What Should You Do if I Slip and Fall in a Business?

Slip and fall accidents happen every day and it is nearly impossible for a person to tell when it will happen. These accidents by law are situations where a person is injured on a property owned by a person or entity that was unable to take certain steps to inspect or ensure the safe use of that property. When a person sustains a slip and fall accident, he or she experiences fractures, ligament tears, dislocation, and head injuries which all require numerous medical procedures done to treat the injury. These can cost a lot of money to treat and someone needs to be held accountable for these injuries. If you have experienced a slip and fall accident on public property, you should immediately make a slip and fall claim by hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer.   How Slip and Fall Claims Work   Slip and fall claims, also known as premise liability, are claims that a personal injury lawyer makes on your behalf against an owner or manager of a property where you sustained injury on. In this personal injury case, the defendant being the property owner or manager is sued because of the following reasons:

  • He or she was neglectful by causing or creating the dangerous situation that caused the slip and fall accident.
  • He or she knew about the situation and failed to act on it.
  • Her or she was unaware of it and should have known.

What to Do When You Experience Slip and Fall Personal Injury   When you experience a slip and fall injury, your claim will depend on the evidence that you are able to provide. Evidence such as pictures, witnesses, and accident reports all make your case that much stronger. This is why when you experience a slip and fall accident you must take the following actions only if you are physically able to:

1. If your fall happens on someone else’s property, you must take numerous pictures of the accident site, the slippery floor, and the cause of the wet floor. If you notice there are witnesses around you, ask them if they are willing to testify. If they are, collect their phone numbers immediately.

2. After collecting evidence, make your way to the manager’s office to make an incident report. Most public stores have forms that you fill up to make an incident report. It is also recommended that you request the store for a personal copy of any video surveillance if possible. The store management has the responsibility of setting aside the recorded video surveillance so that they have video proof of the incident.

3. Seek medical attention immediately after reporting the incident. If you are hurt, your x-ray scans and doctor’s report will show that you have sustained injury. Keep the medical report and x-ray scan as this will further your claim. Additionally, you need to pay for all medical bills and procedures performed. You must also keep these for compensation.

4. Contact a personal injury lawyer immediately and give him or her all the evidence that you have. He or she will then proceed to file your claim, investigate, and demand on your behalf.