Flesch and Beck Law is an injury and criminal defense law firm in Denver that provides superior representation to the injured in the Denver metropolitan area and throughout Colorado. The experienced lawyers at Flesch and Beck Law have a well-earned record of successfully representing clients injured by someone else’s negligence or wrongful conduct, including serious injuries and wrongful deaths arising from Denver automobile accidents, dog bites, product liability, slip and falls / premises liability, medical malpractice, civil assault and other injuries. Skilled litigators and negotiators, their attorneys have the knowledge, skill and experience to investigate a client’s injury, negotiate with insurance companies and other at-fault parties to protect their client and obtain full and fair compensation for their injuries.

Flesch and Beck Law is a “Top American Lawyer” Licensed in Colorado for more than 26 years, and a member of Super Lawyers. Super Lawyers selects only the top rated, peer evaluated lawyers. They have helped with more than 2500 personal injury cases!

Their offices are conveniently located in Englewood, Denver, and Westminster. For more information about the personal injury and criminal defense services they provide, contact them today.

Three convenient locations to serve you. Call today to schedule a free consultation.

Englewood Office:
333 W Hampden Ave Ste 710, Englewood, CO 80110

Denver Office:
999 18th Street Ste 3000, Denver CO 80202

Westminster Office:
8690 Wolff Ct Ste 200, Westminster CO 80031

Services Offered:

  • Free Consultation - They Don’t Get Paid Until You Get Paid
  • Personal Injury
  • Auto, Trucking and Motorcycle Accidents
  • Bodily Injury
  • Dog Bites
  • Product Liability
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Slip and Fall
  • Criminal Attorney
  • DUI
  • DV Assault
  • Drug Charges
  • Driving Violations

Google Reviews

Flesch & Beck Law Rating: 4.6

Michael Buchanan

Apr 25, 2024
I'll admit first I was a little confused as I spoke with Kevin to take my case and Lori showed up to my first […]

Irene Lobaido

Mar 29, 2024
Mr. Flesch and all his office employees are the absolute best! I always listen to Mr. Flesch on Legends Radio 810 am station, […]

Pedro Arcia

Nov 16, 2023
Best law firm in Colorado Trust the process and trust Kevin, he told me since the first day **we will dismiss your case** unfortunately that […]

Andrew Lawlor

May 06, 2024
Everyone truly goes above and beyond for their clients here. I can not recommend them enough. Kevin and Tracy do great! […]


Mar 04, 2024
I reached out to them multiple times and all I got was automated replies but no one ever contacted me back. Thankfully I found […]

48 Recommendations

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Kevin and assorted staff have represented my company and also resolved many personal business matters over the last 19 years at this location. I think it's important to go in with realistic expectations, after all dealing with law can be costly and time consuming with any attorney. I feel Kevin and his staff do everything they can, and are allowed to do, and are effective in reaching my desired outcomes.

Alan Podvin
  • I am fortunate to have had Lori Beck represent me for my car accident. Everything about my case was handled professionally and I am very happy with the outcome.

    Melanie Scott
  • Let me put it this way I was facing 10-32 years and ended up getting probation for two years KEVIN IS THAT GREAT!

    Rizzy Rek
  • The lawyers here really know their stuff. Very professional.

    Terry G.
  • 5 Stars!

    Tanya T.
  • Great people!

    Christopher Vets
  • I had the pleasure of working with FleschLaw (Kevin) a few months ago and I certainly recommend Kevin to anyone that needs his type of service. I was looking at the possibility of losing my license and not only did I keep my license, but I still have points to spare!

  • The staff was great, the lawyer that I saw was really nice and went over everything with me just a great atmosphere there.

    Bobby Rogers
  • I am so happy with Lori beck ..I'd 100% recommend her to represent you ,If I'd contact her she get back to me asap I was subject 60 days in jail and Lori got me home confinement, she very nice and works hard to get the job done ..wonderful lawyer and satisfied.

    Shay Santistevan
  • Had a great experience with Kevin Flesch - super nice guy and knows how to get great results. Highly recommend if you were hurt or injured in a car accident to reach out to Kevin, he can really help you out. – Chris Massoglia

    Chris Massoglia
  • I used Kevin Flesch for 2 cases. One was a dismissal and the other was a discharge from 10 years of probation. Mr. Flesch was excellent in court with the way that he handled the judges. His fees are very fair and completely explained before he takes a case. I would highly recommend this law firm for criminal defense cases.

    Tom Pileggi
  • Kevin was professional and thorough from start to finish. He helped our family through an incredibly stressful time and did it with class and confidence. I would not hesitate to recommend Kevin and his firm!

    Henry Ferguson
  • I had an excellent experience and outcome with Lori Beck representing me as a Criminal Defense Attorney. She fought aggressively and justice was served.

    I received a fair outcome and would not have been able to accomplish that without her.

    During the whole process, I was in communication with a Paralegal by the name of Angie Diaz. Angie was professional and it was always a pleasant experience to communicate with her.

    Lori is professional, compassionate, and diligent. She listened to me and my concerns; she treated me with the utmost respect. I will forever be indebted to her.

    Mark David
  • These people are the real deal. I was so pleased to work with Lori. She was referred to me from a longtime friend of the family who works in the Denver Probation department. She’s always super professional, very family friendly, and she gets your case handled with very little interface to your personal life. The front desk is very welcoming and helpful. I feel like these people truly care and I consider them family. Lori will be my Lawyer for life. I couldn't see why I'd need to go anywhere else. So so awesome!!!

    Chris Clayton
  • On November 30, 2018, our lives were changed forever when my wife and I were involved in a serious accident in Durango. I was fortunate to be referred to Kevin and his team. He walked a long journey with us and stayed by our side through it all. He kept us up-to-date and ensured that we were fully aware of where we were at all times. We didn’t want an ambulance, chaser, but an attorney who truly cared about us and our situation. We couldn’t have asked for better representation.

    Dan Snowberger
  • I would recommend going here they helped me out so much, especially since I got hit by a drunk driver! They are affordable and will pay attention to you and really try to help you!

    Angelic B.
  • When you are involved in an auto accident it can literally change your world. I am so thankful for Flesch & Beck Law and Kevin Flesch.
    I called and got an immediate response from Kevin and from that initial conversation I knew I had the right Attorney. He was very easy to talk with and showed great concern and compassion on what I had been thru.
    My truck was about totaled, I was hurt, Kevin met with me and truly thru our initial meeting the heavy weight of all I was worried about was lifted.
    Kevin showed a great deal of care in my health and getting me the proper medical attention. He helped me with the insurance, and I was able to have a new vehicle in just a couple of days. After I finished my treatment Kevin worked hard to get me a fair settlement. He was always there if I had a question, and he stayed in touch with me thru out the process.
    It was wonderful to work with Kevin and I have referred many friends to him as well. Without exception, each one has thanked me for my referral to Flesch & Beck Law.
    I highly recommend Kevin and his firm.

    Scott W.
  • I live out of state and sought out legal assistance to settle a matter that occurred while traveling and would affect my ability to commute and work. When I contacted Flesch & Beck Law firm I was put in contact with Lori Beck. She asked a couple of questions about the details of my case. Our phone conversation was brief. She said she would send me a form to sign and agree to services after which she would contact me for payment. She was very prompt with communication thereafter and she had my case dismissed in just a few weeks. At the time of dealing with this matter I was unemployed and Lori kept the legal fees affordable. This was a great first impression after never before having to use this type of legal service. I am very grateful!

    Sarah P.
  • Highly Recommended!

    Crystal Lee
  • Professional, responsive, great value!

    Cassandra Weston
  • I hired Kevin for my third DUI ticket. I wasn't driving and I was still charged. I was really scared and worried about going to Jail. Kevin filed motions and got all the evidence suppressed. The case was then dismissed by the DA. I sooo appreciate all that Kevin and his staff did.

  • I had a car accident with more injuries then I ever imagined. I was unable to work for 6 weeks. The other drivers jerk of an insurance adjuster said i was at fault even though his customer got ticketed. After I ran out of med pay coverage I called Kevin after seeing his Firm's TV ad. I was given great customer service, contact when I needed it and when the insurance company wouldn't pay the Firm filed suit. Soon after filing we settled the case for more than I expected. I will recommend Fleschlaw to all my family and friends.

  • Kevin just went to trial for me on my 3rd DUI, DA never believed me when I told them the officer never asked me to do a test. Kevin made the police officer seem unbelievable on the witness stand. The jury believed me and not the officer and found me not guilty. Kevin and his staff were great to deal with. They kept me informed and then Kevin lead me through the trial expertly. I will refer Flesch Law to anyone I know.

  • Kevin just won a case for me that the public defender told me I was going to prison on. He was great. He prepared the case awesome and made the petty prosecutor look like a fool.

  • I hired Flesch Law to handle my injury case relating to a car accident I had in 2015. From the first meeting when I met with the lawyer they made promises to do everything to get me as much as I was entitled to. We just got the case finished in mediation and I am pleasantly surprised by the result. I would use Flesch Law again.

  • I normally don't do reviews but I have been so happy with the results of my car accident case. Kevin and his staff, especially Tracy, were great to work with and they disproved their defenses. Jury didn't buy any of their evidence, and awarded me more than I expected. Don't go anywhere else.

  • Don't hesitate! Best decision I've made! Kevin made sure I got what I deserved. I was hurt in an car accident and Kevin fought tooth and nail for me! Thank you so much!

  • I just finished a case with Kevin and Marla. I thought they did a great job. I had a complicated case with multiple accidents in a short period of time. We just got all of the cases settled and I am very happy with the money I got.

  • Kevin has represented me and members of my family with fantastic results. If you need a lawyer call Kevin.

  • I was hit by a semi driver while driving to work. I was in the hospital for 4 days and then the insurance company denied liability. I hired Fleschlaw to handle my case because I was clueless about the process. He and his team were great from the beginning and even after we settled they have been in contact with me to see how I am doing. If I ever need a lawyer again I will contact Fleschlaw. They are genuine and I didn’t just feel like a number.

  • I was on probation and I knowingly violated because I was angry at my PO for being a jerk. I retained Kevin to help me but I thought I would still go to jail. He put together a plan, had me follow it and we just got done with the hearing and I didn’t go to Jail. Surprisingly they dismissed the complaint and closed the case. Fleschlaw is the best.

  • I had a DUI charge that I thought was bogus. I interviewed a bunch of lawyers and decided on Kevin and his Firm. My case was just dismissed and it was because of the work Kevin and his team did to prove my innocence. He was always available and honest with me. I hope to never need him again.

  • Very good lawyer, very good results. I was charged with DUI. I thought my life was over. Kevin met with me and really wanted to know what happened. After hearing how I was arrested, he thought the officer should not have contacted me. He was able to get my case dismissed.

  • Real lawyer who fights for you. I looked around for a lawyer for a while. I met with Kevin and explained my case. We went to court and he got the case dismissed. He is the best.

  • FleschLaw is the real deal. I was on probation for a DUI and I got another one. I freaked out and called Kevin. He calmed me down and worked for over nine months and finally got my new case reduced to a reckless driving. I hate court, but Kevin and his staff really worked hard and never gave up. In the end, FleschLaw exceeded my expectations.

  • Fantastic results. I got charged with a DUI and I didn't think the police officer should have contacted me to begin with. I knew I needed a lawyer to make the arguments for me. I interviewed several lawyers and felt comfortable with Kevin. He had to file motions and then have a hearing on the issue. His arguments were right on and the judge granted my requests. The case was dismissed.

  • Kevin is GREAT!!! I just finished a case with Kevin and he and his staff were awesome. I got a DUI and I knew I was not guilty. I had been drinking, but I took a breath test and my BAC was really low. Kevin was able to get the DUI dismissed. I met with him and he made me feel assured he would get the case dismissed and he did exactly what he promised. I always had great response from his office. I have not been paid to give this review and I hope I never need Kevin's services again, but if I do, I know where I will turn.

  • Delighted!!! I was very, very happy with the service I received from Kevin and delighted with the results. I certainly recommend Kevin to anyone who will need his type of service. I was looking at the possibility of losing my license and not only did I keep my license, but I still have points to spare! Delighted!!!

  • Kevin can try a case!!! Kevin handled my criminal case. The DA would not make me any offers and so we went to trial. The trial took all day, but Kevin made their star witness look incredible and like a liar. The jury came back fast — not guilty. Kevin was great in trial!!!

  • FleschLaw rocks!!! I had a DUI that I thought was bogus. I got Kevin and his staff on it right away. I never lost my license and he got the case dismissed at the motions hearing. Kevin told me what he thought would happen and he delivered.

  • FleschLaw knows car accidents. I was involved in a hit and run while driving for work. I was referred to Kevin from my workers' comp lawyer. Kevin and his staff were great. The process was really confusing, but he explained everything and did exactly what he said would happen. I got my money fast and I am back to work.

  • Very happy! I retained FleschLaw to handle my claims against someone who hit me last year. The insurance company was jerking me around and I was really mad at how awful I was being treated. Kevin met with me and he made me feel less anxious right away. The firm handled the claim professionally and their customer service was the best I have ever experienced with any law firm. The results have changed my life.

  • FleschLaw took care of my case when other lawyers stopped helping. I was with another firm that dropped me after they didn't get a settlement right away. I am so glad they did. I found FleschLaw and they quickly filed suit and fought for my rights. We were set for trial in April and we settled the case when the insurance company finally paid a fair amount for my long-term problems. I would refer Kevin and his staff to all of my friends and family.

  • Really happy! I went to FleschLaw after hearing an ad on the radio. I interviewed several attorneys and Kevin and his staff made me feel the most comfortable. They explained the process. The car accident really messed up my life. I needed help with my medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. We just got the case resolved. It was a long process, but I am very happy with the results. I would refer anyone to FleschLaw if they get in a car accident.

  • Great results!!! I had never needed a lawyer before and was very unsure who to pick. I met with Kevin and he put me at ease and then did exactly what he promised. My case was resolved with fantastic results.

  • Kevin and his staff were awesome. I had a legal matter that I needed to resolve quickly and I called several attorneys before meeting Kevin. He put me at ease right away. He did not make guarantees, but he was confident in what would happen. He did exactly what he said he would do and got the matter resolved better than even I expected.

  • I was hurt when I was rear ended and I used up all my insurance money on treatment for my injuries. I went to Kevin to get fair compensation. His office was very helpful, explained the process and then they followed through like they promised. I got my medical expenses paid and money for future treatment, plus I got money for pain and suffering. I was very surprised by the results.

  • I had a personal injury case and I started with another lawyer and that lawyer would never call me back or talk with me. I called Kevin to get a second opinion and he was so helpful I switched lawyers. I am so glad I did. He went to bat against the insurance company and finally got them to pay me more than I was expecting.

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