Discover GarageCondos: Elevating Passion, Redefining Ownership

GarageCondos; Where passion meets purpose. Beyond storage, it's a sanctuary for cherished vehicles and hobbies, where enthusiasts indulge in their passions and dreams. Equipped with essential amenities for 24/7/365 access, each GarageCondo becomes a personal haven, inviting owners to immerse themselves fully in their pursuits.

Explore exclusive site amenities; from wide drive aisles to private clubhouses, fostering community and convenience. Feel the sense of belonging among fellow enthusiasts.

Experience the financial benefits; ownership, building equity, and stability without rent increases or surprises. Invest in your future with confidence.

Rediscover the garage for family use;  pursue projects with freedom and privacy, and rest assured knowing your treasures are secure.

Join the GarageCondos community and elevate your passion and lifestyle. Call Glenn today to learn more.

Services Offered:

  • Climate-Controlled Storage
  • Storage Units
  • Vehicle Storage
  • Boat Storage
  • RV Storage

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I have had a great experience with both Glenn and Sean in getting my garage condo. While construction was slow, I moved in last November hand have really been enjoying my place. I have reached out to Glen and Sean very few times and have found them to be very responsive. I see them on site often and they are always friendly and check in on how things are going. I've been able to meet more than a handful of other owners and they all have good things to say about Glenn. A couple of my neighbors are also owners at the Ken Caryl facility and have known Glenn for years.

  • Currently we own 1 unit, and are looking to purchase another one at a different location. Glenn has been great to work with, if we needed anything changed or modified Glenn was right there to take care of our needs.

    Lisa Y.
  • I own a unit at GarageCondos. Working with Glenn has been great. He is a great guy and was very helpful when I was modifying my unit to fit my needs. I couldn’t be happier!

    Gary F.
  • I own 2 units at GargeCondos. I’ve known and worked with Glenn for 10 years. He’s great to work with. I have a car collection in one of the units. Very safe place, 24 hour camera surveillance and what is also great you can modify them to how you want them.

    Mitch M.
  • I bought 2 units from Glenn, both times the units were what I was told they would be. Glenn take a lot of pride in his work and it definitely shows. He was reasonable and very honest. Very happy with the units.

    Ken B.
  • I live in the historic part of central Denver where there are no driveways and very limited street parking. So where do I store all my toys? Garage Condos to the rescue! Not only are these high-end garages great for all my toys, the facility is top notch and with similar interests and hobbies, my fellow garage neighbors make wonderful new friends. The area surrounding the Grant Way condos in Littleton is attractive and includes lots of green belts and convenient stores. Even though I live about 30 minutes away, the attractiveness of the facility is worth the drive. I now have my unit decorated with all my signs and other garage art so it has truly become my mancave. This is the first time I’ve ever had a garage with a floor coating and I love it. Glenn McWilliams, the developer, is an honest and straight-up guy who understands the needs and wants of high-end garage owners, and will bend over backwards to make things right if necessary. He was extremely accommodating during construction with numerous upgrades such as additional cabinetry, enlarged granite counter tops, added electrical requirements, and finishes. The only downside to my experience has been frustration caused by delay in the completion and closing of the units. Unfortunately, there is a shortage of commercial contractors in Denver due to the current building boom. As a result, a minor delay in materials delivery or an issue with the water department causes the contractors to go off on other projects which then magnifies the downtime and delay. These delays then compound on one another and the schedule gets turned upside down. For example, I reserved my unit with a deposit in early summer 2015 before the ground was broken. The expected completion date was fall 2016. I actually closed in late November 2017. About a third of the units have yet to be completed and closed. In addition, we are still awaiting completion of the owner’s clubhouse and final completion of a few punch list items. Nonetheless, other than the delays during construction, I could not be happier with my unit at Garage Condos at Grant Way. Would I do it again and would I recommend a Garage Condo to my friends? In a heartbeat!

    Brad Bolton
  • We signed on with Glenn McWilliams to purchase a Garage Condo at the Grant Way project (east of Broadway and south of Mineral) three years ago. We also ended up being one of Glenn’s investors in the project. While the project took longer than Glenn expected due to City of Littleton permitting delays, Denver Water requirements and trying to schedule the trades during a building boom, the end result was a a great project and we are very happy with the unit we bought and the quality of the project overall. I would definitely deal with Glenn again if the opportunity presents itself.

    Jay Neese
  • I purchased a new GarageCondo from Glenn about 11 months ago. From the time I met Glenn, checked his references, to taking delivery of the unit, the process was professional and as promised. I've been so pleased with the unit, the location, and the short-term appreciation, that I recently chose to invest in another unit, and invest with Glenn on another project. Nothing but high marks for Glenn's professionalism, experience, and communication.

    Alan Moore
  • Garage condos is an excellent facility. If there are areas of concern Glenn or an associate will take care of the situation. Wide aisles, good lightning. Neighbors are friendly but not obtrusive.

    John Murphy
  • Glen and his partner Mike Ard did a superb job in organizing, and orchestrating, the construction at the Ken Carl Garage Town units. The fit and finish was and has been excellent. They have remained on top of owner concerns and paid attention to all the details. This is an ongoing learning process and the new units they are constructing have even better design elements learned from previous endeavors included, albeit at added cost but a savings in the end to future buyers. They have been always available and responsive in a calm and businesslike manner even to problematic owners ultimately winning them over in solving issues in a mostly timely fashion. I own one of these units built during the first phase of construction and could not be happier. They are both first class businessmen doing what they say they will do.

    Bill Edwards Unit 415
  • Glenn McWilliams of Garage Condos constructs absolutely first-class storage buildings. I have purchased two separate units in different developments, and have been extremely satisfied with the quality of construction, as well as the post-sales care and service. Glenn supports his projects long after they are sold, and ensures that the condominium board of directors has the knowledge they need to manage the property for the long-term benefit of all the owners. I have no hesitation in recommending his projects.

    Rick Bogehold
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