DLC Arbor Services, LLC is your one-stop-shop for general tree healthcare. They are a leading provider of quality tree trimming, tree removal, stump removal, and other arbor services in the Denver Metro Area. DLC Arbor is famous for its cleanup. Your yard will be raked and swept free from debris before the DLC work crew leaves.

Tree Trimming – Trees require seasonal maintenance to protect them from damaging storms and increase the curb appeal of your property.

Tree Removal/Stump Removal – Got a problem tree in your yard? DLC Arbor removes even the largest trees in the toughest locations all the way to the root.

New Tree Installation – Will help find the best trees or landscaping for your location.

Insect and Pest Control – DLC Arbor’s certified arborist can identify the insect infestation and explain the most cost-effective ways to control tree insects.

Losing a prominent tree at your residence not only diminishes your enjoyment of your landscape but reduces property value. Like cars, trees should be maintained regularly. Trees require seasonal maintenance to protect them from damaging storms and increase the curb appeal of your property.

DLC Arbor Services provides value through knowledge, experience, and trust.

Services Offered:

  • Tree Trimming
  • Tree Removal/Stump Removal
  • New Tree Installation
  • Insect and Pest Control

Google Reviews

DLC Arbor Services, LLC Rating: 4.8

John Kettler

May 06, 2024
Recently, Bill from DLC Arbor services came to my home to assess my dying tree. He told me this was a grave situation and […]

Theresa Bogumill

May 19, 2024
The workers were lovely and did a quick job and arrange the wood cut neatly for us to use later as firewood. As the photo […]

Stanley Trout

Apr 16, 2024
We had two Aspen uprooted in a windstorm and they fell on our neighbor’s house. Left a message on DLC’s website on a Sunday […]

R Beatty

Apr 17, 2024
DLC was the only Arborist company that gave me the correct diagnosis on my trees. They also provided me with detailed explanations around […]

Scott Yost

Jun 01, 2024
The DLC staff and crew were very pleasant, thorough and professional in removing our overgrown bush next to our perimeter fence. It took […]

49 Recommendations

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After a recommendation from a neighbor who was very pleased with DLC, they were one of several companies we had visit our home to provide quotes for tree trimming and large shrub removal/stump grinding. In the end we chose DLC and were happy we did. They provided knowledgeable and professional personnel who performed a fantastic job. We will use them again in the future and would highly recommend DLS services to anyone.

Jim Puliafico
  • Advanced treatment for Maple Tree Chlorosis. Use of long-term growth inhibitor to help alleviate Iron Chlorosis. Bob took the time to do a free inspection and recommended this new treatment. Showed before and after pictures of other successful treatments on Maple trees. Technician was timely, thorough in the simple application, and took great care in NOT damaging existing ornamental plantings next to the tree.
    Five stars again for DLC Arbor. They have handled all of my tree removal, tree pruning jobs over the last five plus years. I highly recommend.

    Bill Hull
  • The folks at DLC Arbor care about your trees. They would much rather keep a tree rather than remove it. And they won't trim so much that the tree is shocked. We were able to have five trees trimmed (including two nearly 40' tall) for less than the cost of removing one. And now the trees will continue to shade the rear of the house in summer. Great folks!

    Lee Schrock
  • I will definitly refer DLC to my neighbors. They were prompt , the guys were all very friendly and respectful , they were cautious to where the limbs fell. Couldnt ask for more.

    Pam Conklin8
  • We had a really great experience with DLC. They took down a huge Probably 150 year old Elm tree in out tight urban lot. They coordinated all the overhead utility lines and fell the tree without damaging anything in my back yard. I was really impressed. They even chopped up some fire wood for me before they left! Great customer service and execution all around. 5 Stars

    Matthew K.
  • Everyone we came in contact with was terrific (Bob, the arborist, Ann and Michele in the office and the crew). DLC was prompt, provided a variety of services (pruning, disease treatment, stump grinding, etc.), coordinated the crews well, and the crews were professional/attentive and concerned with the little things (e.g. cleaning up well, making sure they got everything on the quote complete, etc.). Great company to do business with!!

    Jim H
  • I was very happy with the work and cost point that “DLC Arbor Services LLC.” performed on my property today with the removal of two trees, three stumps, and the trimming of one tree. DLC has a great efficient knowledgeable crew. I highly recommend them if you need any arbor tree work performed on your property.

    KEVIN B.
  • DLC arbor services just finished two days of work at our house. From the estimator to the workers all of them exhibited professional, knowledgeable, and caring work about their services they provided. Safety was always a primary concern with them and they cleaned up after their work very well. They also asked me questions during the job as to clarify certain trimming aspects - this was very nice as to make sure we’re all on the same page. I highly recommend them for all your tree related services.

  • Friendly and top rate crew pruned several large maples and removed a dying crab apple tree. It took a couple of months to get on the schedule, but the price and end result was worth the wait. I'd hire them again.

    Jennevive D.
  • Very professional. Prompt responses. Good work. A small amount of follow up was required, and they took care of it immediately

  • Very knowledgeable arborist. And great customer service. Would recommend to everyone!

  • DLC treated a tree for us. We were very impressed with their knowledge. They were quick to respond and provide a quote. The requires annual treatment so we will see them again next sprin

  • The large ponderosa pine tree dominating our front yard had been badly damaged by snowstorms this spring, and we considered pruning as well as removal. After getting bids from 3 companies, we settled on DLC because they were the most professional by far. We decided that after pruning enough to remove damaged limbs, and also remove limbs hanging over our house, we would not have enough tree left to look decent. So we decided on removal. Although it took several emails to get the removal scheduled, the crew arrived promptly as scheduled with a large "cherry picker" machine that allowed limbs to be removed much quicker and much safer than if someone had had to climb the tree to cut limbs. They also had a very large chipper machine that chewed up everything except the largest sections of the main trunk. The operation was very quick and professional, and they cleaned up everything very well. They weren't the cheapest of the three companies we had bid the job, but they were only a little more than the cheapest, and presented us with a detailed contract, excellent machinery, and a very skilled crew. We are very happy we went with DLC and would use them again!

    Satisfied Customer, Denver, CO
  • Crew was professional and courteous. They worked quickly and skillfully, protecting the back windows of our house with plywood when they were taking down the 40' Ash. Thoroughly cleaned up our landscaping after they had removed the two trees, and couldn't even tell that the trees had ever been there when there were done. Throughout the work they kept us informed about what they were doing and their progress. Great work and will definitely will use their service again.

    Satisfied Homeowner, Metro Area, Denver, CO
  • There was this mid-size tree's on our lot and it was really that annoying because of its branches. Called these guys to work on my problem with the tree and they responded immediately. Good communications with their office and these are very good on what they’re doing. I recommend these guys for their excellent service and great working attitude.

    Satisfied Customer, Metro Area, Denver, Co
  • DCL did an excellent job! Spent 2 1/2 hours working on the tree, cleaned up the mess after, to the point I had absolutely no clean up to do. The tree looks much better and healthier! I have 2 trees in the back yard that I am going to have them come back and prune. I highly recommend!

    Satisfied Customer, Metro Area, Denver, Co
  • Very professional from start to finish. A crew of three showed up before 9am. After 2.5 hours later, a huge dead tree was cut down and removed completely. I was impressed! Definitely will use DLC for future tree related job.

    Satisfied Homeowner, Metro Area, Denver, CO
  • DLC took the weight off of a tree overhanging my house so that it wouldn't be a risk. They were courteous and professional. I'd certainly use them again (and have!).

    Satisfied Customer, Denver CO
  • Received a call within 24 hours of purchasing the discount coupon to arrange for an estimate. The person performing the estimate was on time, pleasant, and very helpful as I wasn't sure whether to trim or remove the Maple. He provided an estimate of when the services would be performed and I received a call within the week that they would be out the following Monday. The 2 men worked for about 6 hours, trimming the upper branches with a quote; cherry picker and quote; as the trees were well over 20 feet to 50 feet high. They then cut the trunks in sections and fed the branches and smaller trunk pieces into a chipper which they brought. The larger trunk pieces were loaded into the truck and the areas were completely cleaned up, raked, and power blown sidewalks. I would definitely use DLC again, especially since I have another LARGE maple that will need trimming. The estimator was also kind enough to discuss possible replacement trees and suggested a local nursery.

    Satisfied Customer, Metro Denver Area
  • They got us on the schedule a few weeks sooner than what they thought they could, which was a nice surprise. The 2-person team did a great job of pruning both trees and removing the debris while avoiding stepping on other plants in the area. Both trees look great.

    Satisfied Homeowner, Denver Metro Area
  • DLC provided excellent and safe work from beginning to end. True professionals the linden tree was the most challenging portion of the job. This tree was 65 years old, very tall and spread out. It had two large branches that had been cabled together many years ago so there was the risk of the tree falling as it was being removed. This tree also had significant damage from a wood and recently had become home to a large swarm of bees. Clearly not an easy job. But everything unfolded just as the company had outlined for me. Of most importance to me regarding the work being performed is the level of customer service DLC Arbor provided me. Everyone...from Jason who quoted the job, to Ann in the office, to Joshua the job supervisor and crane operator, to every one of the team members assigned to my job...treated me like I was their only customer. My expectations in every respect were surpassed. This is a company who clearly understands customer service AND who truly values their employees. You can't go wrong with DLC Arbor.

    Satisfied Customer, Denver Metro Area
  • DLC responded promptly to my email request for an estimate--several other tree companies completely ignored me. Jason came to the house within a couple of days, arrived on time, and provided the estimate. The work was scheduled about a month in advance. The crew of two arrived on time, took down the trees very efficiently, and cleaned up thoroughly afterwards, they were very friendly and very professional. They even discovered a sprinkler line as they were grinding the stumps and amazingly managed not to damage it. I highly recommend the stump grinding service--it's as if the trees were never there, and will make planting new ones very easy.

    Satisfied Customer, Denver Metro Area
  • Ken and his team were absolutely awesome, this is where this company shined. They showed up on time and did a great job in almost 100 degree heat. They finished the job in approximately five hours which is almost precisely what Ken had estimated after his assessment. The job was of very high quality in my opinion and Ken took the extra time to explain to me why they done what they did which is a very nice touch. The actual service part of this experience could not have gone any better...very impressive. My only misgiving about DLC is that when I called to schedule (after accepting their bid) I was told that they were running about four weeks out and that I would be contacted and scheduled. When I called to inquire on my projects status (after almost five weeks), I was told that when I scheduled they were running 6 to 8 weeks out even though the estimator had indicated a four week turnaround. To DLC's credit, they called me the next day and scheduled me for the following day which was great, they made it right in my mind but the fact that I had to call shows a problem with their scheduling process and management of customer expectations. Frankly, I wonder if I would still be waiting to hear from them if I had not been a squeaky wheel and called. Being in a service industry myself, I know that customer expectations are EVERYTHING and so I feel they need to implement a more responsive system to let customers know what's going on with their project. One phone call to me during the four weeks would have alleviated any dissatisfaction I had with the administrative part of the process. All in all though, I would highly recommend DLC based on the fact that they did a great job at a fair price and ultimately (with a little prodding from me) did it in a reasonable time frame. Kudos to Ken and his team, you and your guys are awesome. Admins you need to get it together, meeting and managing customer expectation is your ONLY job and will hurt you in the future if you don't implement better controls for that part of the business.

    Satisfied Homeowner, Denver Metro Area
  • The crew was very professional. They did a good job trimming the overgrown trees and cleaned up all the branches. I would refer them to family and friends. The crew was very friendly and respectful. I would hire them again.

    Satisfied Customer, Denver Metro Area
  • DLC has helped hundreds in and around Denver and is very helpful and knowledgeable when it comes to tree health.

    Donna Jean Fournier
  • True professionals in every way. We had tree issues and they were able to diagnose the situation and help my poor trees in no time. Highly recommend!

    Stephanie Smithfield
  • Will only use DLC tree services! Have used them a few times in the past with great results. Very nice hard working gentleman! Thank you DLC!

    Bobbi Danny Bradshaw-Nesladek
  • Great service, they took out a huge tree for us today. Could not have been more professional.

    Tracy Marshall
  • I have used DLC Arbor Services in the past twice. They did an excellent job on trimming a very large silver maple in my front yard and removing a gigantic stump in my backyard. This stump grew over an old sidewalk and had rebar and a fence post embedded in it. It was tough job but DLC removed the stump at a reasonable price.

    John Downs
  • These guys were great!!! I have a large maple tree in my yard that needed to have some limbs taken down and DLC did a wonderful job! They were courteous, punctual and did everything to perfection. Very reasonable prices too. I highly recommend them!

    Andrew H.
  • I had them remove an Aspen and trim nearly all my trees and bushes in the front and back of my house. The price was reasonable and they did an excellent job. They cleaned up, even covered the aspen stump with rock so that it was not detectable. I asked them to trim a little more from an evergreen and they happily did so to make sure the tree was straight. Most important, they had a good "eye" for tree trimming since it is an "art" to get a tree symmetrical. I will definitely use them for all of my future tree and bush services!

    Donna K.
  • We had a large tree, another stump, and some small bushes we wanted removed. Their estimate came in lower than the others I received. My main complaint is they couldn't get me in for nearly three weeks. But when they showed up, they did the work quickly. They cut the wood into firewood lengths for me, and took away the rest. Clean up was pretty good, although probably could have been a bit better.

    SL D.
  • A long overdue positive review: Great experience with the company from start to finish. The bidding process was easy, and Ken and crew who did the tree removal were fantastic. Removed the trees as discussed, and cleaned up everything to perfection. They were professional and fast, and everyone I dealt with at the company was easy to work with. I had two other bids and DLC was the most competitive. Yay! It's so refreshing to have your expectations exceeded!

    Darcy C.
  • DLC recently came out to trim 3 trees in my backyard that had not been trimmed in years. Before deciding on DLC I received estimates from 4 other competitors in the Denver area and DLC was able to substantially beat their prices, and then added on a winter discount. The team did a great job, and cleaned up everything from the work area in my yard, along with anything that had fallen in neighbor’s yards. They even hauled away a large pile of leafs I had not had time to bag! The employees were professional and friendly, answering any questions I had through the day. I will definitely use DLC Arbor Service again for future tree trimming.

    Josh B.
  • We had a dead honey locust tree in our backyard that needed to be removed. They removed the tree and cleaned up all the debris. Due to the access issues of our back yard (we don’t have a gate) we opted for just the tree removal service and did not have the stump removed so our cost was for tree removal only. The company showed up at the time/date agreed upon and did what was expected. We bought a coupon for $105 for $200 worth of work on Angie's list so the total cost without the coupon would be $650. We did get an estimate from two other companies and DLC was the lowest of all three. I was impressed with the clean-up, especially considering the limitations without the gate. The work took place in Nov 2013.

    Eric L.
  • DLC does great work! Well priced and their employees know a lot about what they are doing & they do it well. They take their time and make sure it's done right. They have all the latest equipment, heavy risers & rigs, so they can get to almost any size tree. They removed some trees for us & cleaned up the dead in our backyard.

    Justin P.
  • DLC came out to our house to trim a tree in our front yard. They've been friendly to work with and came out to our house for a free quote on trimming our old tree that had a bunch of dead branches on it. Not the fastest at replying to emails, but have been very nice in the process, and always followed up if I sent them a second email as I'm sure they are busy. They are scheduling a couple months in advance. They were also nice enough to bring a few cones by my house a couple of days before so I could prevent people from parking underneath the tree since it overlaps the street in front of our home where people often park their cars. They did a great job of cleaning up, I didn't even know that they were there save the better looking tree. Would recommend them for anyone to use.

    Allen C.
  • DLC gave great service. The quote system was clear, precise, and in understandable language. The service was as quoted. Cleanup was well done. The only criticism I would have is the time between quote and service. That however, may be reflective of the demand for their services.

    Dale C.
  • I wish I had discovered DLC Arbor Services five years ago, upon first moving to Denver. They did a fabulous job and were very knowledgeable and experienced when it came to trimming and removing dead trees from my yard. They were a pleasure to deal with from start to finish and their services were well-priced. I would recommend DLC highly -- and from now on, will use them regularly.

    Satisfied Customer, Denver Metro Area
  • Great Service! We had 3 large trees cut back this year. They took extra care saving our apple tree that was way overshadowed. Thanks guys.

    Megan S.
  • DLC came out and removed several trees that were dead or dying and ground the stumps. The estimate was done while I was at work and all of the communication was prompt and courteous. I had several estimates and one of them came in below DLC, but DLC matched the other company's estimate and we scheduled the work. DLC was very busy at the time so the service was scheduled for 6 weeks out which was not a problem for me. They ended up coming out within 4 weeks and removed the trees, again while I was at work. The work was done completely and the clean up was very thorough. I have plenty more tree trimming that needs to be done. DLC will get my business for that. I highly recommend this company.

  • Initially purchased deal for tree trimming...agreed on estimate for job AND then my large locust fell taking down my evergreen. So we agreed upon a new estimate to remove both trees with stumps. EXCELLENT JOB!!! Fit me in to their schedule quickly in light of a yard full of trees/branches. Excellent work for a fair price!! I would gladly call them for future jobs as well as refer my friends to them. STRONG WORK!!

    Alli H.
  • We had a few trees which needed trimming and several shrubs which had gone wild and needed a serious "haircut". Both of these tasks were completed in a timely and expeditious manner. Some time ago, we had some work done on the trees to reduce the limbs which were obstructing the driveway. A different contractor charged us $300 for one side of those trees. Later, the started asking to do the other side of the trees for an additional $800. DLC did BOTH sides of these trees for $490!

    William M.
  • What a pleasant experience! Jason was extremely knowledgable, and directed me as to what was the most important to be done now and what could wait until spring.His services were very reasonable. The work that was performed was done perfectly and exactly when he stated that it would be done, not to mention everything was completely cleaned up afterward! I have already referred him to my friend, and will have him back in the spring to do more work. Best contractor I've worked with on Angie's List. Several trees were trimmed back away from the roof of the home, an entire tree was removed in a narrow area between homes, other trees were trimmed up very nicely.

    Shellene M.
  • We have a huge tree in the front of our house and it needed to be tended too, DLC Arbor Svcs did just that.  Due to the popularity of the coupon deal, they couldn't get to me right away.  I bought the deal over a month ago and they just got to me today.  But it was no big deal, Jason was very responsive as soon as the deal was bought, he sent me an email and then he came out to do an estimate on the tree.  We corresponded back and forth and finally a date was scheduled.  His crew was amazing and the tree looks great.  They did a wonderful job with the cleanup and it looks amazing.  I will definitely be looking at using them again in the spring to help me with lawn projects and an actual tree removal.  I highly recommend them.  Thank you.

    Christina Z.
  • They trimmed 1 large evergreen on the front of my property and 2 large silver maples in the back. They trimmed all broken and over-grown branches on the maples, shaped the evergreen and hauled away all debris. They were courteous, polite and tidy.Jason Kleinsmith allowed me to pay with a credit card, which made the transaction a lot easier for me.  I am overall very satisfied with their work.

    Mary H.
  • A very large cottonwood tree needed trimming of dead wood. Jason came and provided an estimate and explained the options regarding the large tree. Arrangements were made for the work to be completed and the team came out and did a very good job. They were efficient, polite, moved items that may be damaged by any falling branches, and cleaned up after all the trimming. They were kind to leave some of the smaller/medium branches for us to cut up into fire wood and did a little of it for me themselves. I will definitely use this company again.

    Evelyn S.
  • We had seven fruit trees that had not been pruned in years. When the estimate was given, we also received an option on it to remove three of them for a similar price. The removal price included grinding the stumps. We chose to keep those trees, however. The estimate also originally included cleaning up some aspens, but we chose to not have the aspen work done. The work on the fruit trees was fast, professional, and they did an excellent clean-up of the pruned branches. As a bonus, the workers pruned a small Japanese maple we have in our front yard, free of charge. Overall, they did an outstanding job, and I highly recommend them. I will use them again.

    Chris M.
  • They came, they did the job, they left.  They were good.  I have a tree that is large and a bit lopsided. I was concerned about the proper way to trim it without making it look stupid or damaging it seriously.  I think they did exactly what was needed.

    They were very professional and knew what they were doing. So many so-called tree surgeons don't really know how to trim correctly without damaging the tree.  I have complete confidence in this company.  They did an expert job and I got my money's worth for sure.

    Sue A.
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