For Your Yard: Avoid Planting These 6 Types of Trees

Trees in our yards provide increase property vale, beauty and shade to name a few. That said, choose carefully! There are many trees to avoid planting in your yard:

Invasive Species:

  • Some trees, like the Tree of Heaven or the Callery Pear, can be highly invasive and take over your yard. These trees spread rapidly and can be difficult to control, potentially damaging other plants and even infrastructure.

Messy Trees:

  • Certain trees, such as the Sweetgum or Silver Maple, produce an abundance of seeds, fruits, or flowers that can create a mess in your yard. Constantly having to clean up fallen debris can be frustrating and time-consuming.

Weak-Wooded Trees:

  • Trees with weak wood, like the Bradford Pear or Weeping Willow, are prone to breakage during storms or high winds. This can pose a danger to your property and even people passing by.

Trees with Invasive Roots:

  • Some trees, such as the Willows or Poplars, are known for having extensive and aggressive root systems. These roots can damage underground pipes, foundations, or nearby structures.

Allergy-Triggering Trees:

  • Certain trees, like the Birch or Oak, produce a significant amount of pollen, which can trigger allergies and cause discomfort for individuals with respiratory issues.

Suckering Habit Trees:

  • Trees such as Aspens are known for their suckering habit, which means they tend to produce many new shoots and sprouts around the base of the tree. This can create a dense and crowded area, leading to competition for light, water, and nutrients. The shoots and sprouts can often fall into the grass of your backyard and create a ruckus.

Keep these tips in mind when selecting your next investment in trees.

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