Copper Gutters: Closing the Gap Between Form and Fashion

by Dave Logan


Most of us don’t spend too much time thinking about our gutters. We know they’re attached to the roof and hopefully aren’t clogged with too much dirt and debris. While gutters may not be the most exciting of exterior home improvement projects, they are extremely important in protecting your home’s structure from water damage.

Copper gutters add architectural style to your home and certainly close the gap between form and fashion. Copper is used mostly on classic restorations. It’s stunning to the eye, never needs painted, and never rusts. Almost every copper gutter installation is custom, so don’t hesitate to contact a professional contractor to get going. Copper gutters establish a level of detail and quality that will have passers by stopping to take notice. Over time, the copper will calcify and achieve an impresive, ornamental patina. Of course, copper gutters don’t come cheap. You can expect to pay about $15 - $25 per linear foot for the materials alone.

Additionally, installing these special gutters requires some very…well…special skills! An experienced professional understands the material well and will bring plenty of ideas and creativity to the project. If you’ve ever touched copper, you know how easy it is to discolor. A professional will often use a soldering iron instead of a torch because copper burns very easily. Clean gloves should always be worn during installation to prevent oils and discoloration of the material itself. You need to keep this in mind for ongoing maintenance, too.

In April, we told you how to properly take care of your gutters. Essentially, you need to check them out every 3 months and keep them clear of leaves, pine cones, nests, dirt, and debris. It’s also a good idea to run water through your gutters with a hose so you can see for yourself that they are draining properly away from the structure of your home.

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