Why Trust Team Dave Logan?

You need a local professional’s help. You don’t know where to begin. Ask a friend? Search online? Pore over pages of resources? There are tons of options and opinions pulling for your attention, but how do you really know who you can trust in your home?

Team Dave Logan companies go through an extensive pre-screening process when they are first accepted and annually during their membership. Backed by Dave Logan’s local community focus and hometown dedication to assembling the best professionals, our team members are more than just a search result; they’re part of our – and your - team.

Our rigorous pre-screening process, trusted publications and intuitive team member search system match you with exactly what you’re looking for – so the only thing you’re left to do is tell your friends and family about the stellar work you receive.

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We partner with businesses backed by integrity.

We understand the dedication that it’s taken to build your business on these values and that it can be difficult to cut through the online clutter of Google reviews and search results.

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What sets us apart.

When you join Team Dave Logan, you partner with Dave Logan’s community recognition and a network of companies in Colorado that customers know they can turn to when they need quality, vetted work.

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We don't just list companies, we become partners.

We keep your best interest in mind when assessing what companies are right for our team.

What Sets us Apart

At Team Dave Logan, our dedication to quality and integrity set us apart in an industry often dictated by the lowest bid and highest number of transactions. Whether you’re using Team Dave Logan as a homeowner or team member, you can rest assured that we’ve assembled a winning team you’ll be proud to be a part of.

Our dedication to remastering what trust means in modern business means you’ll get the best work from guaranteed professionals of established businesses.

Whether you connect with our network through our website or our Playbook and Resource Guide, you can take comfort in knowing that our team members are backed by Dave Logan’s personal promise of putting your interests first. This promise creates a network of quality, local resources that both our customers and our community are proud to be a part of.

Our Origin Story

Dave Logan timeline

In 2009 Colorado sports and Denver radio personality Dave Logan got a call from his mom. Though she had lived in the Denver area nearly half a decade, she didn’t know who to turn to for a home repair. At the time, Dave was in the middle of a 25-year career as the radio voice of the Denver Broncos after a successful career in the NFL.

Who could he trust to go into his mom’s home? Dave realized there should be a resource for cutting through the hype and discerning the ethics and professionalism of any business.

The process shouldn’t be about search algorithms or impersonal recommendations. Like Dave, recommendations and businesses should come from years of local-level, community-oriented service and knowledge.

Out of this realization, Dave and his team launched Team Dave Logan, backed by Dave’s dedication and commitment to the community and the goal of connecting people with honest, hardworking businesses with integrity.

Customers benefit from the Team’s deep local roots and regional expertise, as well as a pre-screening process of Team members that promises quality. Professional companies in our network know they’re a part of something they can rely on and that they’ve been chosen by Team Dave Logan with pride.

That’s the belief behind our robust company search system, where you can find quality, screened recommendations alongside testimonials and examples of the Team member’s work, all in one, convenient listing.

No matter what resource you’re looking for, you can trust that the businesses we partner with come not only with our quality-backed promise, but Dave Logan’s personal trust and recommendation.

Are you a company looking to join our Team?