All Pro Restoration is family owned and operated and caters to the local metro communities.  Their philosophy is that no job is too small and no customer insignificant.  They welcome any job, large or small, commercial or residential.  They promise to treat your home or business as though it was their own.

So why choose All Pro Restoration?  Their mission is Honesty, Integrity, Knowledge, Teamwork, Perseverance, Emergency, Serving, and Insurance.  All members of their team are trained technicians so you know the quality of work will meet or exceed your standards.  Call All Pro Restoration today and experience the difference in restoration services.


Services Offered:

  • 24-Hour Emergency Service
  • Disaster Cleaning – Water Damage and Fire
  • Lead Paint Removal
  • Mold Removal – Restoration Cleaning
  • Odor Cleaning
  • Water and Fire Restoration
  • Duct Cleaning
  • Content Cleaning
  • Pack Out Services

Google Reviews

All Pro Restoration Water, Smoke, Mold Damage & Cleanup Rating: 4.6

Carol Storey

Mar 20, 2024
Victor did a wonderful job explaining everything to us. He and his team did excellent work. Victor kept us informed of the […]

Debbie Born

Jan 12, 2024
Victor and Jonathan handled the mold remediation in our attic space. Both men were polite and kind. Victor was the one to go […]

Michael Paul

Dec 17, 2023
I had a water leak in my finished basement. All Pro Restoration, and specifically Abraham, was amazing from beginning to end. They were […]

joshua franklin

Dec 08, 2023
I wanna give a shout out to Israel for doing an outstanding job! He completed my water mitigation and was super respectful and responsive […]

Jonah Beeken

Dec 04, 2023
This is a dirty company that is efficient at defrauding your insurance policy. We had a fire at our home and the mitigation team […]

50 Recommendations

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I had some water damage around a window and called All-pro to come out and evaluate if it was wood rot or more of a problem. Chris and Brad arrived on time, and looked at the problem, using several instruments to make sure no water had come into the home. They found no moisture and said all the moisture was on the outside of the home. It was so nice to be treated with respect, and have someone tell you honestly that I could have my handyman repair the problem for alot less money. Thank you for the integrity!

Sandra L Nichols
  • All Pro Restoration is a top-notch restoration services company. Myself as well as the asbestos abatement company I'm employed with are very grateful for the business relationship we share with All Pro, as we are often invited to participate in restoration projects they are working on in order to provide abatement services to their customers. I have heard nothing but great things about All Pro when working with their customers. They are known for their timeliness, and friendly professionalism. They have been very easy for us to work with, and we would gladly recommend them to anyone in need of the services All Pro offers.

    Paula A.
  • I came home from work and apparently my ice maker had busted and caused my whole kitchen and basement extensive water damage. Including my hardwood floors, drywall, and all my contents downstairs. Not only did All Pro show up within an hour, but they were very friendly and professional, even though I was not in the best mood as you could image. They were able to clean up all the water, removed everything that was damaged and cleaned and restore my contents downstairs. This whole situation was very overwhelming, but All Pro handled everything in a fast, efficient way and professional manner. Thanks All Pro for being there for me in one of the most stressful events in my life!

    Veronica H.
  • We recently had smoke damage to our home caused from a kitchen fire from our neighbors condo. As a result our whole condo was filled with smoke and we could not get rid of the smell both in the air and on our belongings. All Pro came over and after providing a detailed estimate we began work. They were able to use their equipment to cleanse our air free of smoke and removed the smell of smoke from our clothes and furniture. They were very fast in the process and had friendly and professional techs. We would recommend All Pro to everyone!

    Kristen G.
  • With the recent blizzard, one of my pipes froze eventually causing my basement to flood. All Pro was able to still fit me in the same day I called. They came out and were able to remove all my standing water and the damaged drywall. However, the most upsetting part was all the belongings I've been storing in my basement were affected. From my furniture to everything in my storage boxes were wet. All Pro pack out all my belongings, clean and restore everything that was salvageable. All Pro saved not only my home but my personal belongings.

    Tina B.
  • My home suffered from a fire recently that basically wiped out a large portion of my home, including the roof. All Pro Restoration swiftly responded, helped me with the insurance process, helped me knowledgeably speak to the insurance adjuster and get my house back to normal again. I would recommend a more friendly, knowledgeable and professional team of restoration professionals! Thanks for all you guys did! Good luck!

    Gully D.
  • All Pro Restoration is amazing and was a lifesaver!!! Recently my 80 year old Mothers basement had a sewage back up, once the plumber said that this is a big problem, I was in touch with All Pro Restoration as I was at a loss of what to do next. They were at her house within the hour to help, this was 8 p.m., and Jon was there and able to assist us immediately. Their staff is the best I have ever worked with, professional, friendly, knowledgeable and very respectful of my Mom and her home!!!! Without their assistance to help with the multiple vendors needed to repair all the damage this would not have been as streamlined no as coordinated. I highly recommend them!!!! They are our hero's!!!!

    Julie Hood
  • I can't say enough about how great All Pro was for us. They did a fantastic job of mitigating our damage, they were very prompt and knowledgeable and above all trustworthy. Jon has gone above and beyond to help us out!

    Sam Kaufman
  • All Pro is a great and reliable company. Very honest and trust worthy. We had a busted pipe late one evening. They were able to show up at 10:00PM and stayed until 1:30AM to get the water extracted and to start the drying process. They completely redid our basement and made it look brand new.

    Benjie B.
  • We had a sewer backup one year and All Pro Restoration came out to clean it up. Then, the next year, our house was devastated by the Boulder floods. We called All Pro Restoration again and as soon as the roads opened up, they were here to help. They worked with us to come up with some financial feasible options (since it wouldn’t be covered by insurance) and we were able to properly restore our basement at an much more affordable price. Hopefully we never have water damage again, but if we do, All Pro is on speed dial.

    J Bollinger
  • There was a mishap by a plumber I had in my home, but they called out All Pro Restoration to help with the water damage. All Pro was great. They didn’t cut any corners just because they were helping another company out. So, when my friend had water damage, I knew right who to refer them to!

    Kevin M
  • A plumber had recommended All Pro Restoration to us when we had water damage. We are certainly glad they did too. They really helped us out, and they made sure everything they did, got covered by insurance. I would happily recommend them to anyone.

    J Kottal
  • Our sump pump overflowed in 2013. All Pro Restoration helped us with the water damage. Then, my mother’s house had a sewer backup this year and when the plumber called All Pro Restoration to come help, I was so relieved. My husband and I are in real estate and any time we need All Pro’s help or need to run something by them, they are always there.

    C Fahey
  • My husband passed away and I found out I had a mold problem in my bathroom. I called All Pro Restoration to help me out. They were great from start to finish. Their people and recommended contacts were always friendly and professional.

    P Stenke
  • Our home was devastated by a kitchen fire this year. It was an emotional time for our family. All Pro Restoration came recommended by the local fire chief. They were great to work with and they made the insurance process manageable. We are now in the process of being put back together and we are so excited to move back in!

    Stewart B
  • I was on vacation when my water heater gave out. My entire condo was effected. Even though I was out of town, All Pro met with my neighbor and called me to walk me through the damage. When I returned from vacation my condo was dry and the contractor was ready to start. It was amazingly fast. So, when my friend’s tub overflowed, I didn’t hesitate to give her All Pro’s number!

    Jennifer G
  • All Pro Restoration is the only restoration company that we turn to when there is a water issue in a home that we have built and sold, or are in the process of building. We really rely on their expertise to make sure we are putting out a quality product!

    M Jones
  • With several water damage issues and mold issues in my home, I have always been very pleased with All Pro Restoration. They are the only company that takes the time to listen to my situation and actually address my problem. I have had many instances where contractors say they are going to show up and then just never do. But not All Pro Restoration. They were always on the ball.

    Karen L
  • Our boiler unit leaked in our basement. We had laminate floors that really made the damage seem very minimal. All Pro Restoration came out and showed us that the moisture had damaged almost the entire basement under the laminate floors. We were skeptical until they started pulling the floors up and we realized just how bad it really was. They really knew what they were doing!

    Paul K
  • All Pro Restoration was recommended to us by our carpet cleaning company when we had a water loss from our AC/Furnace system. They took care of everything for us. It was easy. Then, when it happened again, I called All Pro Restoration and instead of price gauging me, they helped me with a process that I could handle myself with little out of pocket expense!

    A Harrison
  • My husband and I had a small water loss in our master bathroom right before we sold our home. All Pro Restoration made sure we were dry and put back together before we closed on the home. Then, our new home had a water loss too! All Pro Restoration came right out, on a Saturday, found the leak after much deliberation, made sure our insurance company was going to cover everything and then made sure we were taken care of. Thank you for everyone’s help.

    Melondie K
  • I came home to a broken water pipe in my basement after being on vacation. I had 12” of standing water in the basement. All Pro Restoration came out, pumped the water out, walked me through the insurance process, made sure everything was thought of and really took their time with my home (in spite of a really busy time for them). I work in real estate and highly recommend them to all my clients.

    G Gentry
  • I greatly appreciated everything the All Pro Restoration team did for my home. I was devastated when our sewer line backed up in the basement but they helped me with care and expertise. They worked with the insurance company to make sure that I was taken care of 100%.

    Sandra L
  • I had water come in from the outside watering system back in June of 2016. All Pro Restoration came highly recommended by my neighbor. They were able to send two technicians out that night. They were efficient and very friendly. So, when I had another water loss from my sprinkler pipe in September of 2016, I knew exactly who I was going to call. Thank you to the All Pro Team!

    Loretta I
  • We had a water leak from our master shower that leaked onto our hardwood floors below. Not only was All Pro able to save our hardwoods, but they saved the tile in both bathrooms as well! They were a pleasure to work with and really knew how to handle the insurance company.

    J Miller
  • We had a water loss in February of 2014, around 10 PM. It was our second loss from the same water pipe. We called the insurance company and they recommended a company but that company couldn’t get there until the following day. Our plumber recommended All Pro Restoration, we called them and they came out that night at 11:30 at night. They worked tirelessly until 2 AM. When water wreaked havoc on our home again in December of 2015, we knew exactly who to call! We highly recommend the whole All Pro Restoration team!

    B Blasé
  • They went above and beyond, I am really pleased with them.

    Sherry B.
  • Wonderful company...wonderful employees. They mad a bad situation bearable. Great to work with!!!

    Linda F.
  • I have had a very bad year with water. In Feb I had a pipe freeze and break and destroyed a large portion of my house. John and Jessica came out to do the clean up. They were prompt, professional, courteous, friendly and answered all my questions. They did a great job and I was very happy with their work and the communication I had with Jessica. Lucky me, another pipe went haywire in August so my first call was to Jessica. They got out here right away and once again, got the job done.
    I like that they are family owned and operated and they have a very good crew working with them. It's rare they get repeat customers, but they remembered me and again took great care of my home and have stayed in contact with me. Jessica expressed a sincere concern that we had to go through this again. She is really easy to work with and so is John. I appreciate the care they take in restoring my home.
    It sucks I had to use them twice in one year, but glad they were here to do the work. Highly recommend hiring them if you need to have any water damage mitigation.

    Denise C.
  • We are so happy with All Pro Restoration. Thank you for your attention to detail.

    Jeanne B.
  • Everyone I dealt with at All Pro Restoration were very professional. They went the extra mile to work with us.

    Carol T.
  • Our washer overflowed into the washroom and down into the basement. The crew at All Pro took great care to check for water damage in the floors, walls, heating ducts and carpets. They were thorough in drying out our basement and washroom. They explained all of the process. I would recommend All Pro because they were thorough and showed genuine concern about doing a great job.

    Kris O.
  • I awoke one morning to water everywhere in my basement. Of course I panicked because this was a new experience for me. I was referred to All Pro Restoration by one of my good friends, and I was not disappointed one bit.
    Jessica and Jon helped me through this stressful time. They helped me with the claim process with my insurance company and kept me up to date on everything that was happening. Not to mention their office staff was great as well, very knowledgeable. Without Jessica and Jon and the rest of their team I would of surely went insane!
    Hands down All Pro Restoration is the way to go. Hopefully I don't have any more drain backups in the near future, but if so I know who to call!

    Sherrie B.
  • As an insurance adjuster I have had the opportunity to work with All Pro Restoration more than once in 2014 on some very difficult losses. I find them to be very professional and ethical in their dealings with both the insured and the insurance companies. I heartily recommend their firm for clean up as well as repair.

    Jonnie A.
  • All Pro is a great and reliable company with a good staff that can help you out quickly! We have worked with All Pro for the last two years and have had no bad experiences due to the strong communication skills they have. Definitely recommend All Pro for any emergency water damage from start to finish.

    John H.
  • I got up one morning around 130 AM to let the dog out. Coming into the kitchen I found there to be a few inches of standing water from a burst pipe. in a panic I Google searched for flood repairs, and saw that the Hero's at All Pro Restoration were close, and offer 24-hour emergency repairs. I called around 140AM, and spoke with Jessica, who was very polite, and walked me through finding the source of my leak. And shutting it off even through my panicked state. I have hard wood floors in my home and was very worried about water damage. well their response time was incredibly fast. Jon was in my driveway before 3AM, and got busy getting the water out and the floors dried. He even helped me setup and insurance claim. and gave me name to a great plumber that was able to fix the broken pipe, and was also very polite and professional. To sum it up, Great company to work with, in a stressful situation. and they were able to save my beautiful hardwood floors. Thank You.

    Christopher G.
  • Jessica and Jon and everyone at All Pro Restoration ARE professionals. They do a great job in not only the restoration work but helping you get through the insurance process. They are good at advising the right path to take when recovering from a disaster and are patient and understanding throughout. We used them for several restoration projects at rental properties we manage and then found ourselves needing them for projects at our own properties! They are the best!

    Genie R.
  • I have spent the past 3 years working closely with Jon and Jessica from All Pro Restoration. I can say without a doubt I would recommend them to anyone that needs restoration work done on their home or business. This includes my house and my family's homes. It goes without saying that they know what they're doing technically when a it comes time to restore a home or business after a flood or fire. But what sets them apart is their honesty and integrity. Things have to be done the right way and in the best interest of the client or they don't get done. It will feel like you have a member of your family helping you get back to normal.

    Frank F.
  • All Pro Restoration is a professional, efficient company who we have been working with on a regular basis. As an organization they are friendly, organized and relate-able. Many clients have given us positive feedback and reviews regarding All Pro Restoration. I would welcome them into my home for work and feel comfortable that from start to finish they would provide great service. Overall All Pro Restoration is a pleasant company to work with and we will continue to recommend them to our clients.

    Weecycle Environmental
  • I have had the pleasure of working with All Pro on 2 occasions. The staff is great and the attention to detail is awesome. I would and have recommended the
    company to others. They are the 1st people I called after the flood in 2013.
    I give this company a thumbs up.

    Nikki N.
  • My experience with All Pro Restoration was very comforting. The staff is professional and knowledgeable without a doubt. Jon and Jessica give 110%. The two of them are building a company on integrity, honesty and professionalism. A very respectful business. I've dealt with other restoration companies and this one by far is the most honest. Thank you for helping this single mother in my time of need. God bless and Merry Christmas!!

    Laurie C.
  • We manage over 150 properties around Boulder County and we have always had an excellent experience with All Pro Restoration. Jessica and her team are super responsive and professional and experts at their craft. We know we can rely on them in emergencies and will not hesitate to use them in the future!

    All County Boulder Property Management
  • We had severe water damage in our basement. More than 3/4 of our basement had been damaged. When we initially met with Jessica from All Pro, her knowledge, expertise, and willingness to help us through this catastrophic event in my opinion was second to none. She sat down with us and went over every single detail we would be facing. Jessica assured us that everything would be put back in the exact same condition as it was before we had the water damage. The entire company was an absolute joy to do business with - they showed us the highest of integrity that you do not see much of in today's world. I would highly recommend All Pro Restoration if and when disaster rocks your world.
    P.S. In all honesty, I would rate All Pro Restoration way above a "5"!!! Just saying.

    Al M.
  • Jon (the technician) did an excellent job diagnosing the source of our leak (chimney drainage) and prescribed an efficient course of action to remedy the problem. The diagnostic equipment (IR camera) was state of the art and Jon did a good job explaining how to analyze the results - since I'm an engineer this was very much appreciated. They were very flexible in scheduling an appointment, and offered a terrific rate. I would not hesitate to use them again if any problems arise.

    Sean H.
  • Jessica at All Pro is extremely knowledgeable about the entire process for water remediation, especially how to handle all of the pieces of an insurance claim. From asbestos abatement, to rebuild, to arranging storage solutions for your possessions. The only reason I did not go through All Pro is that the general contractor could not being work for 2-3 weeks and I am currently living out of a hotel, otherwise they would have been my top choice. They work with top notch abatement and contractors who are extremely busy but are known to do excellent work. If a problem arises with my current contractor, they will be the first company I call.

    Mary B.
  • Just as we were headed out of town, our sump pump failed and the subfloor basement flooded. It seems that a stream has made its way under our home - lucky us!
    We called a number of companies and All Pro Restorations responded in a timely manner. They came out and immediately began the work of cleaning up the basement and drying out the ground under the floor. After the ground was mostly dry they installed a moisture barrier to keep mold out of the house.
    They also recommended Umbrella Plumbing to install a second sump pump.
    Jessica & John are very friendly & professional. They gave us options to on the clean-up & restoration. They were very patient as we worked with the insurance company and bank to get them paid for the work covered by our policy.
    We highly recommend All Pro Restoration.

    Donna B.
  • Wow! When they say they will be at your house at a certain time they were there. We had a serious leak and a very wet wall with serious damage. They have been professional, thorough in investigating, drying things out and repairing the damage. I am very impressed. Highly recommend. They came in response to poor work from another company.

    Fred K.
  • After multiple floods, we were left feeling completely upset, frustrated and defeated. We had several companies come to give us quotes on the scope of work that needed to be done in the basement in order to ensure we didn't develop a mold problem. It was very difficult for us to make a decision since insurance won't cover our damage and we can't afford to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars in unnecessary repairs.
    Jon was the most helpful of the bunch. He took time out of his day to thoroughly investigate the problems in our basement and explain our options step-by-step in a very clear way that allowed us to make informed decisions about what to do next. Jon did not try to upsell us on anything that was unnecessary while at the same time making sure we had all of the information we needed to address our minor mold problem.
    He also gave me some recommendations on some simple things I could do on my own in order to save some money up front and left me with notes and feeling positive and empowered about our situation. I can't thank him enough and will definitely be using All Pro Restoration for ANY problem I have in the future. I would highly recommend All Pro Restoration to my friends. 5-star service, friendly and honest. THANK YOU!

    Infinite S.
  • All Pro did an excellent job responding to our very urgent plumbing problem. Their pricing was very competitive. The plumbing work was very professional. I recommend this team wholeheartedly.

    M. R.
  • We suffered from water damage in our basement. I gave All Pro Restoration a call and they came out to our house to do the estimate. The entire company showed me the highest of integrity and a super work ethic!! In the beginning, Jessica sat down with us and went over the entire process and displayed to us her knowledge and expertise in the area of water damage which we had experienced. The completed work that the company did for us was phenomenal!!! I was so pleased with every detail from start to finish. I would highly recommend All Pro Restoration to anybody that has any water damage problem.

    Allen M.
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