Dan Caplis has been litigating catastrophic personal injury cases and wrongful death cases in Colorado, and around the nation, for the past 34 years. In fact, during his first year out of law school Dan was selected to serve as the lead trial attorney in a complex three week jury trial involving catastrophic injury to three young children. That extraordinary trial experience convinced Dan that he wanted to spend his life helping good people whose lives have been shattered by the recklessness of others.

For the past 35 years Dan has served as lead counsel in numerous successful trials and arbitrations. Dan’s proven willingness and ability to take cases to trial has also helped Dan successfully settle hundreds of very important cases prior to trial, including many resulting in seven figure recoveries.

Dan’s firm is blessed with enormous legal firepower, including a number of the most experienced and accomplished attorneys in Colorado, and a veteran staff.

Dan’s firm prides itself on making the vast resources of it’s firm available to good people from all walks of life by accepting righteous cases on a percentage fee basis.  Dan never charges a fee for an initial consultation.

Dan is the only personal injury attorney endorsed by Dave Logan.

If you need Dan’s help please feel free to call him at (720) 306-8761. You may also contact Dan through his website, DanCaplisLaw.com


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  • Personal Injury

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Dan Caplis Law Rating: 4.7

Darley Stiebing

Mar 04, 2021
After the accident I had a lot of worries, and Dan was recommended to me because senior citizens are one of his top priorities. […]


Apr 12, 2021
Amy Ferrin knows her stuff! She's sharp, thorough, and cut through the clutter eliminating any confusion I had about how to proceed. I was […]

Laura Siegel

Oct 02, 2020
I've had the great pleasure of working with Caplis Law and his stellar staff. I've been an avid listener to Dan's radio show, and […]

June Martin

Feb 24, 2021
WARNING!! DO NOT USE THIS LAW FIRM!! I spoke with Katie the intake person & she took down my information & said that Dan […]

Jim Murphy

Dec 03, 2020
I worked with Dan for over a year and a half, preparing to bring a case to trial. There are SO MANY things I […]

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I was rear ended on my motorcycle while stopped for traffic on I-25 by a distracted driver. We were told by several doctors that I shouldn't have survived the accident.The day after the accident my wife called Dan Caplis law. We were pleasantly surprised when Dan Caplis himself walked into my hospital room. We told him what we knew at the time and he agreed to help us. We were treated extremely well and are impressed at how thorough & helpful everyone at his firm is.
Dan Caplis and his people are not kind to people because it's their job, they're kind & helpful because in their hearts they really care about other people. Since our case has a non-disclosure I can say "We came out with a satisfactory resolution to our case".
We are very pleased with the way we were treated and would highly recommend Dan Caplis & his people because of their knowledge of the law, their talent and caring for the people who come to them for help.

Dave K.
  • I was in a bad car accident in 2017, and hired Dan Caplis' legal firm to help me navigate through a very trying time in my life. Ethan worked with me as my personal attorney that communicated every aspect of my case and I was financially taken care of even better than I anticipated. Dan Caplis Law Firm will help you and guide you each step through your legal procedures. I highly recommend bringing a champion into your case to help you with serious legal matters. Dan Caplis Law Firm is that champion. Thanks for all your help.

    Dan M.
  • The Dan Caplis Law Firm were truly the nicest and knowledgeable people my wife and I have met in a long time. It seems in today's corporate world it is very hard to find people or companies that really care about you and that are straight forward. We would highly recommend Dan Caplis to anyone who wants an honest and sincere law firm. This comment as not written due to the outcome but from our hearts.

    Robert W.
  • In 2015, my wife was hit by a distracted driver and suffered very significant injuries. Dan Caplis Law treated our family with the utmost courtesy, respect & professionalism through out our entire legal process. Mr. Caplis and his firm greatly assisted us in managing everything associated with this very stressful situation and guided us to a successful legal conclusion. We highly recommend this firm.

    Scott S.
  • Dan Caplis' firm settled my claim as soon as all the medical bills were in. They answered all my calls and when the settlement came in, they even reduced the amount of their fees by almost a third! I mean who does that? Great people.

    Jim C.
  • It truly was a privilege to have had Mr. Waheed help me with my case. He's smart, passionate about helping and was persistent with my case. I was referred to him and would highly recommend him to anyone else seeking help.

    Former Client, Denver, CO
  • I had a personal injury case that never made it to trial, but was settled and I was very happy. Babar Waheed gave my case a real shot and came to bat for me when it mattered most. I didn't feel like he was ever too busy for me like I had with attorney's I dealt with in the past.

    Former Client, Denver, CO
  • I have consulted with Babar on multiple legal issues and he is compassionate, insightful, and dedicated. He is strategic with his approach and pays attention to detail. Babar is a true professional and advocate!

    Former Client, Denver, CO
  • Babar put everything into my accident case, even if it was after his office hours or on the weekend, whenever I needed him he was there for me. My whole case and my accident was very stressful to me and my family, Babar has a very calming way to make us feel better. Babar is very intelligent and fought for me until we won the case. I will highly recommend Babar Waheed to anyone who needs a Compassionate, patient and kind lawyer who will fight for them until the end.

    Former Client, Denver, CO
  • Dan truly cared about us, which gave us the confidence and strength to fight. We won. He is confident, intelligent and compassionate and one of the hardest working people we know.

    Former Client, Denver, CO
  • Dan Caplis' firm settled my claim as soon as all the medical bills were in. They answered all my calls and when the settlement came in even reduced the amount of their fees by almost a third!! I mean who does that? Great people!

    Jim C.
  • In 2015, my wife was hit by a distracted driver, and suffered very significant injuries. Dan Caplis Law treated our family with the utmost courtesy, respect & professionalism throughout our entire legal process. Mr. Caplis and his firm greatly assisted us in managing everything associated with this very stressful situation and guided us to a successful legal conclusion. We both highly recommend this firm.

    Scott Shutack
  • I am posting my first review ever - near the anniversary of the heartbreaking incident that brought us to a malpractice case. We chose Dan Caplis to represent us in our medical malpractice litigation. The event itself was tragic, but the legal posturing from the offenders that followed was malicious and beleaguering. We sought an attorney who was sharp, knowledgeable, and ready to meet the ferocity toe-to-toe - but also a person with personal ethics. We found that person in Dan Caplis. We appreciated the way that Mr. Caplis had his team catalogued the details of the case and nuances of the law – good legal practice. But more than that, Mr. Caplis understood our devastation and indignation and was not afraid to challenge the opposing team with cutting edge social media sequelae if they should refuse to ignore their obligations. As we prepared for an emotional trial full of unknowns, Mr. Caplis and his team organized hundreds of details into a brick solid case with integrity and without compromise that put us in a position to ultimately win a multi-million-dollar settlement. His compassion was real, his advice was sound (sadly - no – the legal system does not deliver justice), and his legal preparations were rigorous and well prepared. There is a network of victims and we have come to know other families that have walked a path similar to ours. None of the group feel that they were represented at the caliber that we were. We are thankful that there are skilled, challenging, and ethical attorneys out there that will fight for a just cause. We hope that you are never in a situation where you are in need of a medical malpractice attorney. But if you are, we can attest to the value of Mr. Dan Caplis.

    Mel Daniel
  • Mr. Caplis took the time to listen to my situation, ask clarifying questions, and offer potential solutions/courses of action. I felt that he offered a fair and honest legal opinion regarding my situation.

    Rachel Knost
  • In 2006 I was involved in a very serious car accident. My first call was to Dan Caplis, who is a longtime friend. I'm so glad that Dan handled everything for me from the accident forward. It is amazing how the insurance companies will try to twist the facts, and aggressively attack you. Within months, the insurance company was treating me as though I was the one who caused this accident. They attacked my career, all my past medical history, and even me as a person. If it had not been for the expertise and guidance from Dan Caplis and his associates I might have given up on my case. He continued to make sure that I met all the appropriate timelines and set up medical experts needed to support my case. In the end, I ended up getting the maximum payout from the insurance company which felt great after what they had put me through. If you are ever in the unfortunate situation of a bad accident, I would recommend you call Dan Caplis and his associates before anyone else.

    Tom Rouen
  • Dan Caplis is most effective personal injury advocate I have ever had the opportunity to witness. His creativity, advocacy skills, and reputation built on 34 years of litigation combine to make Dan an unstoppable force when pursuing a righteous personal injury case. Dan does everything in his power to help the courageous fight back. Simply, if a loved one or I ever need representation in a personal injury matter, I want Dan as the lawyer.

    Babar Waheed
  • I highly endorse this lawyer. I have worked with Dan for 6 months now and knew of him before that. He is passionate about the practice of law and his clients. Also, he is extremely detail oriented.

    Michael Mcnally
  • We worked with Dan in a very complex personal injury case involving our youngest daughter. He was professional during all aspects of a 2-year relationship, he helped us assemble a solid case with a strong legal team and he offered us genuine personal support and concern throughout. We think very highly of Dan and can quickly endorse his services to anyone facing the confusing and bewildering challenges that result from wrongful personal injury.

    Past Client
  • I called Dan to see if he was the right person for me, and he was very honest and recommended the correct type of firm for my legal needs. I appreciate that he took the time to talk to me and educate me about my potential case.

    Mary Marks
  • We were involved in a devastating automobile accident in March of 2008 that was not our fault. We contacted Dan Caplis for help. Dan was with us every step of the way. We were never passed off to a paralegal or another attorney. Dan pulled together a team of fantastic attorneys who assisted with our case. After almost a five-year battle, Dan and his team defeated two insurance companies culminating in the maximum settlement allowed by law from both companies. In addition to being a very skilled attorney, Dan is dedicated, compassionate, and caring. Thank you Dan,

    Gary and Patti Brug
  • Dan Caplis is simply the best lawyer in Colorado. There's not much more to say than that. However, I don't think a testimonial can be only one sentence! When I was first in my accident I was terrified, worried, confused... I had no idea which way was up or down, nor which way to go. Then I called Dan's office because my mom listened to him on the radio. To my surprise, when I asked for Dan Caplis to be my personal lawyer, I was granted none other than Dan himself. I wasn't treated like just another case to him. I was treated like myself. I had a personal connection with my lawyer. I don't think many personal injury victims can say that. In fact, from personal experience, I know that people who have chosen other "popular" lawyers have had terrible experiences. I would never want to get into my accident again, but if it meant having the exact same experience with Dan and his staff, I'd do it. He made me feel like I could win. He gave me the confidence I needed to fight, and win against, the insurance company. In the beginning, they only offered me $17,000. To a single mom of two, that was life changing! Then I thought about it more and thought about how hurt, how scarred I was from my accident. My physical and my emotional wounds were worth so much more than $17,000. So I called Dan and asked him what to do. He told me something I'll never let go of, "Do what's in your heart, what you feel is the right thing." I apply this to my every day life now. In fact, it was the inspiration for one of my tattoos! The tattoos that Dan may not have been a fan of, but it never affected the way he treated me or thought of me as a person! 🙂 After thinking long and hard about turning down that much money, I decided the right thing to do was to fight. I wasn't going to let that drunk driver get away with throwing, what to an insurance company is, a small chunk of change at me and telling me to go away. "I fight... I survive..." is what my tattoo reads... and fight is what I would do. With Dan Caplis standing strong at my side. See, he didn't make this decision for me, he just gave me the confidence and the knowledge to make the right decision. When it all ended, there was a long, hard, sad, difficult trial... but it was all worth it. The happy ending that Dan Caplis got me? Over half of one million dollars! I owe my life today to him and his team. Thank you again Dan. I love you and consider you to be one of the most influential men I've ever been lucky enough to have in my life.

  • Through no fault of our own my wife and I were in an automobile accident that resulted in life threatening injuries to both of us. At that point I called Dan Caplis. We were given Dan's personal cell phone and told to call anytime of the day or night. Dan truly cared about us, which gave us the confidence and strength to fight. We won.

    In our opinion there is not a finer attorney, or person anywhere than Dan Caplis. He is confident, intelligent and compassionate and one of the hardest working people I've ever known. We are now lucky to call him our friend.

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