Update Your Home's Aesthetic

If you're looking to improve the look of your home, replacing your cabinets is a great way to do it. Replacing old, outdated cabinets with new ones can help create a more modern and stylish feel in any kitchen or … Read More

Mudjacking 101

What is Mudjacking? Mud jacking is a method of lifting and leveling concrete that has sunken. It's also known as foundation jacking, slab jacking or slab leveling. Mud jacking involves injecting grout into the concrete to lift it back up … Read More

All Things Stucco

What is Stucco? Traditionally made of cement, lime and stone, stucco is a product placed on the exterior part of your home that can change the style of the home and be an alternative to siding. Customization is endless when … Read More

Garage Clean Out Tips

Garage Cleanout Tips If you are like most people, your garage can become a cluttered and dirty area. Decluttering, cleaning and organizing your garage can create and utilize unused space, as well as lessen stress and make it easier to … Read More

Crossed Wires Indication

How Do You Know When You Have Crossed Wires and You Need to Hire an Electrician? Flickering lights: If your lights are flickering or turning off and on randomly, it could be a sign of crossed wires. Tripped breakers: If … Read More

Professional Painters vs. DIY

Please note that these are meant to be humorous and not meant to be taken seriously. Here are a few humorous reasons to hire a professional painter over your husband or the neighbor kid: The professional has the proper tools, … Read More