What is Your Water footprint?

by Quality First Plumbing


Knowing what your carbon footprint is isn’t the only way to start conserving. Knowing your water footprint can also help you learn more about your home water usage, and begin to look for ways to conserve.

Let’s start by asking the question, “how much water do use on average every day?” According to WaterFootprint.org, the average person on earth uses 328.366 gallons of fresh water each year for things like drinking, cooking, cleaning and flushing. Yet for the average American, that figure almost doubles to 655,939 gallons per person per year. While its easy to look at current reservoir levels, or annual rainfall amounts and think we may not have a water shortage within Colorado, what’s also important to keep in mind is sustaining these levels and having enough of a water supply for our future consumption, 10, 20 even 50 years into the future. Your water footprint is a way to show the average person an easy way to think about how much water they use over the course of a year. It encompasses the amount of water required to produce food, goods and services used by you as an individual.

By becoming aware of how much water you are using per year, you’ll also become aware of how important it is to start thinking conservation, and coming up with ways to reduce your own personal water footprint as much as possible. So what are the best things for you to do to begin reducing your own water footprint? Start with the obvious. Fix leaks immediately. Purchase energy savings appliances, and put in water saving toilets, faucets and showerheads. Then learn all you can about water conservation. As your premier local green plumber, we offer a water use analysis to help you identify leaks and offer advice in the area of water loss prevention, conservation and purification.  

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