clean off my neighbors deck and patio. Wow. Then the cleared away all my debris. If I no longer had a tree on my patio, I would not have known they were here. HIGHLY recommend.

    Mary Kowal
  • There were 3 men who worked to trim our tree. (John Q., John S. and Jr.)
    They arrived mid day, when they said they would, worked efficiently, were very friendly, and did a great job. Our tree looks wonderful.
    Thank you, Ironwood!

    Karla Horowitz
  • The crew at Ironwood was amazing to work with. From the moment we ask for an estimate to the final cleanup, they were great. The crew that came to our home to trim up our huge tree was professional, kind and knowledgeable. They even took time to explain their equipment and talk with our 3 yr old who was thrilled. Thanks so much.

    Jason Kotas
  • Ironwood Earthcare is great!! Professional, friendly, tidy and overall superb service!

    Miriam Thomas
  • Had Clayton come out to assess what I need done. He explained everything and gave a price same day. Set up service, John and John came out to take down the trees, they were great, professional, and completed job and cleaned up yard. Lastly Ramsey and Greg came for stump removal and they did a great job too! Recommend this place for your tree needs.

    Sam Hnatiuk
  • I highly recommend Ironwood Earthcare. I spoke with the techs at the beginning of the day and let them know my concerns and what I wanted to see. They trimmed 12 trees and everyone was done right and with care. I am super satisfied with their work and will use them again for the rest of my trees!! They also cleaned up in a fantastic manner. They are personable, polite, efficient and listen to what the customer wants! Very professional job with a smile! Thanks Johnny, Ramsey, Jr. and Trevor!! You guys rock.

    Debbie Brush
  • I can't say enough about the great experience my husband and I had with Ironwood Earthcare. We had to take down our only tree and it was over 100 feet tall, damaged in the big windstorm June 6, 2020. We had several estimates. Derek was right on with all that he told us about removing the tree. He was by far the lowest bid for having the tree removed with a huge crane. I was very saddened about losing the tree and also a bit of a wreck about removing it. His crew was amazing, like dancers performing the task from start to finish. You could tell they worked well together and enjoyed their work. It was a huge undertaking, the whole neighborhood was watching. When they finished there was no sign that they were here, no damage to anything, all was clean and tidy. We'll miss our tree, thankful for a removal that was exceptionally well done. They even saved the baby squirrels in their nest. Thanks to you all and BRAVO!

    Nancy Bible
  • I have used Ironwood for tree care every few years since I moved here 11 years ago. They are definitely not the least expensive tree trimming company, but they deliver thoughtful, experienced service and they're well managed. That's worth a lot to me. We have two giant old maples on our parkway and a couple of smaller trees on our property. They did a good job of trimming the lower branches of the larger trees for more sun to our front garden, and talked with me about how I would prefer one of the smaller trees shaped. Highly recommended.

    Carol B.
  • We have used Ironwood Earthcare for several years for a yard in University Park. Lots of tree removal, foliage trimming and insect control. Last fall 2019 Ironwood recommended we deadwood our Copper Beech tree which has been struggling for years. The crew trimmed out all the dead branches and this spring the tree looks the most beautiful we have seen it in years. It is healing itself and the leaves are the prettiest copper color. We highly recommend these guys for expert advice and workmanship!

    Susan Gillan
  • I called Ironwood Earthcare to cut down and stump grind two mature honey locusts and trim a third along with stump grinding two fruit trees. Derek came out (masked) within a week and provided a quote within one hour of his visit. After a few weeks of deliberating, we decided to keep one of the honey locusts we had planned to cut down, but also to remove three more fruit trees. Derek came back to revise the quote and again provided within a few hours. When it came time to commit, we had originally decided on another company, but when I called, they shared they were out several weeks beyond what they had originally projected.
    I called Derek and explained, and his team came out after Christmas to get all the work done. The crew worked through snow and freezing temps on the day they scheduled, and even provided contingency plans if need be due to the recent weather. Stump grinder came back the next day. We are very happy with the work Ironwood Earthcare did and would recommend. We are already thinking about our next job-the trees in the front! Ha! Derek, Pat, Jonathan, Kush and all the guys on the crew were masked and professional throughout. They cleaned up a TON of branches, sticks and mulch. Thank you all for the top notch work.

    Laurie Ditterline
  • I have had Ironwood do some things for me for a few years now and each time was just fine. Now, just a couple weeks ago, I had them plant a new tree for me which replaced one that had to be taken out a couple years ago. This tree is a Sun Valley maple that I chose especially for that spot. Ironwood's crew (Jon, Chris, Paul, and Tydell) was completely wonderful. After checking and preparing the spot I'd chosen, they brought in The Tree. It's about 5 years old and has about a 2 inch trunk at the base. The root ball was wrapped and wired to prevent it falling apart prematurely. They of course removed the wire as they were planting it. They asked me to walk around it and see which side I wanted facing the house (I didn't expect that!) so they turned it a bit to the side I picked. They put in a bunch of water and worked the root ball into place. I loved watching their process. I asked a million questions and they were very friendly and pleasant in answering me. The tree was staked, they told me how to take care of it, and we were done. Afterward, at my patio door, I turned back to admire my new tree and realized it is spot-on perfect in it's placement, size, and shape. Every day I see it and am still happy. In fact, as time goes on, I'm more happy with it. -- Thank-you, thank-you, a thousand times thank-you, Ironwood Earthcare team!!!!!!

    Mary Alm
  • My family has had Ironwood take care of our trees for several years and couldn't be happier ... whether needing maintenance trimming and shaping or severe storm damage trimming and clean-up ... Ironwood is responsive, professional, competent, and operates in an honest manner. They take time to examine and evaluate the needs and health of each individual tree; if a tree does not need trimming, they let me know and suggest checking back the following year. In addition, I appreciate the fact that they prioritize their jobs, allowing them to attend to issues involving extreme danger/exposure (tree through house) prior to those of lesser importance (tree limbs down in yard or maintenance trim); when the occasion arises, they have communicated the unexpected change in a timely manner.

    Donna B.
  • The guys at Ironwood did a great job on both of the trees in our yard! They were quick and professional and stopped to make sure everything was completed to our expectations. Great job Derek and crew!

    Raymond C.
  • We have used Ironwood for years. They do an excellent job with tree maintenance - spraying for insects to trimming. They removed a 80 year old blue spruce that died with no damage to the yard. We now have an awesome flower bed because they did such a great job removing the tree and stump.

    Michael M.
  • Ironwood Earthcare cut two Siberian Elms and trimmed another Siberian Elm in my backyard. I am more than happy with the work they did.. They were very courteous and made sure that they cleaned up after they had finished. They are experts in what they do .. they made sure that nothing in the way of the trees was damaged. I will use them again to cut a big Cottonwood in my backyard.

    Christine G.
  • Very good service, scheduled an appointment (10 days), got quote, then scheduled to have it done (12 days). Granted I called during the busiest season, it was great, professional and done right. Dealt with Kelly, very helpful and professional. Highly Recommended, just keep in mind that this type of service takes time. Sure, you could pay more to get it done faster but for the price, A+.

    Jesse V.
  • Excellent service at an affordable rate. Kelly and Derek were very helpful in determining the right care for my property. I highly recommend them.

    Christa D.
  • They were true professionals. Did the job quickly and better than advertised. I will be using them again in the future.

    Oliver B.
  • Great company. Very conscientious employees.

    Barbara S.
  • The guys at Ironwood did a great job on both trees in our yard! They were quick and professional and stopped to make sure everything was completed to our expectations. Great job Derek and crew!

    Deuce D.
  • I'm very happy with their work. They took great care of our property and when finished their clean-up was great too.

    Tyler W.
  • Ironwood is the standard in their business. They are very good at what they do! They give you just what you are expecting. They are professional. They showed up on time and busted their butts all day tearing out a large cottonwood tree and ground the stumps out, and then left place looking better than before! Thank you.

    Lianna S.
  • Love the quality of service I received from this company. They just came out to remove a HUGE, dead cottonwood and a sucker tree. You can't even tell they were here. Took all debris. No sign that these trees were ever here. Other neighbors used other tree services and I always ended us with branches and debris in my yard from their work. Ironwood was impeccable with their work. Would definitely recommend them for service.

    Rebecca S .
  • Ironwood Earthcare cut two Siberian Elms and trimmed another Siberian Elm in my backyard. They came early and started right away. They were very courteous and very professional and cleaned up after they were finished. I am amazed at the job they did on the trimming ... and they cut the two Elms precisely so that anything in the way was not damaged. Chance, Andre, Robb K. and J.R. are an amazing crew and I hope to have them back for the big Cottonwood that will need to be cut down in the future.

    Krystyna G.
  • We have been using Ironwood Earthcare for a long time. They saved our ash tree from ashbores. The guys who come out are professional and the work is always good.

    Anna M.
  • I had a tree removed last January. Phone and sales people were very friendly. I'm only giving four stars because they were a tad disorganized -- they scheduled two consultation/sales appointments but never showed up for the actually tree removal appointment. I called and they quickly scheduled a second appointment, to which they did show up. The removal techs were very friendly, did a great job, and came prepared with all the equipment they would need to remove my 30-ish foot elm tree. They even arranged to have my power lines dropped with the power company. They did break one of my sprinkler heads, but rather than hiding it, they showed me the damage and offered to pay for repairs. I really appreciated that gesture; it demonstrates integrity. They were also WAY under other bids I obtained for the same work. All-in-all, this is a good company. I would recommend their services for tree removal.

    Scott Currell
  • Treat, Protect and Maintain Trees & Shrubs. They were exceptional, professional, and quick, cleaned up, and did no damage in the area. They took down a four wide tree, very good work.

    Ryan L.
  • More knowledgeable about how to stop roots and suckers after the tree is removed than the competition. I felt very safe about a company that knew what they were doing.

    Homeowner in Aurora CO
  • Trim Trees. They did what was asked and they came in with the cheapest price.

    Homeowner in Denver CO
  • Everyone we dealt with were friendly and professional. They also had the best price.

    Lindsey Pekas
  • Best Tree Service anywhere! Ironwood Earthcare is hands down the best tree service in the Denver Metro area. Asked for two trees to be trimmed and they did that and more. They were very friendly and professional and helped me understand why my trees needed to be trimmed in the winter. They also showed up the next day to give me a bid, with proof of insurance, and took his time walking my property. I would recommend them to my grandmother.

  • Exceptional Tree and Shrub Knowledge and Care! I have used Ironwood Earthcare for over a year now and they continue to go above and beyond what would be expected. Every time they come out to perform a service they (Jimmy) look around (without being asked) to see that all the other trees and shrubs are healthy. If they aren't he makes a recommendation for treatment and if possible does it right then. Derrek and his crew came out to trim some trees as well as remove 2 very large ugly bushes. They were very professional, kind, they showed up on time, did a wonderful job and cleaned up absolutely everything. I will continue to use Ironwood Earthcare as long as I have trees, plants and grass to care for...highly recommended.

    J Frates
  • We recently used Ironwood Earthcare for removal of two large cottonwood trees that were intruding on our house and both of our neighbor’s houses. I was delighted with everything about them; from calling the friendly office staff, to scheduling and the actual job that was done. They were 100% professional and receptive to all of our needs and special requests. We specifically requested that our neighbor’s property be left untouched and clean, we were not disappointed. I cannot recommend this company enough.

  • Have worked with ironwood for over 10 years. Professional, knowledgeable, great service and locally owned! Thumbs up!

    Steve Fesch
  • Very Professional. All work completed as estimated and scheduled. I would highly recommend them!

    Sue B.
  • Ironwood Rocks. They have been maintaining my rentals for the better part of 10 years now. Always on time, always great service at a very reasonable price. Don't mess around when it comes to your trees or lawn. If you want professional results hire a professional. These guys are it.

    Realistic P.
  • I purchased a Living Social deal for two months of weed and fertilization treatments from Ironwood Earthcare. I couldn't be happier with my decision. First, dealing with the company has been seamless. From the initial call, they have been courteous and appreciative of the business. I didn't get treated any differently for purchasing the discounted e-certificate. That is fantastic because I know several businesses that use that method to drum up business and then treat you poorly because you took advantage of THEIR promo offer. Anyway, the customer service has been stellar. I got reminder calls the day before my services so that I could unlock the gates and secure my dog. They also left paper work explaining exactly what was done. Lastly, I've noticed a dramatic improvement in the appearance of my lawn. Following the first treatment it started to "green up" and weeds started to disappear. I can't wait to see how the second treatment fares. I'm happy to have found a reliable, customer service oriented lawn Care Company. I will continue to use Ironwood Earthcare for my lawn and gardening needs.

    Chelle T.
  • Fantastic job - glad I went with Ironwood! I saw the work that they had done for someone else, and decided to call. From the initial call to the finish, they delivered great customer service. Special thanks to James T, Mike, Raul, John & Richie - each one of you made Ironwood shine. If you expect friendly, quick, and professional service, I highly recommend this company!

  • Excellent service at an affordable rate. Kelly and Derek were very helpful in determining the right care for my property. I highly recommend them.

    Christa Dillon
  • Very good service, scheduled an appointment (10 days), got quote, and then scheduled to have it done (12 days). Granted I called during the busiest season, it was great, professional and done right. Dealt with Kelly, very helpful and professional. Highly recommended, just keep in mind that this type of service takes time. Sure you could pay more to get it done faster but for the price, A+. Others have had issues, like they left their car in the way. You must clear out any area for them to come, the truck is big, cone off areas night before, move cars, expect to GIVE them room to do their job as you would any utility company. Once the tree remover is in place, it's not easy to move.

    Jesse V.
  • Magnificient work to trim all the dead limbs off my Linden tree that was damaged by the Winter freeze and early snow. I can't praise them enough for the work they did to shape and help us spur new growth on that tree. So professional and will hire them again.

  • We had two huge cottonwoods trim several weeks ago. The crew did a great job. They were very safety oriented and they cleaned up after the job was done. We will definitely have them out again.

    Greg Counts
  • Can you forward a word of thanks to Derek and the crew that worked on our property. I stopped by the job to catch the crew and they were already done. Great job guys!

    Jack H.
  • Ironwood has been caring for my lawn & trees for years, and difference is amazing. My lawn has become the envy of my neighborhood! At first I started only with some weed control and now I have them do all of my yard from the lawn to the deep root feeding of my trees and shrubs in my back yard too in the fall. All of the people who have helped me out have done a wonderful job and have been wonderful to work with. I have recommended them many times already and would do so again and again.

    Alice G.
  • Wonderful crew, efficient, a pleasure to work with. Thanks so much!

  • I am crazy about Ironwood Earth Care! I have been a customer for a few months and each and every one of Ironwood team members I have met (very many!) have been gracious, professional, knowledgeable, courteous, friendly, and an absolute delight to deal with. It is obvious, too, that they all love their jobs and adore their employer. What a lovely thing to behold!
    Ironwood Earth Care dealt with great integrity, honesty, and goodness with a problem I had with a large tree. They tried to nurse the tree through a difficult illness, but in the end, the tree died, and Ironwood chopped it down and removed it at no charge to me. This is unheard of in this day and age, and I am so impressed and appreciative.
    James and Jeremy were the team who took down the tree this morning, and they were absolutely wonderful. What could have been an emotionally difficult time for me (I adored that dear tree) was made so much easier by the presence of these two fine young men. I cannot sing their praises highly enough. Many neighbors gathered around to watch them at work, and they, too, were very much impressed.
    Bless you, Ironwood! I will recommend you to everyone I know for a very long time to come. You are a terrific company with a magnificent team.

    Maggie C.
  • Thank you for your prompt and professional service. We appreciate your courteous knowledgeable help, and plan to use Ironwood for any tree care we may need in the future, as well as giving your info (along with a glowing review) to others.

  • Thank you for your continued great work and eye for detail. The last company I used did not schedule ahead when they were coming to spray. This made it impossible for my dog to be outside during the day, while I am at work.

    Alan B.
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