Top 5 Ways To Find a Great Roofing Contractor

by Dave Logan   The roof over your head needs no validation. It’s your shelter. It’s your warmth. It’s your first line of defense from meteor showers. 😉 It’s expensive. Knowing what to look for in a profesional roofing contractor will help you get the best service and product for your hard-earned bucks. Here are our top five ways you can find a great roofing contractor for your project:

  1. Do your homework. Get online and ask around. Most everything you want to find out is readily accessible so find out all that you can before you even speak to a potential candidate. The smarter you are the better everything will be for both you and the contractor you choose.
  2. Got Experience and Expertise? Whether it’s a brand new roof all the way down to the sheeting, or more simple repairs and fixes; you need to trust that your contractor knows the materials and has done similar projects before. Otherwise you could end paying more down the road. It’s simple: just ask directly what kind of experience they have. Also, find out if they will need to sub-contract any of the work. If so, you need to require the same diligence from the sub-contractor(s) as you do the contractor.
  3. Prove it. Your contractor should be able to produce the appropriate licensing and areas they are qualified to work in. Any professional associations are helpful, too. Check with both the Better Business Bureau and National Roofing Contractor Association. And of course if you hire a roofing contractor through Team Dave Logan, you can be sure they’ve passed our 16-point background check and requirements. Finally, make sure the contractor has insurance, and it’s always a good idea to ask for references.
  4. Get at least three estimates. Pay close attention to the details of the estimates. Is this the overall scope we both agreed on? Are all the materials covered? Are the rates and fees for labor clear? Any trusted professional will do what it takes to make you feel good about the arrangement and the project.
  5. Put it in writing. You demand a seasoned pro, and any one of them will be happy to give you an estimate in writing, including any additional fees for work outside the scope and initial budget. It’s important to have everything documented appropriately so everyone has the right expectations for the work. Make sure you get all warranty information in writing, too.