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Advanced Exteriors, Inc. stands out as a premier exterior restoration contractor, delivering a comprehensive range of services tailored for both residential and commercial projects. Beyond mere construction, the team at Advanced Exteriors understands that they are in the business of people. Each new client marks the beginning of a lasting relationship, one that extends far beyond the completion of a project. It's a commitment to excellence that has earned them a reputation for excellence, with the majority of their clientele coming through referrals.

Established by industry professionals driven by a vision for improvement, Advanced Exteriors, Inc. was born in 2006 to address unmet needs within the industry. Fueled by a collective frustration with the status quo, the team has relentlessly pursued innovation, constantly striving for better ways of serving their clients. Their meticulous approach extends to their hiring practices, where they select only the best candidates who share their dedication to continuous learning and improvement. Every member of the team, including Project Managers, undergoes rigorous training, including specialized instruction such as Haag Engineering Inspection training.

What sets Advanced Exteriors apart is their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. They take pride in providing seamless repairs, friendly customer service, and a knowledgeable staff that is always ready to assist.

To discover more about their contributions to the community and their industry certifications, visit their website or reach out to them directly.

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Services Offered:

  • Roofing
  • Insurance Claim Specialist
  • Free Inspections
  • Gutters
  • Siding
  • Painting
  • Windows
  • Insulation

50 Recommendations

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I found Advanced Exteriors through a Dave Logan recommendation, and they did not disappoint! I called for a roof inspection and got connected to Sean Tillotson. He was so helpful and knowledgeable and easy to work with.
From beginning to end and all the way through, I can't say enough about what a seamless process this was. Sean was amazing as the Project Manager. Initially I was just looking for a roof inspection, as I'm taking on my parents' home, and had no idea that there was hail damage, or how old the roof was for that matter. He was so helpful and I did not feel pressured in any way, he answered all my questions, and worked with the insurance company and did all the heavy lifting to make this a very easy process. He always responded in a very timely manner to any issues or questions I had along the way. It was a pleasure to work with him. I'd say he represents the company extremely well, and if you are looking for a roof inspection, ask for Sean.

Tracy from the office was amazing at communicating with me throughout the process. We had a few weather related delays but she always worked with me and my calendar on finding good times to reschedule, as it wasn't always safe to proceed with high winds, snow etc. I was never in the dark about that and she gave me all the info I needed ahead of time to prepare for the roofers and having the materials delivered.

The crew that did the work was also wonderful. They were so respectful and polite and accommodating. They also worked very quickly and I was amazed at how fast they got it done. Then, the clean-up was meticulous and you would never have known they were here.

Over the years I've worked with many contractors and have had various jobs/repairs done, but I have to say this one was my best experiences yet. I can't even think of one negative/constructive comment to make here. The materials they used are of exceedingly high quality and comes with warranty. I liked the choices of color, grade, etc that I was offered. I want to especially thank Sean Tillotson for making this a great experience. I highly recommend Advanced Exteriors! I like my shiny new roof 🙂

Catherine Olford
  • We were fortunate to have Andrew Graves of Advanced Exterior, project manager, to undertake our roof replacement and other related damage to our house due to hail damage. Andrew Graves and his colleagues at Advanced Exterior were extremely helpful and completed all of the project components to our satisfaction and in a timely manner. We recommend Andrew Graves of Advanced Exterior to anyone who is seeking a competent and caring project manager to complete their project.

    Mohammad R.
  • We were completely satisfying with the work that Advanced Exteriors did on our home. Dave Newell was prompt and professional. He followed through with us during the whole process. Alex Heckenkamp helped us complete our billing so the process was seemless.

    Marianne Hojnowski
  • We are very satisfied with our experience with using AE as our general contractor for the repairs to our house following the catastrophic hail storm that hit Fountain, Colorado on 13 June 2018, and would recommend them to anyone. Everything was done well, in a timely manner, and within the budget of our claim settlement funds. Every item was replaced or repaired better than it was before, which has increased the resale value of our house. The fact that they are an established and reputable company whose main office is in Denver means that, unlike many of the fly-by-night roofers and contractors who flocked to the area after the storm, they will be here to stand behind their work, including that of their subcontractors.

    Craig Wilson
  • Advanced Exteriors is Awesome! I highly recommend this company for all your exterior projects!!
    My house got hit by badly the hail storm in May 2017. The damages were extensive, but my insurance company refused to pay for everything. This began a lengthy process that included Arbitration. Ty Corey and his team fought for me and made this process easy!
    Their professionalism, knowledge and guidance turned a bad situation into something that was easy to navigate! Without their support, I wouldn’t have known my rights, or the correct action to take with the insurance company. After we won the Arbitration, Ty thoroughly reviewed the scope of work with me, making sure I understood all aspects and options of the job. The work was done quickly, and the crews were friendly, professional and clean. My house has completely transformed and looks Amazing!
    Thank you, Advanced Exteriors!

  • Andrew Graves and Advanced Exteriors have done wonderful jobs on both the new roofing ( 2 years ago) and now the new siding. The siding was a huge project and there was some structural damage that had to repaired. Neither job was covered by insurance and the prices were very reasonable, especially on the siding. The quality was excellent and the clean up was very thorough. This was important because I have dogs and was worried about hazards such as nails that could cut their paws. I would highly recommend them.

  • This is the 2nd time in a year I've replaced my shingle roof due to hail damage. Advanced did a great job on both occasions and were in and done in one day(tearoff and reroof). Bill Davis, the company rep, actually called me the day after the May 2017 storm to see if I needed emergency repairs. He worked closely with the insurance adjuster on both occasions and was present when the inspection was done to make sure all damage was noted. On the prior replacement there were some communication problems with the scheduler but these were addressed and corrected. No problems with schedules this time. Great company to work with.

  • We recently had bad hail storm at our house. The day after I called Advanced Exteriors and they had someone on my roof checking it out that same day! They also came out on the day my insurance adjuster came out to help go through everything with him, and making sure the adjuster didn't miss any damages. Then they sat down with my fiancĂ© and I and talked with us through what we wanted for our replacement.

    Because we got our request into AE and my insurance company in a good time, they had our roof replaced within a few weeks, which for us was a huge deal because we also have a pool heating system on the back end of the roof, and could not replace that system and start heating the house until the roof was replaced. I've seem many reviews complain about timeliness, but in storms like this you are competing with a hundred thousand plus people also wanting/needing a new roof, so the quicker you can get things moving with your roofing company and the insurance company the less likely you will be one of those whining about it taking months to replace.

    Advanced Exteriors not only did a really nice job on our roof, vents, and gutters, but they also helped us with the other claims on our insurance and helped us find good contractors to do the sheet rock damages inside the house, re-staining the fence and house, and even helping with advise on the personal claims.

    Overall, we are very happy with the support we have been given by Advanced Exteriors, and would gladly recommend them to anyone in the future!

  • I am very impressed with Advanced Exteriors! My law firm's roof was a total loss in the May 8, 2017 hail storm in Golden, Colorado. Gary Irwin met with my insurance company's adjuster to make sure every thing that was damaged was taken care of in the appraisal. He is very detail-oriented and helpful and has made this entire process really easy for me. I would recommend Advanced Exteriors to any one or any business with a roof! Thanks again!

  • Eli Guthrie and the folks at Advanced Exteriors replaced my roof and gutters after a hailstorm. They did a very nice job, saved me a great deal of time by coordinating with my insurance company and both in the field and at their office were very easy to deal with.

  • They replaced my roof and did a fantastic job from beginning to end. I worked with project manager Chris Sheridan and he was extremely attentive to all of my needs. My mortgage company was a real pain to work with and waited months to release the insurance money and they were very understanding and patient. The roof looks great, I highly recommend them.

  • The process was smooth and they helped with the insurance side. The quality if work is superior to any roofing company out there!

    Natalie W.
  • New roof, including new vents. Great job. They were here when they said they would be, and were available for questions by phone up to the day of installation. We were never in the dark, and felt that our job was important to them. Good company.

    Elaine C.
  • I spent weeks calling roofers. Advanced Exteriors was recommended to me by a neighbor and they were the only roofer that came with information for me, a contract, and an idea of what would happen next. Other roofers (from Denver, Boulder, and Estes Park) would not return my calls, say they were coming out and then never show, or come out and never send an estimate.
    After I contracted AE, they did all of the work of contacting my insurance company and kept me informed on our timeline. Materials were delivered and the roof was finished within 2 days. It looks spectacular and I am thrilled to have worked with a company that guarantees their work.

    Dennis A.
  • The job was huge as the roofers had to remove 3 layers of shingles and shake from a one and a half story roof with a 45 degree pitch and work within a very confined space in between houses. There were problems along the way that were all dealt with and fixed to my satisfaction. All in all the knowledge, customer service and professionalism of the guys I dealt with was exceptional.

    Thia G.
  • There were no problems. They were informative, professional and courteous. They cleaned up after themselves every day. I had one minor problem that they immediately came back and took care of.

    David R.
  • This is a review for my Mother-in-law's home; we live in an entirely different state, so the entire process was handled via email and phone. I sent 3 emails based on Angie's list ratings, and Cliff with AE was the first to respond. He called me and set up a time to visit the house, stopped by, provided a bid, and followed up several times to see where we were in the process. Once we were ready for the work, he coordinated the date for the work, material delivery on Thursday, work on Friday.
    When they did the actual roofing work, they covered all the bushes, picked up the debris, and spent some extra time working on a portion of the roof that had leaked in the past. My Mother-in-law had nothing but high praise for Cliff and the team at AE.
    overall, very easy process, good communications, and they followed through very well on the job.

    Lauren W.
  • These guys are the best! I have highly recommended them to neighbors, family, and friends. Work was done in a timely manner and of the highest quality. I've built houses in the past, and I know quality when I see it! Advanced Exteriors maintains the highest standards of workmanship in all phases of the project. The gentlemen who worked with me were friendly, knew their product, and kept in touch throughout the entire project. I wouldn't use anyone else for roofing or windows!

    Steve P.
  • #1 - we interviewed at least 4 roofing companies. Robert Krouse came out to meet with us and look at the problem. Robert was the only one who thought outside the box when putting our options together. We knew that the original design of the house was flawed in that the roofline between the garage and house created a 20 foot long valley where water pooled and ice dams formed causing significant leaking over the years in the breezeway underneath. Robert proposed fixing the shake shingle roofline, replacing the roofing material, and also proposed a permanent fix to the valley/ice dam problem by altering the roof line with a cricket.
    Robert was the only one who proposed a permanent fix to the ice dam problem, along with other options, and that got my attention
    #2 - Robert was great in that he was not a high pressure guy, listened, but also was honest about any challenges we might face along the way.
    #3 - Roof replacement went smooth, team showed up, removed the shake roof and built the cricket on day one. The roof was put on day 2. Team cleaned and hauled everything away very nicely - was very happy with this.
    #4 - Gutter installation occurred a few days later, there was a little disconnect with what we were asking for and what the gutter guys thought they were going to do, but Robert was there, smoothed it over, and the job was done as I had hoped it would be. Rerouting a couple of the downspouts that were poorly placed in the original install to move water away from the house even further.
    #5 - Then when we inspected, there were several items that needed addressing or looking into. Robert always followed up and on a couple of occasions came out and took care of the issue himself. The one big issue was that the water flow from the cricket under extreme storming - as happened in July this year - flowed over the top of the gutter. Robert personally researched several options and designed a system to trap the water in these extreme situations and installed it himself.
    We are extremely happy with the job AE did, and specifically Robert. I know that if I see anything, or have any concerns that Robert and the team (Andy, etc.) will come out and ensure it is taken care of and that I am happy before calling it good.

    Douglas H.
  • Advanced Exteriors completely replaced our totaled hail damaged roof as well as one window. They worked with us throughout the process and acted as a liaison with our insurance company. They also talked us through the process and helped us decide how much work to have done within our budget.
    I was extremely impressed with the service we had. I never felt like we were pushed into things we didn't want or need. Advanced Exteriors was also able to liaise with our insurance company to get the most out of our insurance. It was very little work for us, which was a relief. The work went extremely quickly, and the quality was excellent. The roofers cleaned up very well when they were finished, so we didn't have to do any clean up work afterward.
    We plan to call Advanced Exteriors next time we need work on the house. I have already recommended them to several of our neighbors who's property was also damaged by the hail.

    Laura M.
  • (Y) The people at Advanced Exteriors are great! They gave us a quote, worked with my insurance company for proper payment amounts, GOT A PERMIT, came out, TORE OFF 4 LAYERS OF OLD ROOF and completely re-sheathed the roof with new wood, installed high quality shingles & edging cleaned up, inspected the roof for quality THEN, set a ladder up for the city building inspector to look the job over! AND, they discovered a problem with some of the vents on my house and corrected those! They went over and above to "MAKE IT RIGHT! Incredible service rarely received from companies in the sector! Well done Brendan! (Y)

  • Advanced Exteriors worked with my insurance company after the july 7th hail storm. Brendon Christenson met with my adjuster and got Allied insurance to cover my whole roof replacement with no out of pocket expense. Brendon instructed me to be patient and in about a month Advanced had settled my claim. The following week the crew came out to install the new roof. In 1 day we had the best roof on the block. We had our insurance check indorsed and sent it in. They did a great job from start to finish. The only set backs were my insurance companies delays and the Denver city inspectors delays.

    Kyle A.
  • They took care of me AGAIN! Shortly after installing my beautiful new windows, Advanced Exteriors helped me to get a new roof approved by my insurance company. They took care of the entire process with my insurance, making sure my adjuster added payment to take care of all the necessary upgrades for code, namely a new electrical mast and an entire new plywood deck for my whole house and garage! The high-definition shingle, ridge vent, high-profile ridge shingles and matching pipes, jacks and drip edge they installed (all FREE upgrades!) look so good, my neighbor directly across the street has already signed up with them to get the same roof installed! Best of all, my roof came with a free LIFETIME, transferable warranty - straight from the manufacturer, because of the high-level certifications Advanced Exteriors holds. All in all, they helped me increase the value of my home significantly with no headaches and a commendable level of professionalism. The entire process took just a few short weeks. I couldn't be happier - I can't wait to replace my gutters so I can go back to Advanced Exteriors!

    Lydie L.
  • The project manager/salesman was very professional and completely knowledgeable with his products and the company. Dealt with the insurance and that was great. Helped the production department, also kept ius informed with the whole process. the crew was clean, professional and easy to work with. The whole process was easy as this was to find Tim to do the roof replacement. I would refer to others.

    Gary I.
  • They guys showed up on time, completed and cleaned up. I was very impressed.

    Don G.
  • I was impressed by the company and would recommend them. I did not end up going with this company only because I chose a roofing material different than what they offer. On the morning that I contacted the company, Eli called me back within 2 hours and was able to come to my house the next day. He was very professional and explained things very thoroughly. He also offered to be here when the insurance adjuster came the following week. Eli was great about answering all of my questions and showing me samples of the materials. If you are looking for an EPDM or TPO roof, I would recommend Eli and Advanced Exteriors.

    Bettina C.
  • Representative was friendly, thorough, and accurate in all representations of company's quality, materials, and workmanship. Once we chose this company, they arranged a date very soon. Actual roofing professionals were very prompt and finished entire job sunup to sundown working efficiently and tirelessly! The finished product appears seamless, without blemish, and looks beautiful. We are very pleased with this company's service start to finish.

    Don W.
  • Everyone in the company from the initial roof contractor, to the office staff, to the roofers were courteous, professional, and easy to work with!

    Stephen B.
  • From the time of original estimate, things went very well. Crew was on time, professional, and worked within estimate, and clean up was outstanding.

    Max S.
  • Very well, Gary was fantastic, work was done very quickly and neatly, looks better than expected also needed chimney work and he referred me to a great company.

    Alisha S.
  • Everything went great. No problems that they didn't fix right away.

    Wesley P.
  • We had a claim on our insurance so all we had to pay was our deductible. The experience was positive and they were very friendly. I have small children so I voiced my opinion on leaving nails and they really took the time to make sure all the nails were picked up. They were very personable and I will use them again in the future.

    Stephanie K.
  • I called Advanced exteriors for a quote to repair some leaking flashing. Blake noted that there had been hail damage to the whole roof. Blake spoke with my insurance adjuster and I ended up with a new roof.

    William S.
  • I discussed the new roof over the phone with him and explained to him what my insurance company told me about the replacement. He pointed out the Big Deal doesn't give them any flexibility to work with insurance at all, so using the Big Deal would end up costing me more money. He advised me to contact Angie's List for a refund. I appreciate his honesty and will be contacting them for a bid to do the insurance work.

    Ola P.
  • very easy to work with, slow start but a fast finish. Very professional would use them again.

    Joseph B.
  • very well. sales staff was efficient and thorough in explaining work to be done, materials to be used, and in providing pricing data. company was vey helpful in dealing with our insurance company. cleanup was very good- work was done while we were out of town and we saw no sign of damage or material left over clutter- only a new roof when we got home.

    William B.
  • Entire process was relaxed and professional. Concerns about new roofing material not matching first story roof were alleviated by providing copious samples for layout and comparison. Replacement process was comprehensive. Payment terms were low key.

    Kurt H.
  • I called them for a second estimate as we thought we were going to need to cover the cost ourselves. We've always had a lot of wind damage, but had consistently been told it was not enough to warrant an insurance claim. However Andrew and Andrew explained to me that because my shingles could not be matched I was in line for a new roof covered by insurance. I had the agent come out and do the inspection with the roofers and that turned out to be the case. So we ended up paying nothing after another estimate of $9000. Also we were installing a new whole house fan and I wanted the roofers to install the ventilation upgrades necessary for that AND add two new vents for bathroom fans (to be installed by me). Advanced exteriors was not only willing to do the work but also worked with me for a more attractive end result, using ridge venting rather then whirly birds or other large vents. The end result is beautiful. My only problem came in that since the work was different than the usual and I was out of town when they did the roof it did not get done to the specs properly. I had to have them come back to install the additional ridge venting and move one of the new bathroom vents. That ended up taking another two weeks to get completed, just because of communication issues on their side. Andrew and Andrew were great to work with and were very responsive to my calls and I would definitely recommend this company for roofing.

    Cecile F.
  • Removed old roof replaced roof and fixed troubled area with new wood and sealed. Explained everything well, I would use them again.

    Mindy P.
  • Advanced Exteriors specializes in negotiating their required price from insurance companies and ensuring everyone (homeowner, insurance company and Advanced Exteriors) is on the same page and agreement before work begins. The sales staff is pro, the installation was right on time and done quickly and professionally, and the warantee is top notch.

    Jason K.
  • Advanced Exteriors appeared when we requested them last year after hail damage. They gave us a ton of good paperwork on the materials, financing, etc. on their work. They worked with the insurance company, inspected with insurance, took care of all details of the work necessary and then some.
    Andrew and Andrew were really good people to deal with, and believe me they had our entire neighborhood with their signs out front within a month of the hail storm. The roofers were good in the sense their were few nails if any, and they cleaned up everything very well.

    Greg H. from Fort Collins
  • I own a duplex and had to coordinate the roof repair with the couple on the other side. It was difficult for us to agree on a contractor because we don't get along very well. Advanced Exteriors was one of the few companies that didn't use subcontractors for labor which was a must-have for the neighbors. Robert did an excellent job working with the insurance company to get every penny necessary to do the job. It was not an expensive roof (less than $10k) but we got first class service. Before we found Advanced Exteriors, I was convinced the roof would never get fixed and if it did, it would go over budget. Everything worked out as planned and Robert did an amazing job coordinating with some difficult personalities. I could not be happier!

  • They were very professional and easy to work with. They kept me updated on the status of the whole project from start to finish. They inspected our house roof, gave us a list of damage, and worked with our insurance company on the claim. They did not require the insurance payment up front like others we talked to. They were on time and finished our roof in 1 day. No issues with workmanship.

    Thomas from Littleton
  • I wanted to reduce the over-all heat load on my house, so I was interested in solar-powered vents to lower the temp in my attic. I contacted Advanced Exteriors and was given a very fair rate. The job was completed promptly and at a very competitive price.

    Don from Denver
  • We are selling our house and had the roof repaired by a roofer who said they were licensed. Unfortunately, they were not. So we called Advanced Exteriors in an emergency to get a certification of our roof over the weekend. The woman I spoke with was very compassionate and realized the urgency of the situation. The owner was contacted that day and within just a few hours the roofer that was to do the job called us even though it was a Friday evening. He was very caring and explained what a certification was and how much it would cost. He was happy to schedule for that very Monday in order to meet our deadline. This has impressed both my husband and myself. We did not continue with the certification, due to the fact that we came to a resolution with the buyer, but will certainly keep them in mind for any work needed in the future based off of their customer service.

    Alesha from Loveland
  • We had a really good experience with them. It went really well. They were really good with working with the insurance company as for the price. They were very helpful, prompt and they cleaned up after themselves. We got a really great roof. We would definitely use them again in the future.

    Mikayla from Centennial
  • My neighbor also had severe hail damage to his home and highly recommended Advanced Exteriors. I called AE and set up an appointment for an AE inspector to check out my roof and actually use chalk to circle the areas where I had damage. I reported this to my insurance company and they agreed with the AE inspector and told me to proceed with the roof replacement. Andrew Mino from AE came to our home and spent a couple hours with my wife and me. We chose the type of roofing materials and the color and Andrew upgraded the materials to the best offered with a 30 year guarantee. 5 weeks later a crew arrived at our home and completed the new roof in two days. Outstanding workmanship, top notch installers and very courteous. I am also hiring AE to replace my gutters this summer. Great company whom I'd recommend to anyone.

    Carl from Broomfield
  • These folks put on new lifetime guaranteed siding on my house and new trim to match my new roof, new gutters and new garage door . So obviously with all those new things I have some experience with contractors and companies after having had all that done. I also had an entirely new electrical box system replaced and got really ripped off as I did not use Angie's List.I had also ran into problems with another siding company that I first called and they couldn't even keep scheduled appointments and didn't answer calls. So I was worried and very gun shy as this was going to be a major investment
    I can not tell you how happy I am with the home and the men that provided the work. Bill Davis signed me up and came over daily to follow the work, including after the job was complete to make sure I was satisfied. The siding crew was overseen by Ken Choi. They came over early on a Friday and worked til way past quitting time. Now here's the extra amazing part, they showed up Saturday and Sunday(!!!!) and worked until the job was done Sunday.I couldn't believe it! I figured the job would take a week minimum and that is if and when they were available and could do the work. It is a two story house and double garage so it was a big job. They got to me in about a week after I signed on. I highly recommend Bill, Ken and his men. I have never, never seen anyone that worked as hard and efficiently as these guys did. I encourage requesting Ken and his crew to do your job if he is available. Can't promise they will do it on a weekend but you would want these people working on your house.They also did some extra work on the interior of my house that needed some drywall work and put up with my dog "helping"and barking encouragement. My neighbors are in awe of the house and ALL said they could not believe the hard working guys and final result. My neighbor that used someone else to paint his house was a nightmare job that took over 20 days to get it done. Needless to say he is incredibly jealous and wished he would have used Advanced Exteriors. These are the people you would want to work on your house. I hope to have A.E.do windows now down the line and would use them again in a second. I hope you have the excellent quality work and experience that I had.

    Mary from Westminster
  • Advanced Exteriors specializes in negotiating their required price from insurance companies and ensuring everyone (homeowner, insurance company and Advanced Exteriors) is on the same page and agreement before work begins. They often will give an advertising bonus that conveniently equals the deductible for allowing them to put a sign in your yard. The sales staff is pro, the installation was right on time and done quickly and professionally, and the warranty is top notch.

    Satisfied Customer
  • Our contractor, Eli Guthrie, was outstanding from start to finish. We had quite a lot of work do to and Eli was very punctual and professional at every meeting. The roof, fascia and gutters and all repairs were done at budget and on time. I would definitely use him again for any exterior home issue.

    Satisfied Customer
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