Going Green: Eucalyptus Flooring

by Dave Logan


More and more, we hear of new and exciting ways to “go green” in our everyday lives. It may be as simple as using organic cleaning products around the house, or as sophisticated as building your dream home to Green Globes standards. One thing is for sure: the options abound.

Today, we’re going to take a look at an alternative hardwood flooring material: eucalyptus! Ultimately, choosing a floor made from sustainable and rapid-growing sources is an environmentally-responsible way to go. The eucalyptus tree can be harvested twice as quickly (within about 14 years) as pine or oak because it flourishes in the much longer growing seasons of Australia, New Zealand, and South America. In the states, eucalyptus grows well in California. Ok that's great. But is it quality?

Eucalyptus flooring has very similar properties and hardness to the best hardwood floors on the market. It’s available in pretty much all the same patterns and colors as traditional choices. What’s more, today’s technologies can produce premium pigments that may be better suited to high-traffic areas.

Some things to think about: First of all, make sure the eucalyptus flooring you’re considering is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. There are other certifications that are worthy, too, so at least do some research. In terms of cost, eucalyptus flooring is competitive to traditional materials, and in many cases even less expensive. Installation requires the same level of skill and tools as other hardwoods, and you can expect the lifespan of your eucalyptus flooring to be just as long as traditional hardwood flooring options.

If/when you’re going to replace your existing hardwood floor, or if you’re in the market for new hardwood flooring, you should at least take a look at environmentally-friendly options like eucalyptus. Your flooring professional can provide more detailed information regarding costs, quality, installation, and warranties. Finally, if you have any first-hand experience with eucalyptus flooring, we'd love to get your feedback! Leave a comment to this post and let us know what you think.