EnvioCore LLC is a dedicated team committed to ensuring the safety and health of their clients' environments. Their focus on comprehensive evaluation and inspection services for various types of properties demonstrates their versatility and expertise. They've been providing these essential services for nine years, which speaks to their experience and reliability in the field.

Their ability to address a wide range of environmental hazards, from asbestos to mold and lead detection, showcases their commitment to thoroughness and attention to detail. Moreover, their emphasis on safety and accuracy in obtaining and testing environmental samples is commendable, as it underscores their dedication to providing reliable results while prioritizing the well-being of their clients.

Establishing strong relationships with top-rated testing facilities further highlights EnvioCore's commitment to efficiency and timely delivery of results. By leveraging these partnerships, they can provide their clients with prompt results, which is crucial in situations where swift action may be necessary to address potential environmental hazards.

EnvioCore is a trusted partner for anyone in need of environmental testing services, offering both expertise and efficiency to ensure the safety and health of their clients' environments.

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Services Offered:

  • Asbestos Testing
  • Lead-Based Paint Testing
  • Mold Testing
  • Water Testing
  • Radon Testing
  • Residential and Commercial Inspections

Google Reviews

EnvioCore Rating: 4.8

Monkey Business Pictures

Mar 24, 2024
Thanks! Tested our paint for lead / home for lead. Much appreciated, would recommend. Showed up on time and within 24 hours. Chad was […]

Jeff Denard

Oct 19, 2023
We had the pleasure of meeting Staci when she came into our home to test for asbestos. Her energy, professionalism and outstanding communication skills […]

Crystal Patterson

Oct 05, 2023
Thank you, Enviocore and Staci! Staci was very very detailed, and explained every step of the process in testing for mold in my apartment. She was […]

Tara Meyer-Robson

Oct 11, 2023
UPDATED REVIEW: My original review was about not getting follow up on next steps after mold was found in the top level of our home. […]

Lauren Friday

Jul 08, 2023
If you want someone who is professional, extremely timely, knowledgeable, and invested in the testing and safety of your home then you should hire […]

11 Recommendations

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We contacted Chad in February to test for asbestos and lead for a remodeling project in our 1950's home. He was able to schedule an appointment quickly, was very professional, and patiently answered all of our questions (we had a lot) while he was collecting samples. He took the samples to the lab and emailed us the results the next day. A few days later, we had a fully detailed report with pictures and lab results that we gave to our contractor to help plan the remodel. If we decide to remodel any other parts of our home, we would definitely call Chad to come back out and test more areas.

Rick H.
  • I was referred to Chad and his environmental inspection company by a friend of mine, and I am happy to tell the world that I would refer Chad to ANYONE. My situation was sensitive in nature, and Chad handled it with kid gloves. Treating me and my family with the upmost respect and care. His professionalism exceeded a standard of excellence, and his environmental report was thorough and precise. FIVE STAR SERVICE.

    Michelle B.
  • We wanted an environmental inspection in addition to our regular home inspection to test for mold and asbestos. Nick Hopkinson from EnvioCore came out to do the inspection. He was hilarious, knowledgeable, and also thorough. Nick shared with us that he had two previous lives, one as a Restoration contractor in Florida. In Florida, he dealt with A LOT of mold, to the point that he can walk into a store and smell if the building has mold. He didn't smell anything in our house but also did real tests(!) and everything came back great. As we were under a rush with the home inspection deadline looming, Nick got us our results quickly and walked us through what they meant. Although there was nothing terrifying in our results, having the peace of mind regarding the construction materials and air quality in our home was a huge relief!

    Monquie R.
  • Nick from Enviocore was wonderful to work with! He was very informative and proactively called out areas of our house we may want to test for asbestos in that I hadn't considered. Would definitely recommend Enviocore and Nick, they're fantastic!

    Natalie P.
  • One of the best companies I've dealt with in a very long time. From the first inquiry call, through the asbestos testing, and through the journey to find an asbestos abatement company, this team has exemplified customer service and professionalism. Nick was very patient with my questions and ensured all suspect areas of my home were tested for asbestos. He walked me through the process for testing as well as what to expect in the abatement process. He has also been very responsive to my follow up questions and has helped me with finding asbestos removal contractors. I highly recommend Envirocore!

    Kris K.
  • John was extremely professional and nice, even when the crazy lady who lived at the house I was purchasing told him off. I appreciate his professionalism and willingness to help even in a crazy situation!

    Clarissa L.
  • Nick Chad and there techs are great to work with . Very Knowledgeable and trust worthy. The owner Chad is a really stand up guy , his passion for his company is top notch keep up the great work guys .

    Jerry P.
  • After having an estimator come to our house for duct cleaning, he proceeded to tell us that there were some materials that were a bit suspect. In a frenzy, I found EnvioCore. From there I was given a price and what to expect for collections and samples.

    Nick was the most educational and compassionate human being, and was just that days after the testing. He cares about people, and that is hard to find these days. Once our results were in, we were filled with questions and nick did not hesitate to answer them, nor did I feel overwhelmed or fearful.

    Thank you Nick H. You are an outstanding human being and employee, the world needs more people like you!!

    Sarah D.
  • I honestly can't say enough good things about this company. Literally everyone that you work with will make this as easy as possible, and they're all so responsive. Pat is always reachable at the office and made the insurance payout very easy. Rob was on time both of my appointments and gave me so much knowledge about how the process works and guided me through the asbestos testing process, as well as tips for the abatement. Literally don't even look for another testing company and waste any time, use EnvioCore!

    Chase K.
  • Fast and thorough.
    professional and friendly service, took the time to understand our needs and didn't cut any corners.

    Wayne K.
  • I found EnvioCore based on great reviews and I'm so glad I did.

    We were in the process of buying a house and the seller had tried to remediate stachybotrys (toxic black mold) himself with some shower spray and spray paint

    Staci understood that we were in a time crunch to evaluate the extent of the damage and went WAY out of her way to provide us with timely air samples.

    She communicated with me the entire time and was honest and hilarious. I feel like she's a trusted friend now!

    She even went back the next day to grab some more samples for remediation purposes. And this is a busy lady.

    She provided excellent info to our mold remediators (All Dry, another great company). She and Mike were in constant contact, so I didn't have to be the middleman.

    She came back after remediation and just hearing her voice and her optimism gives me hope that this is finally behind us. She also squeezed in an asbestos test in the middle of the project!

    I would highly recommend EnvioCore to anyone!

    Ami M
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