Beautiful Garden Fence Options for Your Landscaping

by Dave Logan


Building a garden fence on your property is an affordable and very aesthetically-pleasing project for you to take on this spring. There are many creative options, depending on the style of your home and, of course, your own personal style too! Going for not much more than looks makes for a pretty easy DIY project; however, you should consult a professional fencing contractor to help you with more sophisticated projects (where both looks and security are important). A pro can also help with many different ideas you may not have thought of. Here are a few of our favorite garden fence options:

The Classic White Picket Fence (which doesn’t have to be white!) A long-time staple amongst gardeners, you just can’t go wrong with this classic. Ultimately, your budget will dictate how elaborate your picket fence will be, but we recommend at least splurging on some high-quality exterior paint and galvanized screws. While the cost is higher, it will save you years worth of maintenance and picket replacements.

The Old Wooden Fence An old wooden fence looks wonderful around a garden and landscaping, and you can easily find throw-away wood from building sites or lumber yards for the project. Remember, the goal here is pure aesthetic value for the garden, so don’t go crazy spending a lot of hard-earned cash on top-notch wood. Depending on the size of the fence and area covered, you can even knock this one out in a weekend.

The Dry Stone Wall A dry stone wall is almost impossible to beat in terms of aesthetics and lasting power. They are awesome spectacles in back yards and gardens. The best way to go about building a dry stone wall is to procure lots of large rocks and use smaller rocks as filler between them. Make no mistake: this one is a lot of work! But it’s well worth the sweat equity once you’re finished, as your stone fence will be the envy of the neighborhood. The ultimate advantage of the dry stone wall is that it requires zero maintenance moving forward, and it will last for many lifetimes.

The Rustic Iron Fence The rustic iron fence is yet another terrifc choice for your garden and landscaping. Number one, it offers the ability to grow climbing plants and vines up and around the iron stakes themselves. This certainly achieves the mature, rustic appeal you’re likely going for by making this choice. The plants growing through the fence will offer privacy, and the iron fence itself offers a decent level of security. Another very low maintenance option for your garden fence. There are many other popular garden fence options out there, so be creative. And again, call on an expert for great ideas, planning, and installation help if you need it.

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