Landscaping Options This Spring

by Dave Logan


March is an exciting month in Colorado. We get to experience almost every season all packed into one month. As March closes and Spring officially kicks off, Coloradoans spend more time on outdoor landscaping projects. Below are a few outdoor projects to get you in the mood (in case you’re not already there)!

Revive your deck, patio, or outdoor living space. Warm evenings are fast approaching, so it’s high time to whip that outdoor living space into shape. If you have a deck, try throwing a new coat of stain on the worn wood. It’s amazing what a new outdoor table and chair set can do, too. After you clean the winter debris off the surface, add a modern firepit to the space for those cooler evenings. Finally, a new grill would look pretty good too, huh?

Install a water feature. Now is the perfect time to build an attractive, serene water feature for your back yard. How about a waterfall? Grab some natural rocks of varying sizes and shapes for the most realistic look possible. Then you can pick up a waterfall kit from your local home improvement center. Bird bath fountains and abstract wall fountains are two other great water feature ideas that will make your back yard barbeques the envy of your neighborhood.

Buy or build some raised planter boxes. Decorative and extremely functional, cedar planter boxes are a wonderful addtion to your outdoor space. Fill them with plants and flowers and watch them flourish. Planter boxes are also great for limited spaces. You can easily add a drip system to them as well to virtually eliminate any ongoing maintenance.

Commit to a quality irrigation system. There are many reasons to do this. Number one is that you will reduce your monthly water expenses by taking control over the quantity and frequency of your watering. Not to mention the time you save by not moving sprinklers around your entire lawn and garden. Consult your landscaping contractor about a quality irrigation system. The system should have timers and fully cover all of your landscaping. The expense is worth it, and you will come out ahead over a short period of time.

If you would like to share some of your own landscaping ideas or tips and tricks, we would love to hear them!

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