What Type Of Sprinkler System Is Right For You?

by Dave Logan


There are a few factors that can often dictate what type of sprinkler system you install on your property. The size of your lot or area to be watered, how much watering you require, and the type of soil you have are just a few of those factors. Today, we’ll discuss the three most popular sprinkler systems on the market, so you can make the best choice for your home.

Drip systems. Ideal for targeting specific plants or sections of a landscape. The water output range of drip sprinklers varies from about a half gallon per hour to more than 25 gallons per hour. Drip systems are typically utilized through a hose or tube (think narrow plastic pipe, for example), and the water slowly drips into the target area’s soil. Many people use drip systems to water an entire area or just one specific set of plants or flowers.

Spray systems. These are perfect for flower beds and shrubs, for example. Any smaller area that needs lot of water in a short period of time is the way to think about it. The typical water output of a spray system ranges from about 1.5 to 2 inches per hour. You can choose from the pop-up model of spray system or stationary. Spray sprinkler systems are best for small, flat surfaces with very absorbant surfaces. This system can still be used on hilly terrain, but you will want to make sure the sprinkler is set so that each area can absorb the water before it accumulates in flat areas or depressions (like the street).

Rotary systems. Extremely useful for total coverage of large lawns. Golf courses, for example, employ rotary systems for even, comprehensive coverage of the entire surface. Output for rotary sprinkler systems is less than spray systems: .5 to about 1 inch per hour. This is fine given that large areas require less intense watering and can be watered over longer periods of time. With this cycling approach, the soil has plenty of time to absorb the water from a rotary system.

Whichever system is best for you, the above options will be able to cover your entire lawn, flowerbeds, trees, or very specific gardens on your property.

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