Energy Audit and Its Benefits to the Household

The usage of energy is one of the most common concerns of potential buyers and home owners. As much as there is a need to save on energy consumption for environmental reasons, incurring a significant amount of savings can also be a good reason for being conscious with the home’s energy use. One way to assess the household’s energy usage is by going through an energy audit wherein there is a detailed assessment of the entire home’s energy consumption. This is basically an assessment of every room and space at home which can be contributing to the total energy usage. A professional energy audit undergoes a room to room examination, a blower door test, and a thermographic scan. Other energy audit also does the PFT air infiltration measurement technique. An energy auditor conducts the assessment and he uses various techniques and tools to effectively and correctly measure the energy consumption.


In a nutshell, a professional energy audit gives you a thorough picture of where your home is losing energy and what you can do to save money. This will allow the home owner to save 5%-30% on your energy bill by making improvements after the home energy assessment.


How to prepare for an energy audit?


Prior to the day of energy audit, the home owner should already identify the existing problems that involves possible usage of energy. This can be condensation or uncomfortable rooms. Prepare the household’s energy bills because the auditor can use this information to conduct an effective audit. The auditor will need to check the size of the house, as well as its basic features, after which, he will assess the behavior of the members of the household and will most likely post the following questions:


  • Is anyone home during working hours?
  • What is the average thermostat setting for summer and winter?
  • How many people live here?
  • Is every room in use?


The home owner should be cooperative in providing the right answers as this simple exercise can already help the members in improving their behavior and practice when it comes to energy-related concerns. it is important that the auditor knows the basic information about the home, as they will use tools that can detect sources of energy loss.


How to look for an energy auditor?


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