Garage Clean Out Tips

Garage Cleanout Tips

If you are like most people, your garage can become a cluttered and dirty area. Decluttering, cleaning and organizing your garage can create and utilize unused space, as well as lessen stress and make it easier to move about.


Take It All Out

  • Move all of your things from your garage to the driveway. This may seem daunting, but it will very much help in cleaning the garage. It’s recommended to create three piles - toss, donate, and keep. Have your trash bins ready on your driveway for your toss items. If some are too large, consider a Team Dave Logan junk removal company who, for a fee, will come and pick it up for you. Have boxes or bins ready for items you want to donate to a thrift store or charity etc. Move the items you wish to keep back in your garage after you’re done cleaning it.

Remember: because you will be sweeping the garage of the dust and muck, try to place all items on one side of the driveway to leave room for the sweeping you will be doing.

Clean, Clean, Clean

  • Once you have removed all the items in your garage to one side of your driveway, it’s time to do a thorough cleaning. Your garage floor can always get quite dirty due to weather and dust, etc. Sweep the floor from corner to corner. Mixing baking soda and water before you sweep will help loosen dirt and debris.
  • Consider power washing or using a hose to add that extra shine and sparkle to your garage floor.
  • Depending on what material of shelves or cabinets in your garage have, use a rag to wipe them down inside, out and under. Water and baking soda can work for most types of cabinets as well.


  • Before you start moving your “keep” items back into your garage, decide where you want them to go. Maybe a holiday section, an area for all sports equipment, paint or crafting items, even bins of childhood memories for you and your family will make things a lot easier to locate. Adding labels to all bins will also be a future time saver.


Sometimes, your garage is the last thing on your to-do list, but the longer you wait to organize and clean it, the more it grows and becomes more of a headache. If you want or need help with removal of items, contact a trusted Team Dave Logan member!

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