Doctor Fix-It is a locally owned, Denver based and family operated business.

As a trusted member of the community they price by the job, upfront and in writing before the work begins.  They conduct their services in the utmost respectful way by wearing shoe covers, using work mats and drop cloths.

Their mission is to provide peace of mind, safety and security for residential homeowners through honest communication, the highest quality of products and thoroughly trained technicians.

Services Offered:

  • Residential Plumbing
  • Water Heaters
  • Drain Clearing
  • Water Main
  • Gas Lines
  • Garbage Disposals
  • Sewers
  • Water Softeners
  • Frozen Pipes
  • Environmentally Friendly Plumbing

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Doctor Fix-It Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric Rating: 4.7

Todd Shimirak

Jul 02, 2024
I had Doctor Fix-It do our annual AC unit servicing today under the annual plan I subscribe to (which is a great value!). […]

Pamela Short

Jun 13, 2024
Our A/C was pooping out & Doctor Fix-It was able to install a new condenser & furnace, in one day (both were the originals […]

Dave Johnson

Jun 27, 2024
I am very pleased and grateful for the services recently provided by Dr. Fix-it. On a Sunday, 90 degrees, our air conditioner died. After […]

Bailey Harrell

May 06, 2024
We were very impressed with the level of service and responsiveness we received working with Dr. Fix-It. We needed our water heater replaced and extensive […]

Mary Hall

Jul 10, 2024
I would highly recommend using this company for any HVAC issues. So professional from beginning to end. They responded immediately diagnosed the problem and […]

50 Recommendations

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Chad at Dr. Fixit was great! He provided annual maintenance on the furnace and was very friendly, efficient and informative!

  • The staff at Doctor Fix-It were first rate professionals, all of them. We were looking for a plumbing company to help us with a remodelling project that involved two bathrooms, a master and guest bathroom. We met representatives from the company at the Denver Garden & Home show. We were so impressed with their professionalism and willingness to work with us that we made the decision there to have them do the work for us. Three days later, one of their plumbing technicians, Eric, came to our home promptly at the appointed time. We explained the work we wanted. I was impressed with his level of knowledge and willingness to take care of our needs on the spot. Before the job he made a thorough a estimate and took the time to explain each item. He had all the necessary parts and took care of everything we needed in that one appointment. He was in our home three hours. He took the necessary time to do the work correctly and never rushed. In fact, I was so pleased with Eric and his work I asked him to take care of replacinging an old master water service shutoff valve I'd wanted to replace for some time. He agreed to discount the extra work. I was even more impressed when he took time to go over every detail of his work which he'd checked thoroughly before finishing. I'll call on Eric again for any future home plumbing job. Eric is a fine, upstanding individual and representative of his company. I highly recommend Doctor Fix-It !!!

    Ted T.
  • I recently had to have my garbage disposal replaced. Based on a recommendation from a friend, I used Dr. Fix It. My technician was Michael Lia. Michael showed up during the scheduled time window and promptly went to work. He was very pleasant and work efficiently to get my disposal installed. Michael has an excellent demeanor and a wonderful Australian accent! Dr. Fix It is lucky to have such a hard working, professional as Michael! I would highly recommend his services for anyone needing plumbing repairs.

    Dawn T
  • Quick response and excellent service. Tech Detlef was knowledgable, friendly and efficient.

    Steve K.
  • Our pipes froze over the holiday, leaving us with no water in the bathroom. I submitted a request through Dr Fix-It's web page and within 1 hour I received a call advising that someone would respond that afternoon. Jason arrived right on time and after evaluating the situation, he identified what needed to be done. He was very professional and quickly fixed the broken pipe. The repair cost was reasonable and Jason was very helpful. He also advised and arranged for us to get an energy audit done on our house to identify things we can do to make our energy consumption more efficient. We are very happy with the service provided by Dr. Fix-It and Jason.

    Laura M
  • Chris H was a true professional and we are very happy with the result of his work.

    Henry M
  • Justin and Chris were both very fast working, and accurate in their work. They were pleasant and cooperative. They fully met my expectations. I would recommend them to everyone.

    Lawrence B.
  • Wow! These guys are GREAT. Our furnace went out, and after we tried to do a little troubleshooting, we contacted the landlord and he called Doctor Fix-It. We had two service calls in one day...Jared was our first service specialist, and he was prompt, courteous, and thorough. He made sure I understood what had failed on our furnace, even made the extra effort to help me understand our system in general, and then presented us with straightforward pricing. He called the landlord, the repair was authorized, the part was on his truck, and before we knew it, we had heat again! What a friendly and efficient guy!

    Our second rep was Marvin Q. for two plumbing repairs. Again, fantastically friendly, efficient, and thorough. We had a broken pipe for the outdoor hose bib, which was a challenge...Marvin explained that he'd go in through an interior wall (I was dreading that they were going to have to bust out bricks to get to this one), and there were other pipes crammed into the small space. But he figured out the best way to tackle it, and before we knew it, it was done. On the second repair, we had a leaking hot water line in the basement ceiling. It was a wacky configuration and hard to get to, but you could see the "gears turning" as he figured out the best way to handle it. He was even super careful to make sure that water didn't spill on the concrete basement floor (I told him it was okay, it was concrete!). He also took the time to show us where our water main shutoff was, to tell us what to expect time wise for the hot water tank to heat back up...he was extremely thorough. From talking with him we understand that he's spent years in the business.

    I was impressed with the fact that there wasn't a lot of back and forth with Doctor Fix-It...the prices were standardized, presented well, and with a quick call to the landlord, payment was authorized and there was no waiting around. That was unexpected. Jared and Marvin seemed to be very autonomous...like the company trusts them and their judgment, which was nice. It seemed like they didn't have to waste time trying to get approvals from a main office...they knew what needed to be done, and did it efficiently. It seemed like they communicated well with our landlord, too. The guys explained what had gone wrong in a very clear way.

    Both Jared and Marvin were also great with our two black lab mix dogs...fairly young dogs who like to play. Jared was very good with them, even putting up with them as they stuck their noses in his bags and tried to help him fix the furnace. Disco, our female, would not leave Marvin alone, and kept trying to lick his face. Both guys were EXTREMELY patient with the dogs, and not once did they act annoyed.

    We would recommend Doctor Fix-It highly, and I would expect from our experience that ALL of their guys are great...but we really enjoyed our experience with Marvin and Jared...they are extremely professional, and just really nice guys to work with.

    Kat K.
  • Michael L. from Doctor Fix-It came on a Saturday to give us an estimate for installing new toilets in our home. He was on time, professional, and really the friendliest guy. Michael listened to what didn't work on our old toilets and was honest and fair with the pricing of new ones. Today (Tuesday) the toilets have been installed, and they work great! From my first phone call to set up the original estimate to the professionalism today, I would highly recommend you try these guys. (And I've tried all the other ones!!)

    Grace W.
  • DJ was a professional from the time he pulled up to the house. Not only did we get great service, but they simply fixed our issue and said there was no more work that needed to be done, you don't hear that every day! I would highly recommend this company and especially DJ in knowing you will be treated honestly and fairly.

    Seth W.
  • The company sent Adam out on short notice. He was professional, courteous, honest and informative and gave me comfort and peace of mind as I reviewed my options to deal with my sewer issue.

  • They helped with two problems in short time, frozen pipes leaking and a furnace tune up. Would definitely recommend them, professional and prompt service.

    Helped with what we needed, Justin Morgan who came out to our house was great, very thorough, explained what needed to be done, and offered solutions.

    Will call again next time a problem arises.

    Richard S.
  • Great experience with this company! Both Walt and Terry were super helpful and professional. They were on time and fixed everything that I needed. I would highly recommend them to anyone!!

    Nap P.
  • Updating because we've now used the same company for some plumbing problems and have been consistently nothing but impressed. Drilon is honest, thorough, outstanding at what he does, stubborn about getting to the true root of the problem, and he will keep at it until it's fixed.

    The company as a whole has great customer service, will do what they can to work you in ASAP, especially once you're an established customer, and are just plain easy to deal with.

    Kate W.
  • Wonderful company as they were great in all areas. In particular, they followed through to resolve a situation, long after completion, when it was unnecessary. Reasonably priced, good work conducted on our house and strong customer service. Thanks for the experience.

    Morgan B.
  • Justin Brown showed up at the beginning of the time window and was very knowledgeable, friendly and professional. He had an electrical problem that was an issue for months fixed very quickly. He also helped with an unrelated issue with my house.

    I would definitely use this company again and recommend them to anyone. Much more painless than I expected it to be.

    Steven B.
  • Steve P arrived within the time window, was professional and courteous throughout. He immediately spotted both where my plumbing issue was, and why it was occurring and fixed it within minutes. He took time to make sure everything was working as expected afterwards.

    Great individual, friendly, I'll definitely use Doctor Fix-it again.

    Bill E.
  • The folks at Dr Fix It were incredible! The woman who set the appointment was clear and accommodated my schedule. They came sooner than expected and actually charged me less than I thought. They fixed my leaky sink and adjusted a few other little things around the kitchen for free. I will always use these guys.

    Patrick G.
  • DJ was plesant, polite...explained and showed step by step . he was also very clean, left everything as he found. Very satisfied. good personable person.

    Vicky Sarapo
  • I called Dr. Fix It to have them check my leaking water heater. Steve P. came out to evaluate the problem. He was prompt and professional. He diagnosed the situation and told me that a new water heater was needed. He explained the pricing and warranty options very well. He was quick and efficient with removing the old 20 year old water heater and putting in the new one. I valued his expertise and would request Steve P's services again when needed.

    Stacie Smith
  • We are having major problems with our hot water tank. Marvin Q has been here on time and displayed an expertise that leaves us with knowing he knows what he is doing. Our problems go deeper than just the hot water tank and Marvin Q set the wheels in motion to get the additional problems taken care of. We are very grateful for his knowledge, work ethic and honesty. He has bent over backwards to help us.

    Lisa Siverly
  • The sub-zero temps revealed a corroded drain pipe under our kitchen sink. Dr. FIX-IT got me an appointment right away - and it wasn't a 2 or 4-hour window - they gave me an exact time! Love that! Paul G. arrived a few minutes early & took care of the problem quickly. His expertise & diligence prevented this from becoming a much larger repair. He also replaced some other parts that were damaged, & gave me some great advice on our plumbing and heating. I will highly recommend him and this company. Thank you for the prompt, excellent work!

    Mary Kenney
  • Treavor was great...and my dog liked him! He literally drew a picture to explain possible issues with my heating system. He arrived on time and went right to work. The customer service provided by this company has been awesome. Thank you.

    Ellen Perry
  • With the purchase of an older home, I was concerned there wasn't a PRV coming off of the water main into the house. Chris came out, walked me through the process and also made other suggestions to make the house "plumbing safe." I'm very pleased that the new PRV has reduced the pressure into the house. Chris was a delight to work with. Thank you Dr. Fix-It!

    Jayne Renshaw
  • DJ Gandee was our technician today and he was great. He showed up on time, was extremely courteous and professional, and had a smile on his face the whole time. The company was able to provide to same-day service and called to let us know when the tech would be showing up. We highly recommend them.

    Chad Graham
  • My hot water heater was leaking and I had some funky problems with my piping, valves, and expander tank that were causing it. I wouldn't be writing this review if Drilon D. with Doctor Fix-It hadn't been so terrific. I'm pretty handy and also very curious about physical systems. Drilon fixed my problem and also answered my questions and helped me understand what was going on. He was quick, funny, professional, and a great teacher. I appreciated your time and approach, Drilon. Thanks again!

    Jody Gold
  • On a busy Friday night during rush hour traffic, Jared P. approached a home and the tenants turned his services away. Then, the owner of the home called Dr. Fix It and explained to the dispatcher that this appointment could not be rescheduled due to a request from the Denver Environmental Health Department, requesting that the home owner prove that the heat in this house was functional. Not knowing any of the confusing details, Jared P. who was already almost home in Broomfield, offered to turn back around and drive to Denver during rush hour for a second time in the same night to complete the maintenance request! When Jared P. arrived, he learned that the police were going to do a Civil Standby and escort him to the home and make sure he was allowed to gain entry. Jared P. did not know the situation, but when the details of the troublesome tenants were explained to him, he was very understanding and professional and he definitely went above and beyond! My family and I will use Jared P. for any plumbing or heating issues we have in the future! Thank you so much Jared P. for you extraordinary customer service! You are one of a kind these days!

    Andrea Russo
  • Steve Pressdee arrived on time and was professional and helpful. He changed the piping in my toilets and explained to me the requirements to keep my toilet from leaking until it was changed to a new one in two days.

    Mary Strackbein
  • Excellent service. Everyone that we worked with was very helpful, and worked very hard to complete our job as quickly and efficiently as possible. Thanks for being a great help through a difficult change at our home.

    Colin Runge
  • I just bought the house and had a plug in my washer drain. This turned out to be worse than I expected. As a good DIY guy, I snaked it and couldn't get the drain to unplug. I called Doctor-Fix-It and they sent out Detlef. He couldn't get it either, initially. He stuck with the problem trying various procedures. Finally, he figured out it was the kitchen line that was causing the entire problem and that back up was overflowing into the washer line. It appeared that this 60+ year old house had never had the drains cleaned. He was very thorough with resolving the problem and it was quickly resolved from there. With what he and I thought would only take 30 minutes, turned into a 4 hour project and the price was extremely fair and no upselling!

    Darren Peterson
  • The service specialist, Chris H. did an amazing job. He arrived on time, did quality work, and made me feel at ease that the situation had been taken care of. I truly appreciate the job that he did. I will definitely recommend him and this company to everyone I know.

    Ryan Waldron
  • Trever came today for a boiler inspection. Trever was on time, very nice, and quite knowledgeable. Trever took his time with the inspection and gave us a thorough review. He found some minor problems, addressed each issue and gave his recommendation for remidee of each. Trever not only pointed out issued but explained why each one was occurring. He explained the things he found were not critical but would need attention in the future. We felt Trever was honest and felt he did not try to push repairs that may not be required immediately.

    Rick C.
  • Steve P. has always done a fantastic job of plumbing various projects around my house. In fact, when I have a plumbing issue I request Steve P to come and perform the plumbing job. Dr. Fix it does a great job of taking care of me, and they are always on time. Great Company

    Bud Boulder
  • Doctor fix-it did an outstanding job for me on my outlets. Ben was informative, helpful, and did all the work in a timely manner. I could not have ask for a better representative and would definitely choose Dr. Fix-It again for electrical help.

    Cathy Lewis
  • We called Dr Fix It because of a problem with our furnace. Jared P. showed up exactly when they said he would. He immediately went to work and discovered a bad ignitor. Jared P. had the problem diagnosed and fixed in less than an hour. Jared P. was very professional and knowledgeable, answering all of our questions. By the end of the service call, I knew so much more about my home's HVAC. Thanks Jared P.! I would certainly recommend Dr. Fix It to anyone looking for fast response and quality service.

    Gilber Flores
  • Judd Cushing was very good and detailed with paperwork, especially in how the procedures would begin and end. Ben Alvarado worked and worked to remove my old electrical panel in my garage. He then put in many, many hours wiring the new electrical panel. He did an excellent job! I really appreciate how well the carpenters treated the dry walling around the new electrical panel. All of the following from the company dug in and put the strength of their training to participating in the installation of my wonderful new Amana Furnace: Ryan Blair, Walter Ziegler, Matt Hardy and Scotty Combes. Along with how well Ben did, these individuals worked very, very hard. Marvin Rivers showed up at my house with a C.O detector, when I didn't even know that I was to receive it for free. Julie Brown, of the office staff, cheerfully responded to the few questions that I asked. Melissa Borrego, another of the office staff, also helped me every time I asked for help on some particulars. To recap what has already been mentioned, I want to say that the excellence of the work and dedication of these employees is beyond any of my expectations.

    Sarah Schafer
  • Called Ben Franklin/Dr. Fix-It for my plumbing issue. Detlef J. was very professional and courteous. I would use this company again if I ever have issues again. Thanks!

    Julian Gonzales
  • Excellent, complete service. Marvin, Joh and Detler were all friendly and concerned that I was happy with the service. Marvin did the initial service (came out the same day as my call). He was efficient and offered an additional service at no charge to be sure I was satisfied with the drain cleaning. Jon M. came out the next day to run the camera. Found areas of concern and discussed fully and completely with me explaining the options. I elected to have the line jetted. Jon arranged to have Detler come out within 30 minutes to do the Service. Jon stayed around to be sure that the line was completely cleared and he and Deitler did a great job. Site was cleaned up and put back as original. I will definitely use Dr. Fix-it/Ben Franklin Plumbing again in the future.

    Eric Allred
  • Although prices are high, Drilon did an excellent job with a very challenging situation. He was able to identify the root of the problem right away to avoid us having further issues down the road. He was very nice and personable as well.

    Rose Casebolt
  • Chris H. Dr. Fix-It Plumbing Heating Electric Chris was friendly and personable. He took the time to explain the various types of hot water heaters and warranty plans. He then installed my new hot water heater quickly and efficiently. He even took a minute to look at my washer and tightened up one of the hoses. Above and beyond the line of duty!!! Thanks Chris. I'll be using your company again.

    Cindy Cairella
  • Dr. Fix-it was a life saver this last week. I was out of town and my family arrived to our house to find that the temperature inside was 38 degrees. Andy, the sales technician, came out by 2:00 and had the old (20 years old) furnace ripped out by 5:00. He was very candid and professional. Ryan and Scotty had the new furnace installed by 7:00 pm and heat on by 8:00. They came back the next day and finished the job. They were friendly, professional, and did a great job. We are very satisfied with the work they did and would recommend anyone to the company.

    Rory Korpela
  • I knew I had some plumbing issues. DJ quickly identified what they were, and what my options were. He gave me a full range of price options, and we picked the right one for my budget. He ended up pulling out about a foot of tree root from my main drain! We also took some precautionary measures to ensure I wouldn't have problems in the future. I scheduled the appointment, and 45 minutes later, he was at my door to do the work. Very professional, courteous, & mindful of the mess. He left the areas he worked on in better shape than when he arrived - even shoveled a little bit of my driveway so he would track snow into the house. Very highly recommended.

    Steven Ricci
  • The service I received today was great. DJ and Jon were very professional and walked me through the process of determining the cause of my plumbing issue. They explained the cause and what needed to be done to fix the immediate problem. The work was done in a timely manner without causing a mess which is difficult to do with most plumbing issues. I appreciated the courteous way I was treated and would recommend Doctor Fix-it. During my 1st service call on warranty Jon addressed another warranty issue I had with my main line. This issue was again taken care of in a professional manner. They even fixed the clean out drains so they are no longer an eye sore in my front year. I couldn't be more please with the service I've received and will be using the company for other type of service issues since they now do heating and electric.

    Patricia Morris
  • Dr. Fix it Is a group of true professionals. I called them for two separate jobs plumbing and electrical. First Steve the Plumber was outstanding, easy to talk to and professional. Best of all he didn't fill me with a bunch of stuff that "NEEDED" to be done. He gave me options and solutions as well as taught me a few things to look for. Which I found helpful. Steve you are awesome and keep up the good work. Next was the electrical. Due to the extensiveness of the work their were 3 wonderful electricians that came to my house, Trevor, Judd, and Tim. All three were fantastic at listening to what I wanted and explaining to me the process. I will never use another company again, you guys at Dr. Fix it set the bar for the rest of the service industry.

    Bernie Doser
  • As promised, the technician (Detlef) was well within the promised window. He was courteous, professional, knowledgeable and able to rapidly take care of our plumbing issue. I would definitely recommend Dr. Fix-it (aka at the time of this writing Benjamin Franklin) for anyone else with plumbing problems in the area and I know we'll call on them again as needed.

    Dave McKinstry
  • I called Ben Franklin/Dr. Fix-It and they showed up that same day to take care of my issue. Steve showed up and was very knowledgeable and did an awesome job. I would definitely use them again for not only plumbing issues but everything! Thanks for the help Steve!

    Wayne Shenouda
  • Paul G. arrived on-time, fixed the problem with our toilet quickly, and was very professional and courteous. He also answered some other questions I had and provided valuable information. Highly Recommended. Would use again.

    Ryan Knewbow
  • I used Dr. Fix It for my plumbing and they did such a great job that i decided to use them for some electrical issues I was having. Tim came out and fixed dome breakers in the panel box, some outside security lights, and a few outlets. He was quick and thorough and pointed out a few more things that I should pay attention to over the long term. The price was really fair too! Thanks again Tim I really appreciate your expertise and thanks Dr. Fix It, I'm glad to have company like you around where I can get a lot of my house-hold systems fixed all at one place.

    Patrick Griggs
  • Treavor was wonderful. I called Dr. Fix It because my furnace started making a clanging noise. He showed up on time, was courteous and professional and extremely pleasant. As it turned out, I had a small empty can in my ductwork which worked its way into the furnace. Very odd and very surprising. Anyway, he was done in less than 5 minutes and even took the time to discuss a plumbing issue I am having with me, giving me suggestions of things to try to fix it myself. He listened to me and worked with me with the cost. I was comfortable dealing with him and having him in my home. I would recommend this man to anyone, and when he left, he also left me with a smile on my faced. Thank you, Treavor. You were my blessing yesterday.

    Benita Najjar
  • Excellent service all around. Jared was prompt, very professional, informative and explained everything in detail before beginning the job. Jared took the time to explain each step in detail, took pictures of potential problems and offered them for viewing at various times throughout the process. All and all, I could not have expected anything more. I will not hesitate to tell family and friends about Doctor Fix-it and the professionalism and knowledge displayed by Jared. I look forward to having Jared out to work on future projects.

    Tom Stiveson
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