The mission at Hawkeye Carpet Care, est.1987 is to educate their community on how to take the absolute best care of their indoor environment.

They have committed themselves to gaining the highest level of education, giving the best possible customer service and using the safest cleaning products – ensuring your carpets and upholstery look fabulous. They pride themselves on being the only company to offer a One Year Warranty on spots and spills and creating a positive and rewarding cleaning experience. Can a carpet cleaning company be this special? They most certainly can!

Services Offered:

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Carpet Protection
  • Oriental Rugs
  • Tile & Grout Cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Air Ducts & Furnace Cleaning
  • Damage Restoration

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Hawkeye Carpet Care, est.1987 Rating: 5

Sherry Miller

Jun 28, 2024
Been using this company for many years. Paul came out today and did an excellent job! He was prompt, friendly, professional and […]

Stella Gornicki

Jul 05, 2024
We are long-time customers. They are always on-time and the tech works his fanny off. Carpets always look great afterwards. They use a wet […]

Kristin Sherman

May 03, 2024
We have worked with Hawkeye for several years and we are always so impressed and satisfied with the results and the service. Josh is […]

Marie Peacock

Jun 16, 2024
Hawkeye Carpet Care does an excellent job of cleaning my carpets, as well as my expensive Oriental rugs. They took extra special care of […]

Dave Karsh

Jun 05, 2023
I've used Hawkeye going on over 2 years now. Never been disappointed. Paul does a fantastic job, and he's extremely personable and professional. The […]

50 Recommendations

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Paul was on time, very personable, was able to remove many pet spots, and the carpet really looks good,, will defiantly use them again and highly recommend...Mike

Mike Marano
  • Hawkeye is my go to carpet cleaning service for many years and has just completed another job done professionally, timely, and with great customer care service. Highly recommend them.

    Judi Koehn
  • Amazing! My tenants recently moved out and left so many stains on the carpet I was worried that cleaning wouldn't be enough. I was so wrong. Marc did an amazing job, bringing the carpets back to looking new again. I have also used Hawkeye in my personal residence and have always been pleased. You won't go wrong with the Hawkeye Team.

    Tom W.
  • Awesome! Had my carpets cleaned today. They were able to remove stains that other companies had not been able to get out. Carpet looks brand new! Highly recommend them. Thanks Marc!

    Kim B.
  • We highly recommend Hawkeye. They came out and picked up 5 area rugs of all sizes. One rug really needed extra care. The rugs came home today and we are very pleased with the customer service and work they did on our rugs. They look brand new. You will do well to enlist their services.

    Kevin E.
  • After having my carpet cleaning done by different carpet cleaning companies, I would like to say that Hawkeye is by far the best! Very careful with furniture, super attention to spots & corners. Vacuuming before & raking after cleaning. Reasonable prices. Excellent Company!!

    Roberta E.
  • I have used Hawkeye on 3 occasions now. They are professional and made every effort to accommodate my timeline. We have two small dogs that have done "their business" on our carpets in a big way and they were able to remove all the stains and smell. They are quick and reasonably priced. After having tried many carpet cleaners, I have finally found one that will be our "go to" cleaner (did I mention I am one particular customer and our carpets are white?

    Bonnie W.
  • I have been using Hawkeye for a few years and they are fantastic. I used to rent a POS carpet cleaner King Soopers and clean my carpets myself but you know what? It pays to hire professionals that know what they are doing. They have always been prompt (I've used them several times), quote accurately, do an excellent job and are very pleasant and nice people. I'd recommend them to anyone that needs a professional carpet cleaning, you will not be disappointed.

    Mark L.
  • Punctual, thorough and reasonable.
    We were very pleased with the results of our carpet cleaning. The technician who did the work was very professional with great integrety in providing the outcome we desired. Took his time and helped move things back in to place when finished.
    Very grateful for a company who does what they advertise instead of bieng dissatisfied. Value for the $ as well!

    V in Denver
  • This is the BEST company! I have used them 3 times - twice for carpets, 3 times to have my vents and air conditioner cleaned out, and once for my couch. My daughter has terrible allergies, so it's very important to me that they do an excellent job. They did!! Her allergies were hugely improved after the first cleaning. When we moved, I had them clean all our vents and carpet for the new house as well, and it was just as awesome as the first time. They are so nice, professional, and thorough. Love love love this company!!

    Helen L.
  • I cannot say enough good things about this service and my experience with this company!
    I recently moved to Colorado using a container storage system. I have a great couch that needed cleaning before my move but I thought I'd wait until I got settled into my new place. The couch came out of the container looking as if it was dragged to my new place. I was horrified.
    I did a search online and called a few places. I decided on Hawkeye Carpet Care. They were on time, courteous and resolved a logistical problem with my apartment location with ease. The tech listened to my concerns and worked diligently to resolve them, how did that weird paint like smudge get on the bolster anyhow?. He got it all done in the estimated time and my couch looks like new!
    Everything went so smoothly and the results were great.
    Thanks again for the great work Hawkeye.

    Joe F.
  • Very pleased with the way my carpets look after using Hawkeye Carpet Care. The initial call to set up appointment was courteous, informative and I felt confident right away (also felt confidence as a member of Team Dave Logan.com!). Mark came on time, very personable, kind, informative and I felt very safe with him in my home. Results are great and the cost was very fair and worth every penny. Will definitely use this firm again.

  • We have used several different carpet cleaning services over the past twenty years in Denver, but Hawkeye is the best. Steve was professional and courteous, and in all ways knowledgeable and professional. My primary concerns were that the carpets not be overly wet, that they were not stiff to the touch when dry and that there was not 'overspray' or spotting of non-carpeted areas. Of course, I expected the carpets to be clean. Steve absolutely exceeded our expectations. We clean our carpets every two years and I will entrust that job to no other service. I unhesitatingly recommend and endorse Hawkeye Carpet Care.

  • This review is purely about their cleaning capabilities. I don't have a before/after picture but here the best way I can put it into words: When I saw the carpets after they were cleaned, I was in shock and couldn't believe it was the same carpet. I'd had the same carpet cleaned with another company before and the result didn't come close to Hawkeye. Also, the carpet is 15 years old and I thought I was going to have to replace it...but it looks brand new after this cleaning. They got all of the stains out!

    Briana G.
  • Hawkeye provided carpet stretching services for us in Oct. 2013 as we moved into a new house. The carpet stretching work was excellent even for some of the trouble spots. There was a bit of difficulty in the original quote provided for carpet cleaning, because it underestimated the amount of carpet in our new home, but we came to an equitable solution, since with two days until move in date, it wouldn't have been possible to necessarily to get additional quotes. But the end result was great once we got past the misquote and the Berber carpet looked brand new.

    Daniel L.
  • Had my entire place cleaned, carpet and tile. The actual cost was less than the quote over the phone. They were on time, professional and did a great job! My carpets and tile were pretty gross and now they look brand new. Would recommend them to anybody. Thanks!!

    Kevin Y.
  • We had our carpets cleaned today by Marc. He was early for the appt. and did an amazing job! We are planning to sell our home and the carpets look new! He even gave us 20% for being a first time customer. We will definitely use them again! Their estimate was right on and the whole experience was painless and simple.

    Laurie S.
  • Wow! Cannot say enough about this company. They were extremely easy to set up an appointment and their work is as good as it gets. Our ten year old carpet looks brand new. Hawkeye was professional and courteous. We would absolutely recommend them to all of our family and friends.

    Ed A.
  • Add another satisfied customer who found Hawkeye on Yelp to the list! It's a little harder for me to gush about carpet cleaning than say food or shopping, but here goes.
    5 stars for:
    Excellent Communication
    On Time Service
    Courtesy and Professionalism
    Speedy Cleaning
    Great Price
    We paid a little extra to be covered for 12 months (Anything we spill between now and then and can't be fixed by us will be cleaned for free by Hawkeye) and won't hesitate to call(for the above mentioned reasons) in the future as need be. Don't think twice....call Hawkeye if your carpet needs a clean! You will be writing the next good review!

    Erin M.
  • We are planning to sell our house in a few months and needed to know if a few carpets would need replacing or if the damage was just surface. We have a home carpet cleaner for small messes, but a few stains have been impossible to remove. Hawkeye were right on-time, re-measured our space (I had overestimated on our square footage) so we would have an accurate cost BEFORE they started, and then got to work. Unknown stains that we haven't been even penetrated by our home cleaner are gone, and high traffic areas are only visible because of carpet padding damage, not because of dirt. A few areas needed additional work, so Hawkeye stayed for a extra time to make sure the areas got clean.
    With kids, dogs, and everyday wear-and-tear the carpets have seen better days, but now we know that we won't need to replace the carpets before we sell. We've used other carpet companies whose results were not as impressive. Hawkeye exceeded our expectations.

    Kaja S.
  • Have used Hawkeye two times and top notch every time. They go over everything with you before starting and fantastic job. Will continue to use them.

    John L.
  • I read reviews of many companies, I called a few companies to ask questions about different processes companies use in cleaning. Hawkeye, from my first contact by phone through the end of the cleaning and afterwards, was professional without pressure to use their service. They answered all my questions and the cleaning & extraction process was done as described. Marc was focused on the job at hand, attentive to details (my dogs had stained my carpet beyond recognition in several spots) and was very thorough. This was all done for a very reasonable flat fee without add-on service charges for pet stains, etc! So many other companies sell and pressure you for services that should just be included in a great carpet clean! I highly recommend Hawkeye!!!!

    Katie K.
  • The technician arrived on time, gave me an estimate on the spot and completed the work within the designated time frame. He cleaned the stairs and the couch and both looked great when he was done with them. I would certainly recommend Hawkeye to a friend and will use them again.

    Jennifer R.
  • Carpets look brand new!! Worth every penny!
    Anna, who took our appointment over the phone was so pleasant and explained everything in detail. Marc the carpet cleaning tech who came to our home was as nice as could be and did the most detailed job ever, even brushing out the carpets after they were done. We are moving and I think our new homeowners will be thrilled with what looks like brand new carpeting! Marc was early for our appointment and spent a good amount of time cleaning the rugs. They measure the square footage of the carpeting in order to give you an accurate price. I way over estimated the square footage. So this was a huge plus. Worth every cent extra for their attention to detail, friendliness, and amazing customer service. New customers get 20% off too! Which we did. Thank you very much the house looks awesome! Take care

    Lisa H.
  • I don't give many 5-stars but Hawkeye deserves it. The quality of their workmanship and their professionalism is unparalleled. I used them to clean and stretch my carpets in my Thornton house and they did such an awesome job that the carpet looked new like it was just installed. I just used them again, about a year later, on my Golden house and they did another amazing job. Keep up the good work Hawkeye.

    Ed W.
  • Another 5 star rating for Hawkeye. I decided to use this business strictly based off of the yelp reviews & I am pleased to say it worked. I called for an over the phone quote & got exactly what I was looking for, great customer service & a very accurate quote. Marc showed up on time & quickly got to work measuring to give me my exact price before starting. You have to visit their website and watch the video to see the different process used by Hawkeye to clean your carpets.
    Marc also explained how the process takes a little bit longer but it gets the job done better than other techniques and man did it. I had a stain that I couldn't get out for years that is now gone and are carpets and stairs look better than ever.

    John R.
  • After seeing the horrid reviews of so many other companies I researched, I'm more than happy I found Hawkeye. I have to thank my fellow Yelpers for the accurate feedback left before me as it made my decision pretty easy and I am very grateful for that. Scheduling was a snap. They had an opening less than a week after calling which fit perfectly with my needs. Timeliness was as good as you could hope. My window was 1 to 2 and the technician arrived at 1:15. The work did take a bit longer than Marc or I had planned, but that seems due to a miscommunication with the dispatcher and him, as he hadn't been warned that I needed repair work as well as cleaning. But without a complaint and with multiple apologies for it taking longer, he finished everything up and definitely did not cut any corners.
    Quality of the service is top notch. Marc was able to stretch multiple areas and get rid of some waves that had formed over the years. Took him just a bit longer than he estimated, but that was largely due to the way the original installers did things. And bonus here - they don't charge any extra when the hourly repair estimate is off. Once complete with the stretching, he went to work with the cleaning. I didn't have much hope for the area at the bottom of the stairs nor around the chair in the office, but wow. He did an awesome job. I have to assume all of the technicians are good based on the sparkling reviews across the board, but Marc did an awesome job for me and if I need cleaning services again when I get into my next house, I'm calling them back for sure.

    Travis J.
  • Excellent work and reputation. Their truck broke while they were here and he patiently updated me, called in another crew, got the old truck out and towed, and the new one in place to finish the job. I had them spot-treat several spots and do a thorough job on our stairs, which were really bad. They did an excellent job! If we weren't in a time crunch I'd hire them to do all of our carpet.
    Next time we need carpets cleaned, we'd hire them for sure.

    Tyler F.
  • Really tremendous job! I had animal stains on my carpet that were so bad that I felt I should get new carpets but couldn't afford the added expense right now so I gave Hawkeye a shot:) Steve, one of the technicians, told me he had seen worse and he and Mark proceeded to make my carpets look almost new. I couldn't believe it!! Also, a piece of Plexiglas that we had protecting some of our electronics from our 2 year old granddaughter was accidentally cracked and Steve showed up the following week with a new piece including Velcro fasteners. I will definitely recommend Hawkeye to my friends and family and will use them for all my carpet needs in the future! Thanks Guys:)

    Harlan M.
  • Great customer service and decent prices. Also a $ back guarantee and they're proactive about it. Didn't quite get the doggy smell out of my rug and per them: no charge. Seriously. Call them. They're great.

    Linda G.
  • Great experience. Came on a Saturday and did a great job. I thought our carpet was beyond hope - but it looks great.

    Doug C.
  • We recently had our carpets, some rugs and some upholstery cleaned by Hawkeye Carpet Care and let me just say this right off the bat - they are fantastic! We've had our carpets and upholstery cleaned by a few different companies over the years, including the big guys we all see advertising on television, and I've always been pleased with the results. I really didn't have any particular reason to go with someone new other than certain circumstances came up and I needed to find another company this time. Various searches and review/referral sites led me to Hawkeye so I gave them a call. They were able to get us on the schedule within the week which was great. During the job they were very professional and diligent and I was impressed with their knowledge and attention to detail. And upon completion, after seeing how clean everything is now and how wonderful it all looks and smells, we will never use anyone else. I just had no idea that things weren't getting as clean as they could be until we used Hawkeye.

    This company uses a different process than many of the other carpet/upholstery cleaning companies. Best I don't try to explain it to you; they have a great write-up about it on their website. But it truly made a huge difference. And Hawkeye definitely cares about service and customer satisfaction - making sure you are happy with the results is their number one goal. I am nothing but impressed with Hawkeye Carpet Care and very highly recommend them.

    Wendy T.
  • The best carpet cleaning experience I have ever had! I hired Hawkeye to clean two severely stained area rugs and my sofa covered in dirt from my puppy before moving and they did an exceptional job.
    They used REAL water to clean after treating and paid exceptional attention to detail. My rugs actually smell like they are brand new!! I will use them in the future and will recommend them to any and all people inquiring about a carpet/upholstery services. I have had other companies clean my carpets and was less than impressed... Hawkeye not only impressed, they completely surprised me! You will definitely not be disappointed!

    Alicia M.
  • I had my carpet cleaned today, and it looks great! It was totally worth the money spent. Great customer service too. I have two large dogs, and they are not easy on blonde carpet, but all stains were removed.

    Homeowner in Denver
  • The guys came out and took care of a carpet problem my dog created - they were fast, inexpensive, and professional. Very happy with the work. The telephone staff was also very nice when I set up my appointment. Finally, speaking of appointments, they were on time. That's huge. Definitely recommended.

    Jason L.
  • Add me to the list of extremely happy customers. We hired these guys to do a dirty, dirty job and they made our disgusting, stained microfiber sofas look brand new and also took care of our guest bedroom mattress which someone had completely destroyed (half a bottle of scotch wasn't a good idea after all).
    The mattress looks and smells new! Miracle workers. Thanks Hawkeye!

    Natalie W.
  • With two dogs, a small child, light colored carpeting, and way too much procrastination, I was skeptical that we'd ever get our carpet looking good again. Hawkeye stepped up to the challenge, and I couldn't be happier with the entire experience. Five stars for quality -- I'm thrilled that our carpet looks, feels, and smells clean once again. Five stars for customer service -- On-time, professional, friendly; an all-around great business. We plan on using Hawkeye again and highly recommend them.

    Marcy R.
  • Our tenant of 4 years recently moved out. Nice guy, but yowza the place needed a deep clean. Ok, fine, I cannot blame him completely for the state of the carpets, as I do not think they were cleaned before his arrival. Regardless, they needed help. Not only did they need a deep cleaning, they needed to be stretched and patched too. Hawkeye gets great Yelp reviews, and again, we were not let down.

    Mark (i think) arrived exactly on time and on a Sunday. He was very nice and chatting with him made the tedious task of painting the wall trim more fun (i think this is a family run biz). Instead of having his hoses on the hardwood, he brought a carpet remnant. We had a snafu with our water supply and he toiled away for a solution. He was done in two hours, the carpets were tight, repaired & sparkling and it was very affordable. We will definitely use Hawkeye to clean our wine-stained, occasional dog bathroom carpet at home and you should too!

    Dana R.
  • After 10 years of going with those companies that advertise in those free community mailings and who often advertise very low cost per room rates I decided to go with this company. We scheduled a fairly large job (about 1000 ft2) about a week before our appointment. Marc showed up about an hour early (no problem) which was fortuitous given the size of the job he had waiting for him. Excellent customer service and excellent cleaning job. The rugs are super clean. All stains are gone. There was even a large problem in the living room (a circle about 9 inches in diameter) where my wife tipped over a bottle of rubber cement a couple years ago that the other rug cleaning companies never could fix. Marc looked at it and based upon our carpet material (Berber/nylon) chose a particular cleaning agent, sprayed it on, let it soak and then ran over it with his machine (more on this later) and boy was I surprised. GONE. NO STAIN. He fixed a spot that I'd given up on as just being permanent. Again, our carpets are immaculate. The final product was also not as wet as some other companies have left it and in some rooms it was dry within a couple of hours (you can walk on it immediately which by the way, if you do so with white socks they will not discolor really indicating just how clean the carpets are).

    The machine Hawkeye uses is really hi tech. It has two handles that the operator steers around the room. Underneath are a number of circular spinning discs. I'd researched their method online before the appointment and discovered that this was the most high tech way to clean a carpet. In some areas Marc also used a traditional vacuum/soaker that other companies use as standard equipment but it was their rotating-pad-wonder machine that impressed me the most. The price was higher than other companies I'd tried in the past, but I think in this case, I got what I paid for. I won't be going back to the "special price" options in the future now that I know what a profession rug cleaning should be like. BTW, Marc also repaired some areas in the rug where it had bunched up. Supposedly they can do other types of rug repairs. I'm glad I've finally found a company I can stick with, who knows my carpet, and delivers the goods.

    Dave A.
  • This review is purely about their cleaning capabilities. I don't have a before/after picture but here's the best way I can put it into words: When I saw the carpets after they were cleaned, I was in shock and couldn't believe it was the same carpet. I'd had the same carpet cleaned with another company before and the result didn't come close to Hawkeye. Also, the carpet is 15 years old and I thought I was going to have to replace it...but it looks brand new after this cleaning. They got all of the stains out!

    Briana G.
  • Waited a full 2 weeks prior to this review. Excellent customer service. Dave arrived 5 minutes early, walked us through the process, performed a no-charge black light inspection to detect any cat urine in an area that we were concerned about and the price was 30% less than a quote we received from Chem-Dry.
    786sqft of heavily stained Berber carpet with a few cat urine spots completely cleaned(still no spots) and deodorized(still no smells) and the living room & dining room was treated with Dupont Stainmaster Teflon stain repellent for $224. Our furniture was handled with care, placed on Styrofoam pads, the carpet was dry to touch after a few hours and Dave was just a good guy that we trusted when we left the house for him to lock up when finished.

    Don E.
  • These guys cleaned my pale yellow love-seat and oversized chair yesterday. They got held up at their previous appt, which meant that they were about an hour and a half late to my appt. BUT, a nice lady from their company called me to let me know so I knew ahead of time (that 'heads up' makes ALL the difference!). When they arrived (2 guys) they were super friendly and got right to work on cleaning my stuff. It took longer than I thought (I've never had couches cleaned before so I didn't know what to expect) but they were super thorough and all of the stains came out! The chemical/solution smell was pretty strong when they finished but dissipated after a few hours. They left the cushions/pillows standing up so they could air out/dry. We flipped them around after a few hours (as instructed) and by this morning they were dry and looking fantastic! Stains are really hard to hide on a pale yellow set and I'm sooo pleased they came out!

    The charge ended up being exactly what they quoted me over the phone- $156 out the door. I love that there were no surprises about that or hidden fees! Their 'chair' fees are a flat rate depending on the size (S, M or L) and they charge by the linear foot for sofas and love seats. My love seat is apparently 6 linear feet (not sure of the specific charge for that piece) and the large chair fee was $75. Plus, I got a 20% new customer discount. Woo hoo! Oh and I definitely have to mention this: I called them on WEDNESDAY (11/20) asking them if they had any openings to come clean on or before Saturday (11/23). The lady on the phone said they are usually booked 2 weeks out, but they had a cancellation for Saturday!! What luck! Thanks for being accommodating, Hawkeye Carpet Care!

    Mizzy B.
  • We are planning to sell our house in a few months and needed to know if a few carpets would need replacing or if the damage was just surface. We have a home carpet cleaner for small messes, but a few stains have been impossible to remove.

    Hawkeye were right on-time, re-measured our space (I had overestimated on our square footage) so we would have an accurate cost BEFORE they started, and then got to work. Unknown stains that we haven't been even penetrated by our home cleaner are gone, and high traffic areas are only visible because of carpet padding damage, not because of dirt. A few areas needed additional work, so Hawkeye stayed for a extra time to make sure the areas got clean.

    With kids, dogs, and every day wear-and-tear the carpets have seen better days, but now we know that we won't need to replace the carpets before we sell. We've used other carpet companies whose results were not as impressive. Hawkeye exceeded our expectations.

    Kaja S.
  • Hawkeye carpet cleaning did an excellent job cleaning the carpets at my condo! The technician, Marc, also cleaned my couch cushions, and it looks brand new now! The carpets look brand new as well now!

    The service was excellent all the way from scheduling the appointment to the carpet cleaning itself. I had to reschedule my appointment a couple of times and they were happy to accommodate me. My work schedule varies and I've had other businesses get annoyed with me for changing my appointment, not Hawkeye. Anna was very understanding and helpful with finding a time that worked for me. Marc was also very friendly, it's nice to have friendly people working in your house so you don't have the awkward silence while they are working.

    I am selling my condo but I will definitely use Hawkeye again and am recommending them to my friends in Denver. The price they charged was also very reasonable and the quality was very high! Other carpet cleaners sometimes will nickel and dime you and do a bait and switch with cheap advertisements. Marc measured my condo when he got here and I ended up paying less than I thought. It's hard to tell over the phone how much carpet is going to be cleaned and the exact price and it's always a nice surprise to pay less than you thought!

    Corrina W.
  • We only do reviews when we have been very impressed with a company, we are VERY impressed with Hawkeye Carpet Care! Our home had been under a remodeling process for 2 years. We had projects inside and out and replaced our patio. During this time we had to route our dogs through our bedroom. Another bedroom served as our kitchen for the duration as well.
    Our carpet was ruined, or so we thought. There was concrete dye in our carpet along with 1/2 of the dirt in the backyard ground in. Dry wall dust, hard wood dust and various construction materials. Hawkeye got all the stains out of our carpet. We could not be more amazed or happy!! We could not recommend Hawkeye Carpet Care highly enough.

  • I have always used the coupons I received in mailers. This time I decided to try teamDaveLogan and I'm so glad I did. My carpet was badly stained after my dog, who had consumed one of his toys, suffered from intestinal blockage. He had upchucked everything down to his socks (figuratively). Also, this is a small farm, so there were more than the usual amount of stains from general crud.
    They told me not to try to treat any of the stains (there must have been 100 of them!) The technician arrived on time and was very polite. I expected to be charged extra for the extreme staining. Instead I got a discount. I was absolutely stunned at the results. My light beige carpet looks like new. It is stain-free. He even got out what appeared to be an old water stain, like from a large planter, that was here when I bought the house in 2005. I really expected to have to replace the carpet.

  • The carpet in our basement had so many pet stains, I was certain that we would need to replace it!! Hawkeye Carpet Care was able to remove all the stains and odors. Now we can enjoy our basement again!! Thank you , Hawkeye!!

    Kathy Dougherty
  • I have a baby and a dog... Believe me... I have a lot of stains on my carpets. Hawkeye Carpet Care was able to get all the stains out and I'm completely satisfied with the results.

    Felice M.
  • All of my friends insisted that I use your service when I needed our carpets cleaned. Boy, am I glad I listened. You were prompt and I felt I was getting an honest deal. Thanks for the great service!

    Ted R.
  • I thought we were due to have our carpets replaced soon, but by choosing Hawkeye Carpet Care and the thorough process they use, we are thrilled that we will be able to get many more years out of our carpets. The quality of service is unmatched and I highly recommend you give them a try. I'll never go back to "the other guys", regardless of the specials they're running! Thank you so much!

    Syndi P
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