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Arvada: 303-424-9619 11802 Ralston Road Arvada: 303-996-0007 6510 Indiana Street Aurora: 303-690-3612 15321 East Quincy Avenue Aurora: 720-870-6616 22515 East Aurora Parkway Aurora: 303-680-4965 18401 East Hampden Avenue Brighton: 303-654-0399 404 West Bromley Lane Brighton: 720-685-8292 4114 East Bromley Lane … Read More

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Always pay your contractor with your credit card!    At, we always have your best interest at heart, but you also need to be a safe and educated consumer. Final payment should never be issued until you are 100% … Read More

De-Siding the Right Look For Your Home

Learn the Basics About Your Siding Options There are many advantages to adding siding to the exterior of your home.  Many people enjoy its durability and the low-maintenance aspect compared to that of paint.  But how do you know what type … Read More

Lighten Up the Situation

Lighting upgrades for your home   If you are looking to make a few upgrades to your home, lighting should not be overlooked. Swapping out your old switch with a new face plate can be a quick and simple upgrade. But … Read More

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BOULDER 2008 Pearl St. (303) 872-8296 BRIGHTON 811 So. Main St. (303) 872-8297 BROOMFIELD 11985 Teller St. (303) 872-8299 DENVER EAST E. Colfax & Eudora (303) 562-3121 DENVER SOUTHEAST Evans & Quebec (303) 536-5167 ENGLEWOOD 4301 S. Santa Fe (303) … Read More

Get Ready To Rake Some Leaves!

by Dave Logan   It happens every fall: the dreaded task of raking massive amounts of leaves into piles and into what seems like an endless amount of trashbags. Raking leaves in the fall may not be a picnic, but … Read More

Winterize Your Home For $200 Or Less

by Dave Logan   Home winterizing is a “hot” topic this time of year. And an important one. There are many intelligent items on the “how to prepare for winter checklist,” but a lot of them are expensive. Don’t get … Read More